Tiara Lewis-Falloon-LC Photography

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Aiming at the Target

Text of Tiara Lewis-Falloon-LC Photography

  • Aiming at the Target

    By: Tiara Lewis-Falloon

  • My photo project is a collection of photos I took when Katie and I went to Target to find food, and clothing that we need-ed for ourselves. This trip was documented in a timeline of

    how the events occured. Even though we did eventually find what we were looking for, we did get distracted on the way

    due to the large variety of objects Target sells. In the end, af-ter lots of waiting and heavy shopping bags, we made it back

    to Loomis with what we were looking for.

  • Watching and Waiting- The cab took forever to come, but when it did we had an easy drive.

  • Distracted by the Fun

  • Digging for treasure