THE ART MUSEUM AS A TEACHING Dallas Museum of Art, Kimbell Art Museum, and Modern Art Museum of Fort

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Text of THE ART MUSEUM AS A TEACHING Dallas Museum of Art, Kimbell Art Museum, and Modern Art Museum of Fort



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    Sue Harris Sue Harris


  • Dallas Museum of Art

    Open Tues., Wed., Frid., Sat, Sun., 11 am – 5 pm; Thur.11 am – 9 pm; 3rd Friday – 11 am – midnight. Free admission for permanent collection.

    Fee for special exhibits

  • School Tours & Programs: No Fee ● Preschool: look at a work

    of art, read a picture book, try out games and movement activities

    ● K-12: Docent-guided visits May be scheduled one hour before the Museum opens

    ● All tours are aligned with State and National Standards

    ● Self-Guided Visits are welcome

  • Grades 4 – 12: Museum Collection Visits How diverse peoples and cultures communicate their

    values and beliefs

  • Grades K – 1: Recipes for Art Line, shape, color;

    mutisensory activities, sketching, stories, movement

  • Grades 1 – 2: Me and the World Explore people and places in art through stories, clues,

    gallery activities

  • Grade 4: A Looking Journey Take an interactive journey through the magical world of

    art by looking carefully, thinking critically and paying attention to what you feel

    Edward Hopper. Lighthouse Hill. 1927

  • Go van Gogh: Free Outreach Program K - 6th

    Trained volunteers go to schools and encourage students to look closely at art works, ask and answer questions,

    make personal connections. Includes hands-on activities

  • Teacher Workshops Spend time with works of art, connect with other

    educators, and discover what is new at DMA. Fee:$25

  • Teacher In-Service Teaching resources, gallery visits, hands-on activities; can be scheduled throughout the academic year.

    $100 for grps of 20 or less; $150 for grps of 21 or more

  • Teaching Resources: CONNECT a collection of teaching materials designed for educators; information, teaching ideas, and multimedia resources to inspire classroom experience and support museum visits

  • Kimbell Museum of Art

    Open Tuesday through Thursday, 10 am – 5 pm, Friday noon – 8 pm, Sunday noon – 5 pm

    Free admission for permanent collection. Fee for special exhibits

  • School Tours & Programs: No Fee

    Docent-guided tours last approximately one hour

    Self-guided group tour reservations permit 20–100 people per hour.

    Tours are aligned with State and National Standards

  • Grades 7 – 12: Art from Around the World and from Ancient to Contemporary

  • Grades 7-12: Portrait Encounters; European History Through Art

    Egypt. Ka-nefer and his family. c. 2465–2323 B.C.

    Paul Gauguin. Self-Portrait. 1885

  • High School: Art Working Repeat-visit program with thematic tours and hands-on

    activity: complement the curriculum, build students' portfolios, enhance observation and encourage creativity

  • World Languages Students of Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, and other world languages explore connections with the

    histories and traditions of related artists and cultures.

  • Grades 3 -6: To Tell a Story; Five Senses How artists tell stories through gesture, expression, setting;

    how they evoke sounds, smells, tastes, and textures

    Georges de La Tour. The Cheat with the Ace of Clubs. c. 1630-34

  • Grades 3 – 6: Shape, Line, Color Explore visual elements in both paintings and sculpture

    to learn about how artists communicate ideas in art

    Henri Matisse. Asia,1946 Fernand Léger, Walking Flower.1952

  • Inside/Outside Sculpture Experience art in 3D with a tour of the Kimbell’s sculpture


    Henry Moore. Figure in a Shelter. Cast 1983Joan Miró. Woman Addressing the Public.1980–81

  • Museum Architecture: Explore architectural considerations such as structure,

    siting, materials, and the use of natural light.

    Louis Kahn Building (1972)

  • Summer Institute for Teachers 4 days of sessions (20-hour program) featuring staff-led

    presentations, gallery discussions, and studio-art activities connecting to the Museum’s permanent collection and the special exhibits. CPE credits.

    Open to all educators. Fee ($180 mbrs/225 nonmbrs)

    June 14-17, 2016: The Brothers Le Nain: Painters of Seventeenth-Century France

  • Amon Carter Museum of American Art

    Open Tues., Wed., Frid., Sat.:10 a.m.–5 p.m.;Thurs: 10 a.m.–8 p.m. Sun.: noon–5 p.m. Free Admission.

  • School Tours & Programs: No Fee aligned with TEKS, Gallery Teachers use question-based

    teaching strategies

  • Grades 1 – 12: The Language of Art Examine, decode and discuss works of art using

    elements an principles of art

    Lewis Hine. Steamfitter. 1921 Morton Livingston Schamberg. Figure. 1913

  • Grades 2 – 12: Artists and the American West Grades 3 – 12: Science and Art

    George Catlin. North American Indians. ca. 1871–76

  • Grade 4: Stories in American Art Grades 5 – 12: Picturing History Through Art

    Frederic S. Remington. The Fall of the Cowboy. 1895

  • Tours for Advanced Placement Students Art History, Human Geography, Psychology, U.S History; work of art is a product of its historical and cultural contexts

  • AP: Landscape in the American Imagination How artists depict the changing relationship between

    people and their environment

    Albert Bierstadt. Sunrise, Yosemite Valley, ca. 1870

  • Online Projects for All Grade Levels These activities provide opportunities for comprehension,

    application, and analysis based on the careful study of artworks on both the computer screen and at the museum

    Grant Wood. Parson Weems’ Fable, 1939

  • Distance Learning live, two-way audio and video programs bring the

    museum to the classroom

  • American Art Connections Center a lending library of free resources on American art,

    history, and art-making techniques

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 10 a.m.–4:30 p.m. by appt Thursday: 2–5 p.m. drop-in

  • Training for Teachers Learn how to use art to make cross-curricula

    connections. CPE credits, digital images, classroom activities tied to state and national standards. No fee,

    RSVP required.

  • Upcoming Teacher Workshops

    July 14, 2016, 2:00pm– 4:00pm

    Mat It. Frame It. Hang It: Installation & Preparation Services team demonstrate how to mat and frame artworks. Ideas & techniques for student exhibition.

    August 3, 2016, 10:00 am – 12 pm

    Artists and the Environment: How artists in the 19th and 20th centuries explored themes of nature preservation, exploitation and conservation

  • Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

    Hours: Tues. -Thurs., Sat. - Sun., 10 am–5 pm; Frid. 10 am–8 pm Open till 7 pm on Tues. in Jun-Jul, Sept–Nov, Feb–Apr

    Admission: $10 adults, $4 students & seniors. Free for children under 12

  • The Modern, Fort Worth Architect Tadao Ando, 2002

    Roxy Paine. Conjoined, 2007

  • School Tours & Programs: No Fee age-appropriate programs focusing on the art and architecture of the Modern; admission is waived

  • School Repeat Visit Programs Six MS and six HS participate each year;

    Three visits to the Museum during the school year; the program is led by a prominent artist,

    art historian or writer

  • Middle School: Writing to Look January 2016: 8th-graders from W.A. Meacham Middle

    School at the Modern with Dallas-based artist Luke Harnden

    Urban Theater: New York Art in the 1980s

  • “The program Writing to Look uses words and language to facilitate deeper understanding of the artwork, but it

    also strives to inspire fresh artistic ideas in young artists... students are prepared for future encounters with

    art, in museums and elsewhere.” Nathan, The Modern blog

  • Teen/Artist Project Visiting artists lead students through an investigation of

    modern and contemporary art in the galleries and related projects in the Museum studio

  • 15 HS students are accepted into the 8-month course based on their applications and accomp. materials.

    Class meets on Sundays, Sept.-Apr., at 2 – 5 pm. No fee.

    T/AP with Dallas-based artist Alison Starr, Dec. 13, 2015, and Jan. 3, 2016

  • Educator Art Cards Produced specifically to help educators prepare students for museum visits; background information and broader

    context for understanding individual works

    Martin Puryear. Ladder for Booker T. Washington. 1996

  • Educator Programs: Slow Art at the Modern The Slow Art movement invites us to enjoy works of art in

    a deliberate and unhurried fashion. This 30-minute spotlight tour led by a Modern docent focuses on one

    work of art in the Museu