The Great Rivalry

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The Great Rivalry. The Parliamentary World. Prestigious Important Fun. Shared Liberal Principles. Political liberty Economic liberty National liberty. Shared Conservative Principles. Liberals: reform should be slow Conservatives: accept change that’s occurred. Liberal Party Factions. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of The Great Rivalry

  • The Great Rivalry

  • The Parliamentary WorldPrestigiousImportantFun

  • Shared Liberal PrinciplesPolitical libertyEconomic libertyNational liberty

  • Shared Conservative PrinciplesLiberals: reform should be slowConservatives: accept change thats occurred

  • Liberal Party FactionsWhigsRadicalsPeelites

  • Conservative Party FactionsAnglican Church supportersTraditional Tory squiresFormer Liberal industrialists

  • DisraeliBorn a JewSerious witNovelist

  • Dizzy as PM in 1874Pure Food and Drug ActSlum Clearance ActConsolidated Factory and Health ActsTory Democracy

  • GladstoneScottish fatherBegan as ToryDeeply religiousExtraordinary physical energyVery long career

  • Gladstones Liberal DevelopmentTariff reformerInterest in national European libertyStreamlines budgetGradual belief in democracy

  • Midlothian Campaign