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Read a few sample pages from Rich Johnson's new book The Ultimate Survival Manual and discover how to build a shelter and survive a bear attack.

Text of The Ultimate Survival Manual

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    MANUALRichard Johnsonwith Robert F. James

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    Assemble an At-Home Survival KitStock an Of ce Grab BagGear Up with a Grab BagPack for Surviving in the WildMake a Kit in a CanBuild a First-Aid KitStop BleedingDisinfect a WoundBandage a WoundAssess and Respond: Deal with Blood Loss


    Immobilize an Arm Injury Fake a SlingSet a BoneMake a SplintSave with CPRPerform the Heimlich ManoeuvreIdentify and Treat BurnsTreat for ShockHandle HypothermiaTreat FrostbiteSurvive Heat IllnessesDefeat Dehydration




    Introduction from Outdoor LifeA Note from Rich


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    Avoid Getting LostAssess Your SituationMeasure Remaining DaylightFind Yourself on a MapScout for ShelterBuild a Shelter from Branches and LeavesHole Up in a Tree WellMake a Bed in a PinchHunt for WaterPurify Water in the WildFilter Water with Your PantsLearn Fire-Making BasicsMake a Fire Four WaysUpgrade Your ShelterPredict the Weather with PlantsGet Noticed by RescuersLight Up a Signal FireThis Happened To Me! When Grizzlies AttackKnow Your BearsLive Through a Grizzly EncounterAssess and Respond: Handle Animal AttacksStand Your Ground Against a Lion

    Beware Africas Deadliest BeastsLive Through a StampedeNavigate Tall GrassOutrun a Croc on LandAvoid Being Gator BaitChow Down on Gator TailDress a SnakeWade Through a SwampBuild a Swamp ShelterKeep Bugs Out of Your TrousersTie a Square LashingAvoid Dreaded Trench FootSet a Snare for Small AnimalsMake a Jaw SpearDig a Hole TrapFish with Your ShirtImprovise a Skewer HookTest Plants for EdibilityGobble Up BugsRid Big Game of Harmful BacteriaSpit-Roast That BunnyButcher a Deer LegDrag a DeerPut Your Kill to UseTrap a Goose


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    Steer Clear of Poisonous PlantsRemove a TickPut Your Pee to WorkTreat a Snake BiteSwing a Mean Machete Assess and Respond: Understand Poison TypesHeal with BugsRemove a LeechKeep Mosquitoes at BayBanish a Bot yAvoid ScorpionsTreat a Scorpion StingFight Dehydration in the DesertNavigate the Deserts Shifting SandsMake a Solar StillScout for Water in the DesertThis Happened to Me! Trapped in a CanyonSeek Water in a CanyonMaximize Heat from a Camp reScale a Canyon Equip Yourself for the MountainsBe a Modern CavemanStay Safe in a CaveFind Food Above the Tree LineConquer Altitude Sickness in the MountainsBed Down on a CliffCase Study: Snowed In Avoid Getting Stranded in the MountainsTrek Across a GlacierTie a Double Figure-Eight KnotRappel on the FlyDescend a Scree SlopeStart a Fire in the Snow

    Turn Snow into WaterBuild a Snow CaveTraverse an Ice FloeRig an Ice-Fishing TrapImprovise Snow GogglesMake Emergency SnowshoesCross an Icy Pond Get Out of Broken IceSave Someone from a Chilly DemiseSwim Across a Raging RiverWade Across a RiverFord a River with FriendsTie a Fishermans KnotOrient Yourself by the StarsSignal a BoatImprovise a FloatBeat Hypothermia in the WaterFind Drinking Water at SeaCatch Fish in Open WatersCase Study: Adrift in the Gulf Stay Alive at SeaRight a Capsized BoatPut Out a Boat FireStart a Flooded MotorPlug a LeakAvoid Shark BitesMake Peace with a Man-of-WarDeal with Sea CavesEscape Kelp EntanglementKeep Track of Time at the EquatorFind Lunch in a Tide PoolSwim Against a RiptideMake the Most of a CoconutAssess a Deserted IslandMake Rope with an Improvised ViceCraft a RaftKnow When Your Rafts Close to Land








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    Be Ready for DisasterSpot Tornado Warning SignsJudge Where a Tornado Is HeadingAssess and Respond: Stay Safe in a Tornado Reinforce Garage Doors in a WindstormDeal with a Downed Power Line in a CarTree-Proof Your HomeBuck a Downed TreePrepare Your House for a HurricaneBuild a DykeMake DIY Flood ProtectionCase Study: Wind Gone Wild Survive a Heck of a HurricaneMake a Life Raft from Household ItemsTurn Your Attic into an ArkMake Waterproof MatchesPaddle Through FloodwatersDrive Safely on Flooded RoadsDig Your Vehicle Out of the MudLive Through a Flash FloodRescue Someone Caught in a FloodReturn Home Safely After a FloodLive Through LightningInstall Lightning Rods on Your RoofHelp Someone Struck by LightningSurvive a Wild rePrevent a Forest FireProtect Your Home from Wild resCase Study: When Things Get Hot Withstand a Firestorm Survive a Volcanic EruptionCope with Ash

    Assess a Lava FieldRetro t Your HouseKeep Household Items Steady in a QuakeKnow Earthquake Hot SpotsUnderstand Fault ActivityRide Out a Quake in a CarWeather an EarthquakeSurvive Being Trapped Under DebrisTake Action After an EarthquakeThis Happened to Me! Tsunami RaceKnow Tsunami Warning SignsBrace for a Big Wave Survive Being Swept Away in a TsunamiDeal with a Tsunami at SeaKnow When Mud Might FlowMake It Through a MudslideSave Your Home from MudslidesKnow Youre in Avalanche CountryAssess InclineRecognize Avalanche TypesRide Out an AvalancheGet Rescued from an AvalancheKnow Which Way Is UpStrap On an Avalanche BeaconWalk in a WhiteoutDrive in a BlizzardDeal with Being Snowbound in a CarRide Out a Blizzard at HomePrevent Carbon Monoxide PoisoningStore Food During a BlizzardClear a Heavy SnowProtect Your Face in a SandstormDrive in a Sandstorm



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    Pick a Safe Seat on a TrainStop a TrainGet Your Car Off the TracksJump from a Moving TrainUse Your Phone for an Airborne SOSContact Air Traf c ControlJump Out of an AirplaneThis Happened to Me! Panic in the AirSalvage a Crash SiteMake It to the LifeboatAbandon Ship SafelySwim Through Burning OilDeal with a Hazmat SituationDecontaminate YourselfSeal Your Home During a Chemical SpillGet Clear of a Hazardous SpillDon a Gas MaskPrevent the Spread of Airborne IllnessesDispose of a BodyImprovise Shelter During Nuclear Fallout

    Bunk Up in a BunkerAssess and Respond: Understand RadiationAnticipate Radiations Lasting EffectsMake it Through a Power OutageSurvive a Heat WaveEat Right in a BlackoutStart Your Car with a ScrewdriverSiphon FuelCharge Your Phone with a FlashlightHarness a Car Batterys PowerHarvest Aspirin from Tree BarkCatch a Squirrel for DinnerEat RoadkillRender Animal FatStash Valuables for Dark TimesScavenge EffectivelyFend Off LootersRun BartertownBuild a CompoundRig a Hobo Stove Improvise Tools








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    Sense Your SurroundingsFoil a PickpocketCarry Survival Gear on a KeychainDrop a Decoy WalletHit Where It CountsDefend Yourself with Pepper SprayFind Substitutes for Pepper SprayMaster Basic Fighting TechniqueMake a Serious FistClutch a Roll of CoinsDefend Yourself with Your KeysFigure Out If Someone Is ArmedConceal a WeaponDisarm an AttackerThis Happened to Me! Home InvasionSecure Your HomeHandle an IntruderWield a Tactical FlashlightImprovise a WeaponMake a DIY AlarmStash Valuables in a BookBuild an Outlet SafeAvoid Identity TheftPick a LockFigure Out If Your Home Is BuggedLose a Tail

    Beware Common PoisonsSave a Poisoning VictimSoak Up Poison with Activated CharcoalInstall Smoke DetectorsPrevent Electrical Fires in the HomeMake Your Home Fire-SafeAssess and Respond: Fight a FireStock Fire Safety GearSmother a FireUse a Fire ExtinguisherEscape a Burning HouseSteer with Blown TyresDeal with Brake FailureGet Out of a SkidDrive on Black IceStop HydroplaningLive Through a Cliff-HangerSurvive Crashing into the WaterPut Out a Car FirePack a Lifesaver in Your CarAvoid a CarjackingPlay It Safe in a Multi-Storey Car ParkSignal from a Car BootEscape from a Car BootOutsmart Your Kidnappers







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    Deduce Where Youre Being HeldAvoid Stockholm SyndromeFree Yourself from RopesCase Study: Nabbed by the Cartel Survive an AbductionLive Through a Hostage-TakingAssess and Respond: Take a BlowKnow Basic Maritime LawsSafeguard Against PiratesCall for Help During a Pirate AttackRepel Boarders from Your BoatThis Happened to Me! One Mean MacheteGet to Know the CustomsAvoid Counterfeit CopsBe a Smart TravellerBlend In for SafetyHide Money in Your ClothesUse the Buddy SystemExit a Tunnel Safe