think you know these foundational figures? Old Testament, The NIV Application Commentary: Genesis and

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  • I V P A c A d e m I c c A t A l o g Evangelically Rooted. Critically Engaged.

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    “John Walton is a voice of reason and he has shown time and time again that we must learn to read the Bible as

    God gave it, not the way we’d like it to be.”

    —Scot McKnight, Northern Seminary

    think you know these foundational figures?

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    Old Testament Studies

    T h

    e L

    o sT

    W o

    r L

    d o

    f A d

    A m

    A n

    d e

    v e


    LosT WorLd


    AdAm And eve

    J o h n h . WA L T o n

    Genesis 2–3 and the human origins debate

    With a contribution by n. T. Wright

    March 2015

    272 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-2461-8,


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    Death Before the Fall,

    Ronald E . Osborn,

    978-0-8308-4046 -5,

    $25 .00

    The Lost World of

    Genesis One,

    John H . Walton,


    $17 .00

    John H . Walton

    The Lost World of Adam and Eve

    Genesis 2–3 and the Human Origins Debate

    ”Scholarly and readable, the text seen through Near

    Eastern eyes provides fascinating new insights into

    the question of human origins.”

    Denis Alexander, author, Creation or Evolution:

    Do We Have to Choose?

    For centuries the story of Adam and Eve has resonated richly

    through the corridors of art, literature and theology . But for

    many thinking Christians today who want to take seriously

    the authority of Scripture, insisting on a “literal” under-

    standing of Genesis 2–3 looks painfully like a “tear here”

    strip between faith and science .

    How can Christians of good faith move forward? Who were

    the historical Adam and Eve? In what cultural code was this

    couple, this garden, this serpent portrayed? With twenty-one

    propositions, John Walton now backlights this most elemental

    story with the ancient world of the biblical author, giving us the

    context and clarity to reset the discussion and move forward .

    Additionally, an illuminating excursus by N . T . Wright places

    Adam in the implied narrative of Paul’s theology .

    John H. Walton (PhD, Hebrew union College) is professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College and Grad-

    uate School . His books include The Lost World of Scripture, The

    Lost World of Genesis One, Ancient Near Eastern Thought and the

    Old Testament, The NIV Application Commentary: Genesis and

    The IVP Bible Background Commentary: Old Testament .

    Selected Propositions from Contents “Forming from Dust” and “Building from Rib” Are Archetypal Claims

    and Not Claims of Material Origins • Forming of Humans in

    Ancient Near Eastern Accounts Is Archetypal, So It Would

    Not Be unusual for Israelites to Think in Those Terms •

    The New Testament Is More Interested in Adam and Eve as

    Archetypes Than as Biological Progenitors • Though Some

    of the Biblical Interest in Adam and Eve Is Archetypal, Yet

    They Are Real People Who Existed in a Real Past • Adam

    Is Assigned as Priest in Sacred Space, with Eve to Help •

    The Garden Is an Ancient Near Eastern Motif for Sacred

    Space, and the Trees Indicate God as the Source of Life

    and Wisdom • Paul’s use of Adam Is More Interested in the

    Effect of Sin on the Cosmos Than in the Effect of Sin on

    Humanity and Has Nothing to Say About Human Origins • Excursus on Paul’s Use of Adam, by N . T . Wright • It Is Not

    Essential That All People Descended from Adam and Eve

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    R eeves

    Michael Reeves

    R e

    j o

    ic in

    g in

    c h

    R is


    R e jo i c ing in

    chR i st

    Author of Delighting in the Trinity

    March 2015

    144 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-4022-9,


    Related Titles

    Delighting in the


    Michael Reeves,


    $16 .00

    Jesus Christ,

    Donald G . Bloesch,

    978-0-8308-2754 -1,

    $25 .00

    Michael Reeves

    Rejoicing in Christ

    ”Reeves shows that for believers, our life is from

    Christ, and Christ is our life! His account of Christian

    doctrine about Jesus is complimented with a treasure

    trove of historical artwork depicting Jesus, stimu-

    lating the mind as well as the heart.”

    Michael F. Bird, lecturer in Theology at Ridley,

    Melbourne, Australia

    ”This is how to write Christology: biblical, theological,

    historical, pastoral and spiritual! Theology at its best

    from one of today’s best theologians.”

    Simon Ponsonby, pastor of Theology,

    St Aldate’s Church, Oxford

    If we want to know who God is, the best thing we can do is

    look at Christ . If we want to live the life to which God calls

    us, we look to Christ . In Jesus we see the true meaning of the

    love, power, wisdom, justice, peace, care and majesty of God .

    Michael Reeves, author of Delighting in the Trinity,