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Sogeti USA is a premier provider of information technology services to businesses and public-sector organizations. Operating in 25 U.S. locations, Sogetis business model is built on providing customers with local accountability and vast delivery expertise. Sogeti is a leader in helping clients develop, implement and manage practical IT solutions to help run their business better. With over 40 years of experience, Sogeti offers a comprehensive portfolio of services including Enterprise Microsoft Solutions, Enterprise Solutions Consulting, High Tech Consulting, IBM & Open Solutions and Quality Assurance & Testing.


<ul><li> 1. Local Touch Global ReachSogeti Overview </li> <li> 2. Outline Key Facts About Us How Were Different Who We Are Our Financials Recognitions by the Industrys Best Our Delivery Model Our Solutions Our Alliances Our Passion Summary 2Local Touch Global Reach </li> <li> 3. Introducing Sogeti Key Facts: 45+ Years of IT expertisewe are a global leader 20,000+ Experts worldwidecreating a powerful network of the industrys top IT specialists 114,000+ Consultants globally as part of the Capgemini Group 25 Cities across the USproviding you with personal attention and face-to-face accountability 15 Countries around the worldgiving you vast resources and flexible delivering capabilities 3Local Touch Global Reach </li> <li> 4. Driving Sustainable Results for Your Business Our Goal is to Help You: Do More With Less Local accountability Local Accountability Leverage technology to paired with vast Paired with Vast Global Strong increase efficiency, reduce Strong Alliances global resources Resources alliances with with the costs and maximize ROI the industrys Industrys Top top technology Grow Your BusinessGain Providers providers competitive advantages to increase revenue, while minimizing IT headaches We Focus on Improve Agility and Active Delivering Real, FlexibilityQuickly adapt and involvement Deep be ready to capitalize on new in the local Sustainable Domain opportunities Active Text community Community Business Results Expertise Deep domain Innovate with Reduced Involvement and Industry expertise &amp; Specific RiskOptimize the latest industry technology advances without Solutions specific disrupting business solutions Thought Leadership Thought to Give You a leadership to Competitive give you a Advantage competitive advantage 4Local Touch Global Reach </li> <li> 5. Financial Overview Revenue: $12.5 billion, 2011 By Industry: Market Recognition Customer Manufacturing products, retail, distrib Highest in Customer ution &amp; Satisfaction among transportation Outsourcers, Equaterra 12.7% Energy, Utilities 17.7% Telecom, Medi &amp; a&amp; 10.8% Chemicals Entertainment 9.3% Black Book of Outsourcing Awards for Outsourcing Leadership, IAOP 20.8% 24.3% # 1 Quality Assurance &amp; 4.4% Testing Services Financial Services Provider, Nelson Hall Public Sector Other 5Local Touch Global Reach </li> <li> 6. Recognized by the Industrys Best IBM Microsoft IBM Beacon Awards: (6 years in a row) USA Central Region Partner of the Year 2012: Outstanding Business Transformation through Becoming a Microsoft Recognition Award Azure Privilege Club Social Business 2010 Enterprise Partner of the Year 2011: Cloud Computing Innovation and Outstanding Collaboration Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Awards: Sogetis with IBM Global Technology Services experts awarded seven years in a row within Mobility 2010:Outstanding Software Delivery in Product and Service Innovation with Rational Sogeti recognized by IBM with Social Business Agenda Award at Lotusphere 2012 Others Testing Highest customer satisfaction among systems integrators Capgemini Group (including Sogeti) ranked #1 for Forrester Outsourced Testing Services by Ovum Benchmarking Highest in Customer Satisfaction among Outsourcers (Equaterra) Study IAOP, Black Book of Outsourcing Awards for Outsourcing # 1 Quality Assurance &amp; Testing Services Provider. Leadership Nelson Hall 6Local Touch Global Reach </li> <li> 7. Outline Who We Are Local TouchGlobal Reach Our Delivery Model Rightshore Delivery Ensuring Your Satisfaction Our Solutions Our Alliances Our Passion Summary 7Local Touch Global Reach </li> <li> 8. Local TouchGlobal Reach Our Local Touch Gives You: Our Global Reach Gives You: Personal commitment to your success The most extensive, efficient and cost- Complete accountability to deliver what we effective solutions and delivery options promise A delivery plan thats custom tailored to your Easy communication needs and objectives Tight control over your entire project Onsite, off-site, offshore or a mixour experts are ready to help 8Local Touch Global Reach </li> <li> 9. Global ReachSogeti Across 40 Countries and 100 Languages (As of December 31, 2011) North America UK &amp; Ireland France Benelux Nordic Countries Central &amp;Eastern 9,505 8,977 21,307 10,391 4,538 Europe 8,962 Canada United States All over Europe United Peoples Republic Morocco Arab Emirates of China Mexico Taiwan India Vietnam Guatemala Philippines Malaysia Group workforce Singapore Brazil 119,707 Working offshore Chile 44,467 Australia Argentina Latin America Morocco Italy Iberia India Asia Pacific 9,176 431 2,381 4,942 35,727 3,370 Group Headquarters Paris, France 9Local Touch Global Reach </li> <li> 10. Local TouchSogeti Across the US Seattle Minneapolis Des Moines Chicago Detroit Cleveland New York Omaha Indianapolis Columbus Baltimore Denver Dayton Kansas City Washington DC Cincinnati St. Louis Louisville Charlotte Phoenix Atlanta Dallas Austin Tallahassee Houston Tampa 10Local Touch Global Reach </li> <li> 11. Corporate Social Responsibility Putting Our Local Touch Into Action Sogeti USA has been proud to support many charitable organizations. Just a few include: The American Red Cross The Center for Autism &amp; Related Race for a...</li></ul>


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