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Tea With Tracey. A Travel Narrative Report By: Brooklyn Beauchamp. Tea with Tracey. Written by Tracey Caswell Grew up in a small town in Canada M arried and relocated to Bermuda Wrote the book as a narrative of her experiences and life in Bermuda - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tea With Tracey

Tea With TraceyA Travel Narrative Report By:Brooklyn BeauchampTea with TraceyWritten by Tracey CaswellGrew up in a small town in CanadaMarried and relocated to BermudaWrote the book as a narrative of her experiences and life in BermudaProvides advice to women who are thinking about moving to Bermuda Describes atmosphere, working conditions, cuisine, scenery and residence life

Coping with the WeatherVERY humidHot summers- air conditioning expensive; fans best solutionCold, comfortable winters Be prepared for hurricanes

ResidenceIf you dont REALLY need it, DONT bring it!Keep only what you are prepared to useAlways keep things clean and less clutteredHalf of what you presently own is useless in Bermuda

ResidenceConserve waterRain water is collected from roof, stored in tankUse only what you need-overuse can create problems for visitorsBe sensible. Be aware. Think. An early morning shower is pointless if youll be on the beach before noon


EXPENSIVE!Grocery and house bills are double or triple typical prices. Live on a budgetOnly buy what you needEnjoy free activities- picnics, walks on the beaches, see tourist sights. Go to early bird specials for dinnerBe ConsiderateBermuda has many laws, controls and regulationsNecessary for the survival of the quality of life Be considerate of their permit lawsFollow common dress codes-must have shirt at all times, appropriate length, modest, not individualisticBermudians deserve first rights

Be ConsideratePatience is required!Bermudians work very slowIsland time- more laid back unlike AmericansYOU MUST SLOW DOWN. Bermudians will not speed up to your timeTry to learn their dialect. Different languageKeep their land clean and no littering!

Cuisine & EntertainmentTry popular foods- Cassava pie, shadeesh, wahoo, cod fish cakesTheatre productions, Bermuda Festival in January, live productions at hotels, movie theatres, and night clubs Beaches!Cup Match in August

Transportation1 car per houseObey traffic laws- 20 mphBikes and motorcyclesRecommend bike transport to save gas moneyPink & Blue city busesBring jacket and scarf-cold on bikesSmall, tight roads

Plants & AnimalsRespect the wild lifeNatural, wild trees and plants. Be careful of poisonous plantsBermuda bird- LongtailBeware of the toads and gophers!Be environmentally friendly


Become adjustedRead local newspapers, magazines and travel brochuresLearn government lawsWalk every street and learn landmarks to find your way aroundWrite letters to family Stay busy-Volunteer

Other RecommendationsPurchase Dining out in BermudaBest restaurant examples: Flanagan's and PortofinoBuy clothes at Smiths and other stores in Pagent PlazaBest supermarket deals at Market PlaceGet library card and video club membershipTake a year to adjust

Would I Recommend?Would recommend to womenPeople who are considering moving abroadPeople who are considering traveling to BermudaLiked how she described the island Liked how she gave a personal view of living in BermudaEnjoyed reading her stories and recommendations