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SIMATIC IT for manufacturing operations management … IT UniCam FX, the Siemens NPI software tool for design and optimization of printed circuit board (PCB) assem-bly processes, covers

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  • Siemens PLM Software

    SIMATIC IT for manufacturing operations management in electronicsRealizing innovation by digitalizing operations

  • Electronics manufacturers operate in a dynamic market, facing strong competition, pressure on margins and short product lifecycles. Due to consumer demand for innovation and quality at affordable prices, manufacturers must be able to customize on a mass basis, and launch a growing mix of increasingly complex products in record timeframes. Not only must these products be cost effective, but they must also be able to withstand regulatory and environmental scrutiny.

    Manufacturers need to respondTo meet these challenges, global electronics manufacturers need to significantly reduce their time-to-market, while increasing supply chain efficiency and flexibility. They have to optimize production capacity by acquiring and integrating new facilities; balancing the workload between factories and managing the outsourcing business process.

    Embracing new technologies, such as new components, software, equipment or processes, and using standardized methods for new product introduction (NPI), enforces their innovation efficiency. The necessity for individualized mass production requires a first-time-right approach, which is made easier by maximizing the use of automation and stan-dardizing processes.

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    ServicesProduction execution

    Production engineering

    Product planning

    Product design

    Taking a holistic approach to optimizing the value chain


  • The manufacturing industry is now at the stage in which the only way to ensure a long-term, defendable, competitive position is by taking a holistic approach to digitalization that stretches over the complete value chain.

    The Siemens product portfolio already smoothly connects major parts of the product and production lifecycle. Powerful product lifecycle management (PLM) software, for example, allows the development and optimization of new products on an entirely virtual basis. In the real manufacturing world, the total integration automation (TIA) concept ensures the effi-cient interoperability of all automation components.

    The Siemens portfolio of software solutions for manufactur-ing execution systems (MES)/manufacturing operations management (MOM) connects the automation level with the areas of product planning, product design, and production design and planning. Its central position in the value creation process facilitates the optimization and real-time response to production events, feeding back production data for immedi-ate cause-specific interventions.

    The Siemens MES/MOM product portfolio also integrates with, and delivers feedback to the financial and administra-tive systems, typically the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. This supports smoother supply chain integration and collaboration with suppliers, as well as better service for customers.

    Industry software across the value chain


  • SIMATIC IT, the Siemens solution for electron-ics manufacturing, helps companies implement effective manufacturing strate-gies. SIMATIC IT is an end-to-end collaborative solution that facilitates the planning, design, analysis, optimization and execution of man-ufacturing processes; enabling users to create and share manufacturing information across the enterprise and throughout the supply chain.

    SIMATIC IT for electronics manufacturing addresses the critical issues of board and box building by providing a manufacturing pro-cess management solution for designing, managing and integrating the NPI process, seamlessly combining and integrating it with production planning and execution on the shop floor.

    Leading manufacturers around the world have adopted Siemens solutions to expand revenue potential by accelerating product introductions, reducing costs, shortening time-to-volume and optimizing production execution.

    SIMATIC IT helps you introduce new products faster by enabling you to more easily program and optimize the widest variety of assembly machines and test equipment in low- and high-mix scenarios. SIMATIC IT enables you to manage all aspects of manufacturing execu-tion, from material management, machine monitoring and quality management to full product and process traceability.

    Manufacturing operations management for electronics manufacturing


  • SIMATIC IT UniCam FX, the Siemens NPI software tool for design and optimization of printed circuit board (PCB) assem-bly processes, covers the entire NPI process, from computer-aided design (CAD) import through recipe genera-tion, and supports single platform and mixed-vendor lines. This proven solution helps continuously improve your NPI process and maximize the uptime and throughput of your lines.

    SIMATIC IT UniCam Test Expert is the Siemens design-for-test (DFT) and test programming software application. With Test Expert, electronics manufacturers can go from design to test and inspection in a matter of minutes or hours rather than days. With its fast, user-programmable and complemen-tary interactive tools for nail/probe selection, Test Expert offers complete flexibility and control during fixture design for in-circuit-tests (ICT) and advanced flying probe tests.

    SIMATIC IT Preactor APS, the Siemens offering for advanced planning and scheduling, helps electronics manufacturers face unique challenges for detailed production scheduling, capacity planning and graphical master production scheduling, sometimes with a mix of production modes, make-to-order and make-to-stock.

    SIMATIC IT Preactor Advanced Planning is a strategic deci-sion support tool that combines forecast and long-term orders with target stock levels and resource capacities to ensure that future demand is met.

    SIMATIC IT Preactor Advanced Scheduling is a finite capac-ity scheduling tool based on a detailed model of the plant.

    New product introduction


  • SIMATIC IT UniCam eMES for electronics manufacturing is a comprehensive manufacturing execution solution that enables PCB and box assemblers to meet traceability require-ments, control production and integrate their shop floor into their ERP and extended enterprise. UniCam eMES addresses all your needs on a scalable and modular platform for elec-tronic production.

    Quality inspection and repair are based on automatic collection of quality data from the shop floor, enabling real-time monitoring of trends with alarms and notifications

    Powerful Pareto and statistical process control (SPC) report-ing support root-cause analysis

    Board and box manufacturing routes are enforced (inter-locking) and work-in-progress (WIP) is monitored. Every pass through a work station is time- and date-stamped for full process traceability

    Automatically captured and logged defect data from dedi-cated testers support root-cause analysis and repair processes

    Full PCB box-build traceability is possible by capturing all the relationships in a full-system build from bill-of-materi-als (BOM) to PCB to final box-build

    Web-based traceability queries can be run by component, board level and surface mount (SMT) line history

    Providing out-of-the-box manufacturing execution


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