The Constitution Is Like The Walmart Store!!

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Text of The Constitution Is Like The Walmart Store!!

  • 1. The Constitution is like The Walmart Store!! By: Naseem Nouhpisheh
  • 2. The Constitution
    • The Constitution is like the employee guidelines because just as the Constitution guides the people of the United States, the employee guidelines guide the employees at Walmart.
    Employee Guidelines
  • 3. The People
    • The people of the United States are like the customers of Walmart because just as the people have their rights to do what they want, the customers have the choice to buy what they want.
  • 4. The Executive Branch
    • The executive branch is like the security guard that works at Walmart because just as the executive branch enforces the laws of the United States, the security guard enforces the laws at Walmart.
  • 5. The Legislative Branch
    • The legislative branch is like the manager of a Walmart because just as the legislative branch writes the laws for the United States, the manager writes the rules for their Walmart store.
    Walmart Manager
  • 6. The Judicial Branch
    • The judicial branch is like the assistant manager of Walmart because just as the judicial branch makes sure the law is right, the assistant manager makes sure the rules the manager makes are good.
    Assistant Manager
  • 7. The President
    • The president is like the CEO of Walmart because just as the president runs the country, the CEO runs the Walmart chain.
    Current CEO of Walmart
  • 8. Congress
    • Congress is just like the head executives of Walmart because just as congress meets and discusses issues surrounding the United States, the head executives meet to discuss issues surrounding Walmart
  • 9. Supreme Court
    • The Supreme Court is like the person who hires new employees because just as the Supreme Court decides if someone is guilty or not, the person who hires new employees can decide if the person is good enough to work at Walmart.
  • 10. Checks and Balances
    • Checks and Balances are like the counterfeit marker pen because just like checks and balances checks the other branches, the counterfeit marker pen checks the bills.
  • 11. Separation of Powers
    • Separation of Powers is like the different jobs at Walmart because just like Separation of Powers split the government into three branches, Walmart splits the jobs for different people.
  • 12. Articles of Confederation
    • The Articles of Confederation is like the garbage from Walmart because just as the Articles of Confederation was thrown out of the government, the garbage is thrown out from Walmart.
  • 13. Shays Rebellion
    • Shays Rebellion is like a boycott against the quality of Walmart clothing because just as Shays Rebellion was for the rights of farmers, a boycott is for the enjoyment of people.
  • 14. George Washington
    • George Washington is like Sam Walton because just as George Washington was the first president of the United States, Sam Walton was the first CEO of Walmart.
    Sam Walton
  • 15. Constitutional Convention
    • The Constitutional Convention is like a meeting between managers because just as the Constitutional Convention tried making amends, compromises, and changes, the meetings try to solve problems between the chain.
  • 16. House of Representatives
    • The House of Representatives is like the stockholders of Walmart because just as the House of Representatives meet to discuss the future of the United States, the stockholders meet to discuss the financial future of Walmart.