The Council of A randa

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1473. PRINCESS ELIZABETH’S SWEARING. The Council of A randa. and. Festivity atmosphere on the streets. Spontaneous performances. medieval character. Play performances on the street Princess’ Elizabeth’ Swearing. On october , 6th, 1473, months before being crowned, - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of The Council of A randa

Concilio de Aranda 1473


Festivity atmosphere on the streets

Spontaneous performances

medieval characterPlay performances on the street Princess Elizabeth SwearingOn october, 6th, 1473, months before being crowned, Princess Elizabeth comes to Aranda and a crowd, led by Carrillo Bishop, receives her and promises her loyalty. The Princess swears the privileges, freedoms and exemptions that Aranda held form time immemorial and the town supports her against Juanas la Beltraneja succession ambitions. Two months later, the council will take place.

We come close to the history of Aranda with these two historical facts which were represented as follows in 2011



Santa Mara la Real Church (XV-XVI), with a elizabethan gothic style facade built by Simn de Colonia

Alonso Carrillo, Archbishop of Toledo

in San Juan balcony

Lady Elizabeth and the Archbishop of Toledo

The Princess swears the town privileges

council retinue

the town

literature and


San Juan Bautista Church (s XIV-XV), today Sacred Museum . On the left, la Casa de las Bolas.

Actors and actresses colaboration in the town

cultural festivity

Arandas council, summoned by the Archbishop of Toledo Alonso Carrillo de Acua, was held in San Juan Bautista Church on December 1473. It was a trascendental political event with important ecclesiastical reform in a period of upheaval and transit from Medieval Age to modernity. There, sides were taken for Elizabeth against Juana la Beltraneja. In these last years, Arandas City Hall and the Castilla y Len Language Institute have been in charge of spreading this historical event with theater performances where many local actors and actresses take part.

Arandas council

In the council, the Church took sides for Elizabeth

Assembly to fight ignorance and dissolute life

29 decrees were enacted

Thanks to Fotographies: Paco SantamaraAnd Aranda de Duero City Hall1st ESO Students Illustrations on Plastic and Visual Arts from IES VELA ZANETTI High School, Aranda de Duero 2014Many of the characters we have seen are interpreted by several teachers and many students from Vela Zanetti High School, who take part in the Council performances every year. Medieval SongAlban LepsyFolklore Song, track 06201291063.93eng - ID3 v1 CommentAttribution-Noncommercial-No

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