Smoky Mountains

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Smoky Mountains. By: Koltyn Schuessler. Big Questions. How did they form ? How long have they been around ? How did they get their name ?. My Notes. The mountains stand higher then surrounding terrain. They form by when earth’s tectonic plants crash together - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Smoky Mountains

Smoky MountainsBy: Koltyn SchuesslerBig QuestionsHow did they form?How long have they been around?How did they get their name? My NotesThe mountains stand higher then surrounding terrain.They form by when earths tectonic plants crash togetherSmoky Mountains been around since the earth beganSmoky Mountains got their name becuase of the blue mist that always seems to hover around the peaks and valleys. My Notes (cont.)The smoky mountains lie between Knowville, TN and Asheville, N.C. blending into the Blue Ridge escarpment to the east in North