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The Misleading Genetic Disorder (Color Vision Deficiency)

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Text of The Misleading Genetic Disorder (Color Vision Deficiency)

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  • The Misleading Genetic Disorder (Color Vision Deficiency)
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  • Color blindness is X-linked recessive Only men can show symptoms of color blindness Women can only be carriers, so they wont be affected by Red-Green color blindness, but 0.5% of women have Blue-Yellow Color blindness
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  • Tritanopia (blue-yellow color blindness)- Its rare, around.008% of men are affected by this Monochromacy (complete color blindness)-Very rare, different sources vary between 1 in 33000 to 100000 (0.00001%) In all around 8% of men are affected by some form of color blindness
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  • Theres no way to tell if someone is colorblind by looking at them Color blindness is simple, but it can be slightly complicated at the same time Most colorblind people just mix up certain shades of green and red with eachother Not all people who are colorblind see in black in white, in fact thats rare to have that form of colorblindness. 99% of people with color blindness have Red-Green color blindness.
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  • Fortunately colorblindness is not fatal although it is a nuisance, and it will not shorten your lifespan.
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  • You can be tested for it. Most people use Ishihara Plates which are pictures that contain images hidden amongst colors that only normal vision people can see. Although this is the most common/popular form it is the least accurate way of testing
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  • Ishihara Plate (I dont Know what its supposed to be)
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  • Treatments 25% of young colorblind men who took vitamin A and practiced looking at lights through red and green lenses showed some results. Treatment doesnt work for everyone and it is not a permanent fix.
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  • There are many web based support groups online where you can chat to other people with it.
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  • Interesting Facts Contrary to popular belief dogs are not colorblind! If you are color blind you can not be a firefighter, police officer (depending on where you live), or a pilot.
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