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  • Well give you professional, practical

    strategic support and guidance so you

    dont run blind.

    With 76% of businesses failing due to poor

    financial management, well reduce your

    risk of becoming one of them by either

    providing you with or boosting your in-

    house skills so you get the sort of quality

    financial information and guidance that is

    accurate; timeous and useful for making

    wise decisions about the future. This will

    leave you free to do what it is you do well

    run the business.

    Cash is king unless sudden currency

    movements wipe out your profits.

    Our clients love our forecasting model -

    built specifically for the import/export

    market but workable in any business - that

    ensures that potential currency threats or

    cash flow shortfalls are highlighted in time

    so evasive action can be taken.

    This gives the sort of peace of mind that

    makes doing global business doable.

    We are also able to take over the execution

    of all your forex transactions achieving

    better rates and lower transaction costs.

    Test us and see...

    Managing accounting staff & systems can

    be a time and money headache.

    With our tailored outsourced solutions at

    hand you are free to focus on your core

    entrepreneurial activities.

    Accessing flexible and cost effective

    financing is easier and quicker when you

    know where and howand we do

    Our extensive SME financing network

    means that we can help you source flexible

    and cost effective new or replacement

    finance. We understand credit assessment

    criteria and will help compile the

    application pack and hold your hand

    through the process.

    We also offer a treasury function to manage

    your cash flow cycle with excellent rates on

    surplus cash balances. Again...Test us and


    SBA's insights, experience and 'can do' attitude

    played no small part in our success!

    Chris Whelan - Accelerate Cape Town

    SBA forms an integral part of our team, assisting

    us in financial forecasting, raising working capital

    finance and strategic support.

    MK Shamsi Navona Trade (Importers and

    distributors of educational products)

    Why not call now for a

    NO OBLIGATION health

    check and to find out how

    we can use our two

    decades of experience to

    assist you to achieve

    business success?

    Are you a business owner? Can you sleep at night with confidence

    that your financials are done right and on time so you can make good

    business decisions?...

    Well with SBA you can enjoy sustained business success and realise

    your dreams...Heres why...

    David Irish,

    B.Bus.Sc .(Hons) CA(SA)

    Strategic Business