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Text of State of the Art - GNOME - GNOME Wiki! mccann/art/State of the Art - Wallpapers... · PDF...

  • State of the Art:: Desktop Wallpapers

    William Jon McCann


  • About this Series

    Each article in this series will observe an aspect of design in contemporary graphical operating system products. The intention is for these observations to serve as a baseline for discussion and facilitate consideration of the relationships between products. It is specifically not the aim of this series to provide analysis or make recommendations for action directly.

    About this Article

    In this article we will observe the desktop wallpapers (backgrounds) that are included by default in a selection of well known products.

  • Microsoft Windows

    Windows XP October 2001


    Ascent Autumn Azul Bliss Crystal

    Follow Friend Home Moon Flower Power

    Purple Flower Radiance Red moon desert Ripple Stonehenge

  • Tulips Vortec Space Wind Windows XP


    Location C:\WINDOWS\Web\Wallpaper

    Format JPEG, BMP

    Dimensions 800 600

    License Proprietary

    Sources and Methods XP_Professional_English_9e8a2f82-c320-4301-869f-839a853868a1.pdf

  • Windows Vista January 2007

    Windows Wallpapers

    Black and White

    img1Peter deLory

    The Image BankGetty Images

    img2Nicholas Veasey

    Photographer's ChoiceGetty Images

    img3Jean-Francois Gate

    StoneGetty Images

    img4Alan Kearney

    TaxiGetty Images

    Light Auras

    img25Microsoft 2006

    img26Microsoft 2006

    img27Microsoft 2006

    img28Microsoft 2006

    img29Microsoft 2006

  • Paintings






    img5Microsoft Corp

    img6Microsoft Corp

    img7Darrell Gulin/Corbis

    img8Microsoft 2006

    img9Chuck Kuhn Photography

    The Image BankGetty Images

    img10Rosemary Calvert

    StoneGetty Images

    img11Dana Menussi

    Stone+Getty Images

  • Vistas


    Walter BibikowTaxi

    Getty Images


    Dr. Robert MunteferingThe Image Bank

    Getty Images

    img18Microsoft Corp 2006

    img19Mark Lewis

    StoneGetty Images

    img20Microsoft Corp 2006

    img21Microsoft Corp 2006

    img22Microsoft Corp 2006

    img23George Lepp

    The Image BankGetty Images

    img24Microsoft Corp 2006

  • Sample Pictures

    Autumn Leaves CreekAltrendo Nature

    AltrendoGetty Images

    Desert Landscape Dock ForestDarrell GulinPhotodisc RedGetty Images

    Forest Flowers Frangipani FlowersKevin Forest

    Photodisc GreenGetty Images

    Garden Green Sea Turtle Humpback Whale

    Oryx Antelope Toco Toucan Tree Waterfall Winter Leaves

  • Notes:

    Location C:\WINDOWS\Web\Wallpaper

    Format JPEG

    Dimensions 19201440, 19201200 (widescreen)

    Total size 46,022,656 bytes

    License Proprietary

    Sources and Methods Vista_Home Basic_English_2cd69850-7680-4987-8b1e-59a3d405c074.pdf

  • Apple Mac OS

    OS X Leopard October 2007

    Apple Images

    Aqua Blue Aqua Graphite Classic Aqua Blue Classic Aqua Graphite

    Flow 1

    Flow 2 Flow 3Jaguar Aqua Blue Jaguar Aqua Graphite Lines Blue

    Lines Graphite Lines Moss Lines Plum Panther Aqua Blue Panther Aqua Graphite

  • Ripples Blue Ripples Moss Ripples Purple Small Ripples Small Ripples graphite

    Tiles Blue Tiles Pine Tiles Grey