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Your exclusive guide to Senior Portrait Photography by BUP!

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  • seniorsby bernadette ulibarri p h o t o g r a p h y

    twenty fourteen

    Your Exclusive Session Guide for AMAZING SENIOR PORTRAITS

  • A special note from me to you....

    Hello, there!

    First off, allow me to congratulate you on your senior year! Its here! You made it! Graduation will be here soon! Yay! Secondly, allow me to extend my sincerest gratitude to you for choosing

    ME as your Photographer! I am so excited to work with you!

    When I had my senior portraits done, I had them done by the Photographer contracted by my high school. I was so excited to have my

    portraits taken! But, sadly, I came to find out that my portraits looked like everyone elses. Same exact poses. Same exact backgrounds. I was dissapointed. I had hoped my portraits would be unique to ME. I was hoping theyd show my personality. I was hoping to LOVE my senior portraits. I didnt.

    Your senior portraits are a once-in-a lifetime opportunity for you to shine! I aim to provide you with the most unforgettable senior portrait experience! I want you to love your images even many years down the road!

    I cant wait to work with you. Lets get ready for an epic experience! I hope you are just as excited as I am! This is going to be great!

    Your Photographer,

    Bern Ulibarri

  • A special note from me to you....

    I believe there is no greater keepsake than a single photograph that one can gaze upon at any given simply remember and treasure what once was.


  • When Dorian came to BUP, she had one thing on her mind...she wanted her senior portraits to be different and unlike anything else any of her fellow classmates were going to have done! She wanted a unique location and asked for advice on outfits, hair and makeup and location options.

    After thoroughly communicating the vision for this session, BUP and Dorian were ready for an adventure of a lifetime! Traveling to a very special location with scenic byways, old rustic buildings and countless other photographic opportunites, Dorian walked

    away from her session feeling confident that her images were ging to turn out exactly as shed hoped...if not BETTER! Here are a few words from Dorian about her AMAZING portrait session:

    I felt so comfortable during my entire session because Bernadette makes having portraits taken both fun and exciting! I absolutely love my images! I loved that my images were not taken in a studio, but rather, amongst nature with many spectacular sights. I truly enjoyed my portrait experience with BUP and consistently recommend their services to my friends and family!

    ~Dorian Chavez Las Cruces High School Class of Twenty Fourteen

    another EPIC s e s s i o n

    WANT TO SEE MORE EPIC SESSIONS?Check out our website at

    SPOTLIGHT ON: dorian chavez

  • PICTURE PERFECTTry to get a good nights rest before your session day. If you awake with puffy eyes, a cool cloth or cucumber slices over the lids can help! Please avoid using skin cleansers with high- acidity ingredients, as they sometimes cause dryness and reddening of the skin.

    GET THE LOOKWhether casual or formal, it is important to convey YOUR personal style in your images! Consider vibrant colors and please wear the color White sparingly!

    HAIR AWAREPlease consider a hair appointment no later than a week before the shoot. It might take a few days to grow into (or fond of) a hair cut OR color especially if the scissors went amiss or the color and style didnt turn out as you hoped.

    CHILL PILLIt is sometimes difficult to relax in front of the camera! Rest assured, you will be put at ease from start to finish! Tension can show up in the images. We will work together to assure you are clam, cool and collected!

    PETS ALLOWEDIf you bring your furry friend, Sparky, to the photo shoot please make sure to get some brisk exercise with your pup before coming. This will allow for a (hopefully) slightly calmer canine during your shoot. Horses are also great to be photographed with as well, but please remember that safety is priority. Your pet must be tame enough to be photographed and the location chosen for the session must be suitable for your animal.

  • the portrait processFROM SHOOT TO PRINT

    Here at Bernadette Ulibarri Photography we honor your schedules, special events and your sessions with a helpful timeline to help you to understand how we are working our hardest to create your treasured memories:


    After chatting on the phone or in studio for our pre-consultation to discuss any of your specifications and wishes, we will meet for a Consultation to discuss all of the details most important to you for capturing the best images possible.


    We give you a quick check-in call or email to confirm all the details from our initial Consultation.


    When you arrive at the scheduled time, I will look over your outfits, hair makeup and accessories to assure we have everything we need.


    We will send you a few previews/sneak peeks from your session so you can see how amazing your images are turning out!


    We post an online gallery for your 30 day preview period.


    We organize an in-person order ses-sion to pick out your favorite images in terms of sizes, arrangements and style. We can also use this opportu-nity to take orders for graduation an-nouncements, gifts, albums, and any of the other unique keepsakes we offer.


    Your prints/products are ready for pickup! or shipping! Please allow at least an additional week or more for custom designed products such as Al-bums or StoryBlocks.

    this page: aspens senior portraits

  • Were looking forward to your session! This is such an exciting time because we have the opportunity to get to know your wonderful family and capture some fun, exciting photographs for you in the process. All work and no play make for a dour day, so here is what you can expect from Bernadette Ulibarri Photography:

    what to expect the day of your session

  • Location, location, location: We will discuss where you would like to have your session (we will already have an understanding based on our prior phone chats or emails). We might meet at your home, the local playground, a beautiful green field or your own back yard! I also scout locations constantly, so I may have some fun, last minute suggestions for you to consider!

    Fun is not an option. You will have a blast at your session! GUARANTEED! Be prepared to laugh, be yourself, and let memories be made!

    Time flies: Please allow one to two hours for our shoot. This will enable us to get the perfect amount of images with variety and allow for outfit changes, if needed.

    When doing your makeup, please remember that less is more and follow the rules of Bold Eyes/Light Lips and Bold Lips/Light Eyes. Also, with hair, loose and playful is awesome! No crunchy hair, please!

    Please remember to bring all hair accesories, jewelry, belts, hats, change of shoes, etc. It is helpful to pack and prep the night before your session, but please avoid stuffing clothing into a bag and opt for hanging instead. Wrinkled clothing is not a good idea for your portraits!

    Outdoor shoots offer the best avail-able light and surroundings for your precious portraits. But if Mother Nature threatens to rain on our parade, dont worry, there are always options:

    Plan A: When its obvious a dire weather forecast is right (for a change), well call and reschedule.

    Plan B: Alternate, available indoor venues.

    Plan C: Adventurous? We have the skills and protective gear. If storm chaser weather develops, well finish the session later.


  • the golden hourWhen scheduling an outdoor portrait session with Your Studio photography, you may notice that we recommend shooting during a very precise time of day--generally the last sixty to ninety minutes before the sun has completely set. This special win-dow known to photographers as The Golden Hour is the period of time when the light from the sun is at its most perfect. With its long rays diffused across the en-tire sky, the light creates a flatter-ing glow and shimmer for picture perfect skintones and deliciously warm portraits.

    During midday, when every ray of the sun seems to find its way to our delicate, overexposed skin, the shadows created are usually too deep in contrast to the glare. Instead of fighting the harsh light, its better to schedule outdoor shooting during the Golden Hour when the sun still works its mag-icbut in our favor.

    To determine the Golden Hour in your location, see

    Your StyleOn Display

    Is yours a sleek, modern home? A rustic, country abode? No matter your decorating style, BUP assists clients every day with everything from portrait selection suited to your decor, to room planning, to framing and displaying your collection. Our years of experience in design coupled with a wide variety of products that work with any dcor make us the perfect choice for your photography and home decorating needs. Call us today and well work together to ensure your portraits are as much at home as you are.


    1) METALLIC: Fujifilm Pearl (Metallic) paper maintains the details in whites and blacks while delivering a unique, high-contrast shine to your images. Fine lines and textures in materials/fabrics will stand out! The metallic paper option also enhances and brightens eyes and teeth! This paper option is sure to impr