The Life of Albert Einstein

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albert einsten


The Life of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was born on March 14 of 1879, was a German physical but eventually returned nationality United States. Einstein in 1901 created his first scientific work was the capillary attraction and in 1902 and 1903 published two papers on the statistical foundations of thermodynamics, experimentally that a body temperature is due to the agitation of its moleculesTwo years later in 1905 he completed his PhD presenting a thesis entitled A New Determination of Molecular Dimensions. Then the same year I wrote critical four articles on small and large scale physics, for me the main items are: first article called "On the one required by the molecular kinetic theory of heat of small particles suspended in a stationary liquid motion, " A Heuristic Viewpoint on the production and transformation of light, Einstein Proposed the concept of "The second article was titled quantum" of light and Showed how you could use is concept to Explain the photoelectric effect.The General Theory of Relativity predicted many more things like black holes , the possible interpretation of our expanding universe, the prediction of gravitational lenses (where the light of a star is not only biased but can increase its apparent size) and the hitherto unconfirmed gravitational waves.En 1907 Descubre el Principio de equivalencia. (Afirma Que puntualmente es indistinguible de la ONU Sistema campo gravitatorio de la ONU Sistema de Referencia no Acelerado inercial)En 1909 En Salzburgo Lee Su ponencia " Evolucin de las Ideas Sobre la esencia y la constitucin de la Radiacin. In 1915 fill the logical structure of the Theory of General Relativity. Three decisive contributions on the Theory of General Relativity, explaining the perihelion movement of mercury from this theory and gravitational field equations.Important experiments were Albert Einstein were: Lasers: These light sources arise when an electric current excites the atoms contained within a glass chamber filled with gas. Excited atoms emit photons which in turn induce other excited atoms to emit photons. Some of these photons leak out, forming the beam of laser light. In 1917, Einstein paved the walked with his study "On the Quantum Theory of Radiation in. Lasers are used in everything from DVD players, gyroscopes aircraft, medical instruments, weapons and tools. The advent of the atomic bombs and nuclear energy: Is based on the famous equation E = mc2 Einstein, which shows how a small piece of matter can be converted into powerful amounts of energy.

Albert Einstein died April 18, 1955 at 76 Princeton, United StatesComment:Albert Einstein for me is the best scientists aver created by many experiments would now benefit us and the world

Biography Of Albert Einstein

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