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AcknowledgementsAll praises to Allah Almighty, Who guides us when we find no direction and light in the trackless desert of life. He gave us strength and enough courage to learn and contribute a drop in the ocean of knowledge. We are very much thankful to Dr.mohammad anwar who guided us in the completion of the project with kindness and smiling face. We are heartily thankful to our parents because without the support and encouragement of our beloved parents and family members, the task would have been unfeasible

Executive Summary The given report is about the true gifts of life and how these gifts are misunderstood and taken as for granted. we often emphasis on the beauty of the world wile talking about that beauty we mostly consider things made by man(i-e)the seven wonders of the world are very famous But little do we know about wonders. Surly all of these seven wonders (i-e) Taj Mahal, Egypts Great Pyramids, St Peters Basilica, China Great Wall, Grand Canyon, Panama Canal and Empire State Building are very memorizing and compel a person to wonder about them. However, in reality if we analyze the world around us it becomes clear that all these beauties are meaningless. The true wonders are the blessing that have been bestowed upon us by The Lord Al-Mighty. Such as the five senses (i-e) touch, hear, taste, sight, smell and the sense of emotions with in us. In fact these are many more gifts that we cant even count them .Without these things the world would, no matter how much beautiful it may be, no matter how much manmade creations, it may have meant nothing to us. So a person should always be observant and realize the importance of small yet very precious things that all we have learned from giving this report and thats all we want to convey to the readers


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1. Wonders01 2. The Seven Wonders of the World....01 Egypts Great Pyramids Taj Mahal Agra(Taj Ganj),India Grand Canyon Panama Canal Empire State Building (New York) St Peters basilica Chinas Great wall 01 01 01 02 02 02 03

3. The other side of the story..04 4. The true wonders of life.05 5. The Blessing of Sight.....06 6. The Blessing of being able to Laugh.07 7. The sense of Smell and Taste....08 8. The ability to Feel..09 9. The sense of Touch a blessing...10 10. To Love and to be Loved...11 11. Conclusion.12 12. Recommendations..13 13. References..14

WONDERS: The term wonder is simply the amazed admiration or awe, especially at something verybeautiful or new. Wonder may also be described as a miracle or other cause of intense admiration. And wonders are all those things which are so good or admirable as to inspire us to think deeply.

THE SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD:The seven wonders of the world are usually taken to be the seven wonders of the ancient world. Some of the wonders we know today are not in the list of the Seven Wonders of the World, as they are classified to be modern or medieval wonders. But the commonly known seven wonders of the world are: 1. Egypts Great Pyramids: It is the one and only wonders which does not require a description by early historians and poets. It is the one and only wonders that does not need speculations concerning its appearance, size, and shape.

2. Taj Mahal Agra (Tajganj), India:- Located at Agra in Uttar Pradesh, the Taj Mahal is one of the most splendid masterpieces of architecture in the world. Taj Mahal was constructed over a period of twenty-two years, employing twenty thousand workers. It stands on a raised, square platform (186 x 186 feet) with its four corners truncated, forming an unequal octagon.

3. Grand Canyon: The Grand Canyon of the Colorado River is the largest gorge in the world-a 290-mile-long gash across the face of the Colorado Plateau in northern Arizona. Rim to rim, it measures up to 18 miles across, with an average width of 10 miles; its average depth is one mile.

4. Panama Canal: The Panama Canal is Between the pacific and Atlantic Oceans. It was constructed in two stages (i-e) from 1881 to 1888 and then from 1904 to 1914. Its length isapproximately 51 miles.

5. Empire State Building (New York): With office suites to suit almost any firm or organization, the building's modernization program has made it a rare find indeed for those lucky enough to occupy it. The Empire State Building is located at Fifth and 34th Avenues of New York. The total cost to construct the skyscraper was $40,948,000, including the cost of the land. The building alone was constructed with a little over $24,000,000. The total height of the building is 1,454 feet. There are 102 floors and 6,500 windows. Originally, the building's dirigible mast, now the base of the TV tower, was designed as a mooring mast for blimps.

6. St Peters basilica: The Basilica of Saint Peter, officially known in Italian as the Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano and colloquially called Saint Peter's Basilica, ranks second among the five major basilicas of Rome and its Vatican City enclave. The second largest church in Christianity, it covers an area of 23,000 m (5.7 acres); and has a capacity of over 60,000 people. One of the holiest sites of Christendom.

7. Chinas Great wall: The Great Wall of China, one of the greatest wonders of the world, was enlisted in the World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987. Just like a gigantic dragon, the Great Wall winds up and down across deserts, grasslands, mountains and plateaus stretching approximately 6,700 kilometers (4,163 miles ) from east to west of China.


A group of students were asked to list what they thought were the present Seven Wonders of the World. Though there were some disagreements the following received the most votes: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Egypts Great Pyramids Taj Mahal Grand Canyon Panama Canal Empire State Building St Peters basilica Chinas Great wall

While gathering the votes the teacher noted that one of her students had not finished her paper yet. So the teacher asked the girl if she was having any trouble with her list. The girl replied: Yes a little. I couldnt quite make up my mind as there were so many The teacher said: Well tell us what you have and maybe we can help. The girl hesitated, then read, I think the seven wonders of the world are: 1. To touch 2. To taste 3. To feel 4. To see 5. To hear 6. To love 7. To laugh The room was so quiet that u could have heard a pin drop The things we overlook as simple and ordinary and what we take for granted are truly wondrous!!! A Gentle reminder: The most precious things in life cannot be built by hand or bought by man.

THE TRUE WONDERS OF LIFE:Wonder begins in the senses, comes alive in the imagination, and flourishes in adoration of the Divine. It arises from our natural curiosity about the grand adventure of life. It

increases our capacity to be a bold inner space tripper and an avid explorer of the physical world. There is no end to the things that can awaken our wonder, from the majesty of the night sky to the smell of lilacs in the spring to the turning of the leaves in the fall. And it is all right here, a feast of epiphanies and astonishments in the daily round of our spiritual lives. The first step in this spiritual practice is to rejoice in the play of our senses: smell, touch, and taste, hear, and see. And the wonders of this world created by the Lord Almighty do not stop here. Each of His creation is a wonder. It compels us to think what our life would have been if these blessings and these wonders wouldnt be there.

THE BLESSING OF SIGHT: Our senses are the way we find out about the world we live in. We learn with our senses. We see with our eyes, and sight tells us about things that are outside of our bodies. Our eyes give us pictures, or images, of the way things look. You can see to read, to tell where you're going, to play games or to find your friends. Your eyes show you light, color, shape, and size. Your eyes can help you decide how far something is. To some degree, many of us go about in a self-imposed obscurity, refusing to open our eyes and see a God-created world, full of unfailing inventiveness and love. Instead, we are "frequently upset by the imperfections and blemishes" that we perceive.

Even the most benign light can be frightening to an eye accustomed to darkness. It takes courage to open one's eyes. We are afraid, lest we be overwhelmed by an unintelligible reality. Lest we find ourselves unable to cope, we keep our eyes closed, even to the good things. Just as we understand that we must open our mouths to enjoy the taste of foods, so the enjoyment of the world in general requires that we open our eyes, that we broaden our perceptions. We may find that we inhabit a world that consists not only of darkness and evil, but also of light and good.

THE BLESSING OF BEING ABLE TO LAUGH: You know the importance of laughter. Yet you do not laugh. You think that your serious and dignified look and nervous manners are signs of manhood. You also believe that a laughing woman is light hearted or idiotic. Yet you read in books that laughter has got several advantages. Doctors emphasize the importance of laughter. They prescribe it as a cure for a number of diseases. These days people appear as though they are about to receive some tragic news. No sense of humor, no willingness to share a joke and no witty conversation. If at all you venture to tell a joke, people take it as some thing serious and it will be another problem to get out of the embarrassment of a misunderstood joke. Therefore hardly any one tells a joke. Consequently, sources of humour are drying up and we have to import jokes from other societies. Now is the time to resolve that we will consciously make an effort to laugh frequently throughout the day. Of course, as we do so, we will laugh with people - not at them. We will laugh at