Ten Golden Rules for Visual Merchandising

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Ten golden rules for Visual Merchandising

Rule 1The basic visual merchandising concept has to match the identity and positioning of the formula. Massive and exuberant versus modest and high-quality.

Rule 2Product is the hero. It is all about the product; all the furniture and display materials are merely intended to reinforce the product presentation.

Rule 3Think in systems. A good presentation is easy to make, without many explanations and complicated tools.

Rule 4Think three-dimensional. Height is important to create product dominance.

Rule 5Do not use too many products in one presentation. Many repetitions of a few products are more effective than displaying many different products.

Rule 6Combine, in a single presentation, attractively priced products (eye-catchers) and products carrying a wide profit margin. This creates the maximum impulse buying effect.

Rule 7Using attractive colours and supporting combinations of materials is important as the basis of the presentation's dynamics.

Rule 8The right lighting and clear price information are basic preconditions for a good build-up

Rule 9Graphics and photography can support and add distinctiveness to the presentation. The product's use should be central.

Rule 10Evoke emotions. A good presentation that has the right product build-up, atmosphere and lighting not only impresses the consumer but also generates extra sales.