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  • 8/2/2019 Temp Gauging System


    Temperature Gauging Systems

    S t o r a g e T a n k M e a s u r e m e n t

  • 8/2/2019 Temp Gauging System


    The Tank Gauging People

    The answer to complete liquid temperatureinformation

    Enraf temperature measuring systems make use ofproven technology and offer the highly efficienttemperature parameter for total inventory control.Our Multiple Thermo Sensor Thermometer (MTT)provides:

    Accurate product temperature Accurate vapor temperature Temperature profiles

    In combination with SmartRadar and Servo levelgauges, and as part of Hydrostatic gauging systems,we provide you with accurate on-line informationincluding:

    Liquid levels Water/product interface level Volume Mass Alarms

    All measured and calculated data and parameters areavailable to higher level systems (DCS, SCADA, MIS,etc.) by means of an extended number ofcommunication protocols.

    Accurate temperature gauging pays back veryquickly!

    Enraf introduced a line of very rigid and accuratetemperature gauging devices.

    The Multiple Thermo sensor Thermometer The Spot temperature thermometers **)

    Temperature changes in liquid alter level, volumeand density. These potential changes maketemperature gauging very important. For exampleeach 1 C (1.8 F) uncertainty causes a deviation ofmore than 0.1 %. For a storage tank holding50,000 m3 (300,00 bbl) this results in an uncertaintyof 50 m3 (300 bbl).

    Enraf temperature measurement is the result ofalmost 40 years of innovation.

    Continuous development means:

    Innovative temperature measurement technology Maintenance-free temperature gauges Solutions for any application

    Characteristics MTT

    Measuring range :up to 40,000 mm (131 ft)

    Instrument accuracy :Temperature < 0.1 C (0.04 F) *)

    Housing material :Nylon, Rilsan # 11Stainless Steel AISI 316 L, corrugated tube

    Operating temperature :

    Standard:range -55 C to +135 C (-65 F to +275 F)

    High temperature:range -55 C to +200 C (-65 F to +390 F)

    Low temperature:range -200 C to +70 C (-330 F to +160 F)

    Mounting :In 2", 150 lb or otherFrom tank roof or side mounted

    *) under reference conditions**) through Enraf from third party


    1 compound2 copper (Cu)3 solder connection4 constantane (CuNi)5 shrink sleave

    Reliable sealed temperature detectors


  • 8/2/2019 Temp Gauging System


    Outstanding accuracy

    The inventive use of thermosensors, in combination

    with a high class reference resistance, providesoutstanding accurate measurements. Temperaturemeasurements ensure that temperature differencescan be detected to within 0.1 C (0.18 F).

    Weights & Measures

    Enraf developed its temperature gauging systems infull compliance with international standards.MTT has received full certification from Custody &Excise and official Weights & Measures authorities.It meets all international requirements for custodytransfer.

    Unique safety features

    Enraf MTTs are approved and meet all internationalsafety standards for use in hazardous areas.Among its many safety features is a unique lightningprotection system to avoid damage duringthunderstorms.

    Two wire interface to level gauge


    Your Benefits !

    Sturdy construction

    Electronic element selectorand digital conversion

    No moving parts

    Versatile mounting configuration

    Nylon or Stainless steel

    Sixteen measuring poins

    Platinum RTD

    Efficient, and reliable

    No maintenance costs

    Very vast and reliable information

    A solution for every mounting situation

    Preserves life of instrument

    Minimal cabling and wiring

    Average temperature, profilingand vapor temperature

    Accuratye differential measurement

    Galvanic lightning protection Safe and reliable in all weather conditions

    Compact and lightweight Easy to install

    Temperature at any level

  • 8/2/2019 Temp Gauging System


    The Tank Gauging People













    Temperature measurement is particularly importantfor facilities that store liquids and want stockquantification either by volume or by mass.Automatic temperature gauging is safe and laborcost saving.

    How to measure temperature?

    There are several systems for temperaturemeasurement available.

    Spot temperature measurement

    Spot or single point, temperature measurement iscommonly done with an RTD probe of a definedinsertion length mounted from the tank wall. A spotelement is, in many cases, able to do the job. Theposition for a single point temperature probe is veryimportant for registering the true average producttemperature in a tank.

    Average temperature measurement *)

    For the volume calculation, it is necessary to knowthe average temperature of the products totalvolume.

    Because most stored liquids do not havehomogenous temperatures, a more sophisticatedmeasuring system is required.

    For example, products loaded into the tank indifferent batches can have a difference in


    With the new Multiple Thermosensor Thermometers(MTT), Enraf supplies a robust and reliableinstrument. It makes use of the most robustthermocouples available.

    A unique differential measuring technique

    The accuracy of the MTT is assured by a uniquedifferential measuring technique.Instead of measuring the absolute temperature,Enrafs MTT measures the difference compared witha precision reference platinum RTD located near thebottom of the assembly. As a result we achieve ameasuring accuracy better than 0.1 C (0.1 8 F).

    Each MTT incorporates 16 equally spacedtemperature detectors which, combined with themultiple temperature interface and selector, providea true average temperature.As a unique feature, determination of temperatureprofiles is possible! The MTT also provides thetemperature of the vapor area which can be usefulin case of gas storage.

    Sturdy nylon (Polyamide) or corrugated stainless steelprotection tubes with special top and bottom fittings

    seal the temperature detectors completely from theatmosphere.

    Advanced techniques continuously monitor and/orcorrect for the influence of terminal and resistancechanges, thermal voltages and temperature drift.

    A unique measuring principle

  • 8/2/2019 Temp Gauging System


    Internal tank data Externaldata


    Dens. Ref.(from lab or gauge)






    Tank Level Temp.

    LevelGauge Temp. M

    T.C.T. A.S.T.M.


    G.O.V. V.C.F.



    Level based Stock Inventory

    It is important to understand how the GrossObserved Volume of the product is determined in alevel based tank gauging system, althoughtemperature information is also an importantparameter in Enrafs hydrostatic tank gaugingsystems.

    Starting with level, the Gross Observed Volume ofthe product is determined by utilizing TankCalibration Tables which relate liquid level to liquidvolume.

    Combining the Gross Observed Volumetric quantitywith the liquid temperature measurement, a GrossStandard Volume can be calculated. The GrossStandard Volume is the volume at a referencetemperature.

    From the Gross Standard Volume the Mass can becalculated by introducing the Reference Density. Ingeneral, Volume multiplied by density equals itsmass.


    MechanicalA two inch entry in the tank is sufficient for theinstallation. The MTT can be installed eithersuspended in the tank secured by means of an anchorweight or in a two inch thermowell.For pressurised applications, a non-slottedthermowell is recommended. For caverns, we supply

    special MTTs adapted to your application.

    ElectricalAn average temperature gauging loop consists of anMTT connected to a Multi-element InterfaceThermosensor converter (MIT) in most cases mountedin the MTT. The MIT is in turn connected via onetwisted pair with a temperature processing board ina Enraf Servo tank gauge, a SmartRadar level gaugeor a Field Display & Interface (FDI).

    *) For installation already equipped with MultipleResistance Thermometers (MRT) we will be gladto advise for a change to MTT.

    Temperature an important parameter

  • 8/2/2019 Temp Gauging System


    The Tank Gauging People

    Your guarantee of accuracy and safety at yourplant

    Enrafs temperature measuring systems areapproved and fully certified by numerousorganizations throughout the world, includingWeight & Measures, Custody & Excise andMeteorological institutes.Enraf instruments also comply with regulations setby the worlds leading storage industryorganizations.

    Accreditation include:

    CENELEC EuropeUL/FM USACSA CanadaBASEEFA United KingdomPTB GermanySIM FranceNMI the NetherlandsSEV SwitzerlandBEV/TV AustriaKDB/Prochem PolandSAA AustraliaSAA CanadaSIRIM MalaysiaGOS Standard Russia

    NEPSI ChinaCCE IndiaMIGAS Indonesia

    OIML Organization International de MtrologieLgaleAPI American Petroleum InstituteCEN Comit Europen de NormalisationISO International Standardization Organization............. and many others

    Enraf is an ISO 9001 certified companyEnraf products are Y2K compliant as is Enraf as a


    In use by companies all over the world

    Enraf temperature gauging systems can be found onall types of bulk storage tanks, storing a huge varietyof liquids. They are the first choice of many of the

    worlds top companies, including:

    Petrochemical industriesRefineriesIndependent terminalsMarketing terminalsPipeline terminalsGas terminalsChemical industriesFood and beverage industriesAviation fuel supply companiesUtilitiesStrategic oil & gas storage organizations

    For more detailed Information

    If you would like more information on the Enraftemperature gauging systems or any product fromthe Enraf range (a selection is shown opposite)please contact your nearest Enraf office. Full contactdetails are given on the overleaf.

    The following Enraf Product Sheets are available ontemperature gauging:

    - Multiple Thermo sensor Thermometers (MTT)- Spot temperature sensors

    For a wide range of tanks an liquids

  • 8/2/2019 Temp Gauging System


    The complete system

    LAN/WAN Ethernet / Tokenring

    Entis Pro

    CIU Plus


    CIU Prime

    Field bus




    Entis ProEnrafs new age Windows-NT basedinventory systems provides superb datafor effective tank farm management.

    With there latest technology they havegained official recognition from officialmeasurement authorities.

    Communication Interface UnitsEnraf Communication Interface UnitCIU Plus and CIU Prime are the mostpowerful tank gauging data collecting,processing and communication units.

    SmartRadarA unique tank gauge with the newestradar technology is the most advanceddevelopment in non-intrusive levelmeasurement. SmartRadar gives optimalmeasuring performance in anyapplication.

    Servo GaugesAn intelligent tank gauge for liquidstorage tanks. The first automatic servogauge to receive certification fromleading weights & measures authorities.It is very compact and needs only a smallmounting flange.

    Hydrostatic Tank GaugingThe Enraf HTG system is an example oftrend-setting technology at its best,using high accuracy digital pressuretransmitters. The best solution for directmass measurement.

    Hybrid Inventory Management SystemsThe Hybrid Inventory ManagementSystem (HIMS) brings together the bestof servo tank gauging or SmartRadarwith digital pressure transmitter to

    provide maximum accuracy in level, mass,density and volume.

    Other instruments in the Enraf range WaterScout for product/water

    interface measurement Portable Enraf Terminal (PET) for easy

    commissioning and field configuration Indicators for data display in the

    field or any location Securiterre for any grounding

    application as road trucks, trains, etc. AlarmScout to prevent overfill and

    spills. It detects liquids, slurries, foam aswell as interfaces (e.g. oil/water).

  • 8/2/2019 Temp Gauging System




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