2013 Summer Workshops in Teaching Writing: Teaching Persuasive Writing.

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2013 Summer Workshops in Teaching Writing: Teaching Persuasive Writing

What do we mean when we say Persuasive Writing?And how is that different from Argumentative writing?

lets try an experiment With a partner take turns

Argue with your partner about which pet is bettercats or dogs?(and this matters because who ever wins the argument will only be left with that pet)Now again with your partner take turns

1: Persuade your partner to volunteer at Haven for Hope

2: Persuade your partner to go see a movie with youWhats the difference?

ArgumentationTends to be antagonistic Debate between contending points of viewDependent more on reason and logic for its appeals(think lawyer)PersuasionMay not be so antagonisticFocused on motivating someone to see, feel, think, or do somethingNaturally leans on appeals of ethos and pathos more than logos(think salesman)

So what does mean Persuasive Writing for the STAAR Test?

STAAR Persuasive Writing Prompts--focus on an issuethat is debatable orcontroversial and ask students to takea position or sideon the issue and arguefor that position.

--it leans more heavily on presenting REASONS in support of the position than on ethos or pathos

In college writing, everything is an argumentBut college writing does not mean argue in the sense of lawyerly argumentation

Joseph Williams Writing in Collegehttp://writing-program.uchicago.edu/resources/collegewriting/high_school_v_college.htm

Crossing2College: A Resource for College-Readiness in Writing


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