The encoding of adjectives in the Dutch semantic database CORNETTO LREC, Marrakech 28-29-30 May 2008 Isa Maks 1 Piek Vossen 1, 2, Roxane Segers 1 Hennie.

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The encoding of adjectives in the Dutch semantic database CORNETTO LREC, Marrakech 28-29-30 May 2008 Isa Maks 1 Piek Vossen 1, 2, Roxane Segers 1 Hennie van der Vliet 1 1: Faculty of Arts, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 2: Irion Technologies, Delft Slide 2 LREC, Marrakech 28-29-30 May 2008 2 Presentation Overview The project Cornetto: overview The semantic Database: Cornetto The encoding of general language adjectives in Cornetto problems and solutions A possible strategy for disambiguating adjective senses with the help of the Cornetto database and the ontology Slide 3 LREC, Marrakech 28-29-30 May 2008 3 Project Cornetto Financed by NTU Dutch Language Union STEVIN: Dutch Flemish Research Programme for Dutch Lanuage and Speech Technology (2004-2011) Consortium partners VUA (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, General Linguistics Department) UvA (University of Amsterdam, Informatics Institute) K.U. Leuven (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Department of Computer Science) Irion Technologies BV Delft Results the Cornetto Database : a semantic database for Dutch Lexical Acquisition Toolkit Domain Acquisition Toolkit Slide 4 4 Dutch Wordnet Referentie Bestand Nederlands English Wordnet (PWN) SUMO (KIF) Align/Merge Cornetto Entry -Lexical Unit -Synset -PWN-pointer -SUMO term COmbinatorial Relational NEtwork voor Taal Toepassingen Manual Correction 1.Automatic Alignment 2.Manual Correction 40.000 entries generic and central part of the language Slide 5 5 antonym near-syn Slide 6 LREC, Marrakech 28-29-30 May 2008 6 Combining existing resources Automatic Alignment LUs and Synsets Manual Correction of most frequent entries - Adding missing senses - Correcting conflicts - Editing synsets Linking to SUMO, PWN Slide 7 LREC, Marrakech 28-29-30 May 2008 7 Adjectives-problems Adjectives in general what is the real meaning of an adjective? a warm coat, warm water DWN adjective synsets not corrected manually large fuzzy synsets bad alignment with English Wordnet bad alignment with SUMO SUMO not tested for adjective concepts the alignment between SUMO and the PWN adjectives is corrected manually only for few cases - > the ontology is not complete Slide 8 LREC, Marrakech 28-29-30 May 2008 8 Adjectives-solution Using an existing classification for Adjectives (Hundsnurscher & Splett, 1982) coverage of 500 most frequent adjectives descriptional framework for all adjectives in German lexicographic approach used (and tested) in Germanet Merging with SUMO coverage of all general language concepts rich hierarchy axioms formal definitions Slide 9 LREC, Marrakech 28-29-30 May 2008 9 Merging H&S and SUMO H&SSUMO perception-related PerceptionalAttribute material-related PhysicalAttribute body-related ++ spirit-related ++ character/behaviour TraitAttribute mood-related EmotionalState relational RelationalAttribute evaluative NormativeAttribute temporality-related ++ social-related RelationalAttribute material-related TextureAttribute SaturationAttribute ConsistencyAttribute PurityAttribute GravityAttribute.. Slide 10 10 SUMOs Attribute hierarchy Slide 11 11 Slide 12 LREC, Marrakech 28-29-30 May 2008 12 SubjectiveAssessmentAttribute SUMO most PWN adjectives -> SubjectiveAssessmentAttribute he is a good cook, this is a complete failure OK a friendly woman, a heavy bag ? Cornetto friendly TraitAttribute heavy GravityAttribute good PositiveEvaluationAttribute ( subsumed by SubjectiveAssessmentA) Ex.: Sense 1: aardig (kind) een aardige man (a kind man)TraitAttribute Sense 2: aardig (rather good) een aardig boek (a nice book)PositiveEvaluationAttribute Slide 13 LREC, Marrakech 28-29-30 May 2008 13 Word sense Disambiguation Can we make use of the ontology to disambiguate between Emotion- related and Temperature-related senses (of one word) ? kil (1)(chilly, cold) TemperatureAttribute een kille zomeravond (a chilly summer evening) kil (2) (chilly, unfriendly) TraitAttribute een kille moeder (a cold mother) warm (1)(warm, hot) TemperatureAttribute het water is nog warm (the water is still warm) warm (2) (cordial, warm) TraitAttribute een warme begroeting (a warm greeting) Slide 14 LREC, Marrakech 28-29-30 May 2008 Cornetto Workshop, VU, June, 7th 2007 14 TraitAttribute SUMO Term attributed to the Noun chilly, unfriendly kille blik (look)FacialExpression kille begroeting (greeting)Greeting kille reactie (reaction)Expressing kille vijandigheid (hostility)ViolentContest kille berekening (calculation)Expressing kille woede (anger)EmotionalState kille passie (passion)EmotionalState kille sfeer (atmosphere)PsychologicalAttribute warm, cordial warme ontvangst (reception)Greeting warme steun (support)Cooperating warm applaus (applause)Expressing warm contact (contact)Communication uit een warm hart (heart)EmotionalState warme gevoelens (feelings)PsychologicalAttribute Slide 15 LREC, Marrakech 28-29-30 May 2008 15 SocialInteraction, PsychologicalAttribute SocialInteractionCommunicationexpressinggreetinggesturefacialexpressionCooperationContestViolentContest SocialInteraction (Noun) + TraitAttribute (ADJ) PsychologicalAttributeEmotionalStateCogniitiveAttribute PsychologicalAttribute (Noun) + TraitAttribute (ADJ) Slide 16 LREC, Marrakech 28-29-30 May 2008 16 TemperatureAttribute SUMO Term chilly, cold kille tocht (draught)GasMotion kille wind(wind)Wind kil marmer (marble)Mineral kille zomerdag(summer day)Day kille lucht (air) Air warm, hot warme zomer (summer)SeasonOfYear warm water (water)Water warm koffie (coffee)Food warm eten (food)Food warme jas (coat)Clothing warme junimaand (month)Month warm sopje (soapsuds)Water Slide 17 LREC, Marrakech 28-29-30 May 2008 17 Substance, TimePeriod, GasMotion,.. SubstancePureSubstance CompoundSubs tance WaterFoodBeverageCoffeeMineral Substance (Noun) + TemperatureAttribute (ADJ) GasMotionWind TimePeriod (Noun) + TemperatureAttribute (ADJ) TimePeriodDaySeasonOfYearMonth GasMotion (Noun) + TemperatureAttribute (ADJ) Slide 18 LREC, Marrakech 28-29-30 May 2008 18 So.. If an adjective has 2 senses and 1 is related to emotion and the other to temperature then SocialInteraction (Noun) + TraitAttribute (ADJ) PsychologicalAttribute (Noun) + TraitAttribute (ADJ) Substance (Noun) + TemperatureAttribute (ADJ) TimePeriod (Noun) + TemperatureAttribute (ADJ) GasMotion (Noun) + TemperatureAttribute (ADJ) Slide 19 LREC, Marrakech 28-29-30 May 2008 19 More Information Cornetto project Cornetto project Cornetto Database: Licensed from TST-centrale, Nederlandse Taalunie (by September 2008) SUMO


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