Albert Einstein Albert Einstein By Josh Perkins 2005.

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  • Albert EinsteinBy Josh Perkins2005

  • Einsteins Life-was born in Ulm, Germany-began school career in Munich in 1886

  • Einsteins Life continued-violin lessons age six to thirteen-religious education at home: Judaism

  • Einsteins Life continued-renounced German citizenship 1886-granted Swiss citizenship 1901

  • Einsteins Life continued-wished to be theoretical teacher of physics and math

  • Einsteins Life continued-didnt do much physical activity-favorite exercise: riding bicycles

  • The 1905 Papers-wrote three papers in 1905-papers now known as The 1905 PapersPlaque honoring Einstein for 1905 papers (German)

  • Photoelectric Effect (first 1905 paper)-photons (light particles) shined onto metal release electrons

  • Brownian Motion (second 1905 paper)-paper was an analysis of the motion of plant cells discovered by Robert Brown-Einsteins analysis showed the first evidence of the existence of atomsBrownian Motion Simulation

  • Einsteins Special Theory of Relativity (final 1905 paper)-Einstein came up with E=MC squared in this paper-E=MC squared means that energy is equal to mass times constant (speed of light) squared

  • General Theory of Relativity-General theory of relativity = if someone could reach a speed close to that of light, they could, essentially, travel through time-demonstrated on the event horizon of a black hole

  • Einstein Report - EndWell, I hope you have learned a lot about Albert Einstein from my report.

  • About MeI love my Cockatiels. I have six.I like sharp objects.

  • Bibliography World Book Encyclopedia. Volume 5 - E. Page 146 - 147Google Image Search. Einstein website. Einstein website.


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