Technologies that are Changing BPO's

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  • 1. Acelerar White PaperTechnologies that are Changing BPOsThe Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry as we know it today, has grown from itshumble roots in the 1940s to being an integral part of almost all businesses. With technologygrowing from strength to strength, the BPO industry too has seen its share of changes. IT remainsthe biggest player in the BPO industry. The advent of newer technologies such as cloudcomputing, social media platforms, data mining, and process automation software has made itpossible for BPOs to become more cost-efficient and add value to their services. BPOs are alsoutilizing emerging business process services that make it possible to integrate process workcarried out by humans along with automation through platforms and enablers.Some of the Technological Innovations in the BPO IndustryAdvent of Next-generation Technologies: IT has a huge impact on delivering services as wellas the platforms that support them. A well-designed technological architecture can reduce costsand eliminate redundancy and excess in the systems environment. This standardizes thetechnological framework throughout the organization, which speeds up the delivery of vitalprojects and services. In the last few years, the IT industry has seen the arrival of many next-generation technologies that are now being translated into applications across industries andbusinesses. Innovations such as cloud computing, social media platforms, process automationsoftwares, and advancements in business analytics software are being integrated into the BPOindustry. This has had far-reaching effects on many aspects of the business, especially businessprocesses related to service delivery. These innovations are helping BPOs evolve into more cost-efficient systems.Acelerar White Paper Jan 2013

2. Acelerar White PaperProcess Automation Systems and Software: Process automation is yet to catch on in the BPOindustry. This is primarily due to the dominant role of offshore operations, which could be termedone of the biggest operational aspects in a BPO. However, with economic conditions being whatthey are, offshore running costs have increased and are not expected to subside any time soon. Insuch an environment, an upward spike in process automation is expected. For instance,programs that can handle accounting and finance are expected to reduce the need for humanresources, especially in the back office. This has many advantages; the most important one beingthat irrespective of increase in the work load, businesses do not have to pay the BPO for puttingmore employees on the payroll. Automated systems can be programmed to complete threemonths worth of work done by employees, in a few weeks.Data Mining: This is a trend with immense potential for future businesses. BPOs work withmassive volumes of data. This can be translated into information that can help organizations runtheir businesses better and improve on their existing operations. Call centers and their clientschurn out large volumes of big data, which could have several potential applications. Properinterpretation of this information by using the BPOs expertise and insight can lead to endlessopportunities for business development. In essence, a BPO can use data mining to not onlydeliver services, but also add value to a clients business by analyzing data and providing insightsinto how the business can be run better.Expectations in the Near FutureThere are many more technological advancements that are being integrated in multiple ways intothe BPO industry. With the global economy in the throes of a crisis, it has become even moreimportant for industries and businesses to evolve into cost-efficient systems. Given that reducingadditional costs is the need of the hour, it is expected that more technologies will be introducedinto the BPO industry.HEADQUARTERS REGIONAL OFFICEUNITED STATES1st Floor, STP-Complex,B-30 A, Ground Floor Pruneyard CenterGomti Nagar, Kalkaji, 1999 South Bascom AveLucknow-226010 (UP)New Delhi-110019 Campbell, CA 95008IndiaIndiaUSATel: +91.923.544.3893Tel: +91.114.657.2182Tel: +1.917.338.6764Contact: 2010 Acelerar. All rights reserved. All brand names and trademarks belong to their respective owners.


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