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SIMUL8 Update Keep up to date with latest SIMUL8 events, have your say on the new features in SIMUL8 2014, and hear from the guys in SIMUL8 support on the latest hints and tips.

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  • 1. Whats new and coming Matt Hobson-Rohrer Business Development Americas

2. SIMUL8.com | info@SIMUL8.com Whats New at SIMUL8? New SIMUL8 web site launched March Healthcare New Healthcare lead in U.S. SIMUL8 healthcare web site Healthcare Live Lessons SIMUL8 Live Lessons online training Five hours of introductory training - monthly For more information click here 3. SIMUL8.com | info@SIMUL8.com Upcoming Events Healthcare webinar Tuesday September 24th 11:00 am Eastern MSUG Annual conference Wednesday October 16th Troy, Michigan SIMUL8 Midwest UGM and training Thursday, October 17th Detroit Area Winter Simulation Conference Dec. 9-11, Washington, D.C. 4. SIMUL8.com | info@SIMUL8.com Healthcare Experience LEAN / Six Sigma Clinical Quality & Safety Operations Management Education B.S. Systems Engineering M.B.A. Location Saint Louis, MO Brittany Hagedorn