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This is the Center Spread for the September 2010 issue of The Aragon Outlook. This is entitled "Around the World in 80 Days," featuring the places where Aragon students went during this year's summer vacation.

Text of September 2010 Center Spread

  • Center Spread - September 2010Content by Rebecca Hu

    Designed by Janice Pang

  • Parkour is the art of moving as efficiently as possible from point A to point B. This summer, some friends and I spent hours practic-ing parkour tricks such as back-flipping off vertical walls.-Ali Imani (11)

    I was an intern for the


    ment team of the web

    site study-, which helps

    high school

    kids with writing analy

    sis and

    writing in general. It w

    as a very

    enjoyable first work e


    -Kevin Toy (11)

    I participated in the Biomedical branch of the COSMOS program

    at UC. Davis. I participated in vari-ous activities, and I even had the opportunity to observe an actual

    surgery in the veterinary hospital!- Alice Liu (12)

    In Coalinga, CA, its blazing hot,

    and there isnt much to do. But

    if you keep an open mind, youre

    sure to have crazy stories to

    share with friends.

    - Monique Beaudouin (12)

    This summer I spent a week in

    Mexico on a mission trip with the

    CasaBuilders program. Several

    church youth groups worked

    together to help construct an or-

    phanage in the Tijuana area.

    -Jack Guan (12)

    Over the summe

    r, my

    friends and I vo


    at Bayside Mid

    dle School,

    which is where w

    e gradu-

    ated from. We h

    elped out in

    any way we cou

    ld (in the of-

    fice, in the class

    rooms, etc.)

    and we even ea

    rned silver

    sword points! It


    so much fun!

    -Jade Barkett (9


    I helped out at a camp called Summer Soul Surf Camp as a counselor in training (CIT). Our days consisted mostly of surfing on San Onofre Surf Beach and getting acquainted with other surfers. The style of the camp is super chill and everyone acts like family. It's so fun getting bit by the surfing bug!-Sharon Borden (10)


    The 80 days of summer flew

    by quickly for Aragon stu-

    dents. Many traveled afar

    to pursue their interests

    while others took advantage

    of local activities. No matter

    where they went, the Dons

    encountered remarkable

    opportunities and brought

    back exciting stories of

    their summer.


    Statistics HWSec. 5.28-8.15

    1. What percentage of Aragon stu-dents traveled elsewhere this summer?

    86.38% a) Create a pie chart represent-ing the various activities that stude-nts participated in during their trips.

    b) Refer to part (a), this time creating a pie chart of activi- ties students pursue locally.

    2010 VACATION







  • This summer I spent a week in

    Mexico on a mission trip with the

    CasaBuilders program. Several

    church youth groups worked

    together to help construct an or-

    phanage in the Tijuana area.

    -Jack Guan (12)

    I work at Aaron Brothers, where I am a certified junior Framer. As an artist, I love

    working there because peo-ple bring their best artwork

    to be framed. I feel honored that they trust me with their precious photos and paintings.-Sarah Manning (11)

    I went to Lhasa, Tibet and

    spent three days at an or-

    phanage teaching English

    and playing games with

    children through a program

    called ARCC (Adventures

    Cross Country). The or-

    phans, who were happy

    despite their hardships,

    really inspired me.

    -Jacob Rennert (12)

    My family went to Australia, where

    we visited the Sydney Opera

    House and took a tour of the Blue

    Mountains. We flew to Cairns

    where we swam in the breathtak-

    ing Great Barrier Reef and glided

    across the rainforest in a skyrail.

    -Elizabeth McSheery (10)

    In Spain, I stayed at the Hotel Arts Barce-lona, the best 5 star hotel I've ever been to. I took Spanish guitar & Flamenco lessons.

    I visited family in Bos-ton and some friends

    in Kansas. I then took a family trip to Shanghai, China to see the World

    Expo. Finally, I traveled to Malibu with my friend Katherine Pavicic, and we stayed there for a couple of weeks

    Riding: the art of keeping

    a horse between you and the ground.-Kore Chan (11)

    -Lexi Cooperstein (11)

    -Igor Oliviera (10)



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