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Sta. Catalina On the Move! Presented Through Engr. Carlos R. Asuncion Mayor Investment and Opportunities Roadshow 2008

Sta. Catalina

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Sta. Catalina. On the Move!. Presented Through. Engr. Carlos R. Asuncion. Mayor. Investment and Opportunities Roadshow 2008. Republic of the Philippines. Province of Ilocos Sur. Municipality of Sta. Catalina. P R E S E N T S. Sta. Catalina. Larga!. Growth and Opportunities for 2008. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sta. CatalinaOn the Move!

Presented Through

Engr. Carlos R. AsuncionMayor

Investment and Opportunities Roadshow 2008

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Province of Ilocos SurRepublic of the Philippines

Municipality of Sta. Catalina


Growth and Opportunities for 2008Larga! Sta.


Presented Through

Engr. Carlos R. AsuncionMayor

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In every success story

Page 4: Sta. Catalina

there are “Inconvenient Truths”

Page 5: Sta. Catalina

there are challenges

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Page 8: Sta. Catalina

and missed opportunities

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Sta. Catalina is a Success StoryHowever, its long journey to Today, is paved with years of hard, trying times. It has

gone through the challenges, problems, and missed chances..

Just as any other town, county, or district in the Philippines or in America.

Let us have a look at this community’s hard journey to successand remarkable resilience…

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Spanish Period: The Birth of Sta. Catalina

As oral and written tradition would state, the town was born during the earlier years of the Spanish occupation of the Philippines.

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Development Starts

Along the Christianization that ensued with the occupation of the entire archipelago, the Spaniards started its centuries-long rural establishment which included:

Church “Munisipyo” Expanded pathways Plaza Spanish culture and tradition

In fact, it would take more than 300 years to transcend both the good and ills of this period.

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American Period: New way of doing things

As the long Spanish era drew to a close centuries later, the Americans came and established new systems. Governance of the territory and of the local communities saw a dramatic change. Western-style administration and lifestyles started a cascade of effects which are seen and felt even to this very day.

The colonization of the Philippines contributed to Sta. Catalina’s development with

Concrete roads Neo-classical structures Government structure and institutions

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Commonwealth Period: Our time had come

As the Philippine islands were eventually given autonomy from its American liberators, it was also given a chance to govern its affairs exclusively.

This short period of the commonwealth gave a genuine albeit short opportunity to 2 prominent “Catalinians” to hold the Mayor’s seat in succession.

They continued and built up on the legacy of the colonial past and contributed greatly to the establishment of Sta. Catalina’s identity in the field of Agriculture.

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Japan InvadedHistory has taught us of the unbelievable human torment of this period. The

unbearable stories of our grandfathers could only scratch the surface of this period’s dark legacy on the country and on Sta. Catalina.

But as Providence designed, our nation and our town were to live and tell its story.

We were free…again.

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The Republic

The Philippines, and more specifically, the rural town of Sta, Catalina experienced a long period of self-sustained development. It grew as a primary vegetable bowl in its own right.

Over the years, and 17 local executives later, the town struggled to develop albeit, painfully, but definitely. It was a steady period of change and progress in all aspects of Sta. Catalina’s community.

Administration over this period were noted for their focus on integrity, leadership and communal welfare, as it did for positive economic strides.

Everything was growing, looking up..

Page 16: Sta. Catalina

but History took a turn

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Sta. Catalina faced stagnation

Sta. Catalina was rated by statistics of the Philippine Government as a 5th class municipality, with a reputation of being one of the lower income towns of the northern region of Luzon.

During the period, we experienced

A deteriorating local Economy Under-developed Tourism Disintegrating infrastructure Cultural stagnation Administrative Lapses on Development Projects

Project execution Budget allocation Progress monitoring

Generally, the municipality was going through a period of perennial slump cycles.

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We never lost hope

and instead of complaining of a sorry state, we acted and made sure our call for

change was heard.

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Sta. CatalinaToday

Sta. Catalina is fast becoming a municipality of Growth and Opportunity. It is making giant strides in all aspects.

Business and the local Economy is up Tourism is booming New infrastructure projects underway Cultural Revival Administrative Progress on Development

Projects Project execution Budget allocation Progress monitoring

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Sta. CatalinaTodayThe local government is aggressively Developing Infrastructure to support the growth momentum of Sta. Catalina, and to further allow future development.

Concreting of Quirino and Major Roads Building a reinforced Zigzag Seawall

Creating Canals and Spillways Developing Secondary Roads

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Sta. CatalinaTodayWe are Priming the local economy by focusing our marketing efforts on organically-grown vegetables and finding new ways to distribute them to markets.

Finding new ways of planting Showcasing our products

Growing “Organic-only” vegies Expanding the plant varieties

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Sta. CatalinaTodaySta. Catalina’s current leaders are vigorously Developing a strong Agriculture Sector through the distribution of tools, equipment and training.

Using Alternative Fertilizers Distributing Farm Equipment

Developing new farm-to-market roads Tapping new sources of agriculture financing

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Sta. CatalinaTodaySta. Catalina is looking forward to evolving a healthy and health-conscious community. It aims to Bolster Healthcare services.

Reviving the Rural Health Clinic Supporting the Youth in Sports

Conducting Surgical-Medical Missions Distributing PhilHealth Cards

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Sta. CatalinaTodayYour local government is also Empowering the people; letting them share the duties and fruits of leadership and highlighting their role in community-building.

Empowering Women-folk Showcasing Women Leaders

Holding Consultations Recognizing Youth Achievement

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Sta. CatalinaTodayThe leadership of Sta. Catalina realizes the importance of local and national connections. It actively Develops alliances, partnerships and goodwill.

Sisterhood with Hawaii Networking with Senator Mar Roxas

Supporting National Pride: Manny Hosting celebrity visitors

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Sta. CatalinaTodayThe Asuncion administration is mindful of our waste as we develop. We endeavor to Mitigate the Environment Footprint by conducting cleanup campaigns.

Regular cleanups Coastal Cleanup

Involving Communities Leading by example

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Sta. CatalinaTodayWe are also Beautifying several landmark features of the municipality to complement the internal development underway.

Beautification of Quirino Park Landscaping the Municipal Gardens

Paving the Plaza Pathways Paving the Perpetual Help ShrineLandscaping the Church Grounds

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Sta. CatalinaToday

And of course, all these goals, programs and efforts need continuous monitoring. It entails government leadership with the cooperation of citizens in Sta. Catalina and in diaspora. We need to keep the momentum strong and going, as the chief executive, I am committed to transform our town into a municipality we can all share pride in. Together with your support and through Cooperativism, Revival and Advocacy-the thrust of my administration, we can all say finally and with conviction:

Larga Sta. Catalina!