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Teaching Legal Writing :. Context, Curriculum, and Community. Jan Baker Elizabeth Dalzell. Teaching Through Context. Our students need to learn skills in context. True context requires the successful integration of essential research, analytical, and writing skills. Why Teach in Context?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Legal Research and Writing:</p> <p>Teaching Legal Writing:Context, Curriculum, and Community</p> <p>Jan BakerElizabeth Dalzell11Teaching Through ContextOur students need to learn skills in context.</p> <p>True context requires the successful integration of essential research, analytical, and writing skills.</p> <p>2</p> <p>Why Teach in Context?To help our students develop research strategies based on particular cases.</p> <p>To help our students become comfortable with case/file management in a law firm setting.</p> <p>To help our students develop empathy.3</p> <p>We Want Our Students to Be Job-ReadyLadies and Gentlemen,this is your pilot. Ivenever actually flown aplane, but dont worry.Ive read all themanuals, and I have agreat flight theory.</p> <p>4How Do We Incorporate Context?Integrated LRW</p> <p>Simulations</p> <p>Case files, client assignments, time sheets</p> <p>Professionalism5Teaching Through CurriculumWe need to move beyond the first year to make legal research and legal writing mainstays throughout each students law school experience.</p> <p>Thanks to the ABA and Bar surveys, many law schools are now focusing on advanced skills in the upper level law school curriculum.</p> <p>6Introductory LRW Curriculum-Legal Research-Nature of Legal Authorities-Legal Analysis-Analytical Writing7-Advanced Appellate Advocacy-Legal Drafting</p> <p>-Advanced Persuasive Writing/Rhetoric-Complex Memo Writing</p> <p>-Advanced Legal Research-Scholarly Legal Writing</p> <p>-Legal Correspondence Writing-Judicial Opinion Writing</p> <p>-Legal Drafting-Integrated Courses</p> <p>-Writing Across the Curriculum</p> <p>Upper Level LRW Curriculum Options8Teaching Through CommunityStudents need to understand how LRW skills will benefit them in the legal community.</p> <p>We should prepare them for their roles in front of various audiences:ClientsPartnersOther LawyersParalegalsJudges</p> <p>9What does the Legal CommunityExpect from New Law Grads?Legal research and writing skillsBe able to find the price of mayonnaise if necessary.</p> <p>FlexibilityAdapt to team work and to partners preferences.</p> <p>Portions adapted from Sheila F. Miller, Victoria L. VanZandt &amp; Susan C. Wawrose, University of Dayton School of Law.10New Law Grad Skills (contd)ProfessionalismKeep piercings and sleeping habits/habitats to yourself.OMG! (Thats not appropriate.)</p> <p>Issue spottingCritical and evaluative thinking</p> <p>People skillsEmpathyDont be creepy.</p> <p>11ConclusionsWe need to teach in context.</p> <p>We need creative and innovative curriculum.</p> <p>We need to teach our students the skills they need to be productive and successful members of the legal community.12Questions?Jan Baker</p> <p>bakerjm3@law.sc.edElizabeth Dalzell</p> <p>dalzell@law.sc.edu</p> <p>13</p>


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