Senior open house, september 23, 2015

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Fall Senior Open House event, informational group tours in Spokane and the surrounding area.


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    Saturday, September 26Take a Tour

    Get a chance to

    WIN $100 gift card to Fred


    Open House

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    A health renaissance is taking place in America as more people are embracing aging well and being proactive rather than reactive about their well-being. Prevention has become the focus, and many aging Americans are turning to time-tested methods for keeping their bodies and minds healthy so they can live longer, higher-quality lives.

    Kristen Johnson, certied personal trainer, registered dietician and nutrition expert at points out ve time-tested strategies for aging well:Daily exercise

    Daily movement is the real fountain of youth. It keeps us healthy from the inside out, says Johnson.

    She notes that quality over quantity is what really matters.

    When it comes to improving overall tness, high-intensity exercise for a short amount of time may be much more benecial than low intensity for a long amount of time, Johnson says. Research suggests that fat-burning hormones like human growth hormones and testosterone are stimulated by high-intensity exercise, while fat-storing hormones like cortisol may be lowered. Try increasing the intensity and frequency of your exercise, while decreasing the time spent.Superfoods

    The foods you eat inuence how you look and feel, from glowing and condent to lethargic and sick. Selecting foods that people have eaten historically as nutritional powerhouses can help boost overall wellness.

    Superfoods are nutrient-rich foods, such as fruits, vegetables, ancient grains, healthy fats and lean proteins, says Johnson. These foods naturally contain high amounts of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which all contribute to healthy aging.A few to focus on:s#ARROTSSQUASHANDSWEETPOTATOESAREEXTREMELY

    benecial for eye and skin health, thanks to high levels of beta-carotene, a type of vitamin A.s!NYBRIGHTLYcolored fruits and vegetables will have an abundant amount of antioxidants, and these help prevent oxidation and cell damage. Examples: raspberries, kale and cabbage.s#ARBOHYDRATESLIKEHEALTHYGRAINSBEANSAND

    potatoes help you produce serotonin, a calming and satiety hormone that helps ght stress and anxietys negative effects.

    Nutrients Supplements help ll

    nutritional gaps, especially as the aging body requires greater amounts of certain vitamins and minerals. Johnson points out the importance of omega-3s for aging well.

    Omega-3 fats are essential for getting you healthy from the inside out, all while helping improve hormonal balance, brain

    health, weight loss and metabolism, she says. Omega-3 fats are also extremely helpful for healthy skin, hair and nails.(ERFAVORITE#OD,IVER/ILh4HISCONTAINS%0!

    and DHA, both of which contribute to a healthy HEARTANDBRAINvSHESAYSh#ODLIVEROILALSOHELPSimprove cellular function, energy and mood. Did you know cod liver oil can actually taste good? Some brands even have an orange avor.Sleeph#HRONICLACKOFSLEEPISONEOFTHEFASTESTWAYSTOAGETHEHUMANBODYv*OHNSONSAYSh,ACKOF

    sleep can have a huge impact on the appearance of skin, causing ne lines, wrinkles and dark under-eye circles. Not getting enough sleep can also cause your body to release a stress hormone called cortisol.

    She notes that adequate sleep can positively inuence cognitive ability, mood, weight loss and skin rejuvenation, so it should be a top priority for an aging-well routine. While the right amount of sleep will vary between individuals, the goal for most adults is around 7 to 8 hours a night.

    Social activity Human interaction can decrease as people age,

    but its more important than ever to form and maintain bonds with others. Participating in social activity is a fun way to enjoy life and reap real health benets.

    The American Medical Association has noted that stress is the basic cause for more than 60 percent of all human illnesses and diseases, says Johnson. When you are socially active and surround yourself with people you enjoy, you may be less likely to feel lonely, unhappy, or unfullled, all of which can cause unwanted stress.

    Finally, theres no need to become overwhelmed; start an aging-well routine by taking one small step and building healthy habits over time. This is what will lead to long-term success.

    Remember that its never too late to start living a healthy and happy life, Johnson says. Give yourself more reasons to smile and laugh! Did you know research suggests that happy people live longer, healthier and more fullling lives?

    BrandpointB d i t

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    Music brings people together...


    Saturday September 2611am TO 3pmRSVP: (509) 482-8139


    ...Blending ourPassions and talents

    Open Hou se!

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    Youre Invited to DiscoverYour Future Home!

    Open HouseSaturday, September 26

    10:00 am to 1:00pmEnjoy a brunch buffet and tour a model apartment and duplex. Learn about our

    continuum of care and ask about our Fall move-in special. Be sure to enter the

    drawing for a $100 gift card.

    509.466.0411Independent Assisted Living Skilled Nursing

    101 E. Hawthorne Rd. Spokane,

    Its hard for many children to see their parents transitioning to a different phase of life, especially one that may require more care than the child can provide. Its also very difcult for parents to surrender independence, let alone consider moving from a home they may have been in for years.

    In some cases, neither party has really discussed different thoughts on transitions, since it can be challenging and emotional. But this discussion is important to help maintain a high quality of life, health and well-being.

    These tips may help make the talk positive and productive.Do it soon

    For parents, its a good idea to talk about senior living options even if you dont think youll need to make a

    transition for years. For adult children, no matter the age of your parent, it is better to open the lines of communication long before a decision HASTOBEMADE,AYINGAPROPERfoundation for future needs and wants can help ease the transition when the time comes or if any unexpected health conditions arise. Planning ahead allows children to honor their parents wishes as much as possible if parents are ever unable to make the decision on their own.Focus on Health, safety

    It may be tempting to bring in other problems or past issues, but its important to only focus on the most essential reasons new arrangements need to be made: current facts and safety concerns. It also lets each person be heard in regards to their wants and needs on this specic issue.

    Ditch the Guilt

    Parents often dont want to burden children with problems, or let them know they need more care than is BEINGGIVEN#HILDRENMAYFEELguilt after the moving a parent to a senior living community. The heart of the situation is making sure there is a safe place to call home and care provided at the appropriate level no matter where or who provides the care.Know Options

    Research the different types of are available in the area and compare them to what is needed or anticipated. There may even be slight variations between communities, so be sure to check out the specics of each community. Perhaps one of them may allow more independence or cater to

    hobbies or interest that will enhance the quality of life.

    Its extremely important to address it as soon as possible, especially if there are any long-term medical conditions where changes in independence and health are unavoidable. Its also a good idea to make sure siblings are all on the same page with the decisions that come out of this discussion. This is one of lifes dreaded conversations, but one that every parent and child needs to have.


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    According to the National Institute on Aging, research shows that a complex interaction between your DNA, diet, physical activity level, sleep quality and every other aspect of your environment affects your brain health and cognitive function. This means that your bad habits can trigger changes in your brain and contribute to the decline of your brain health.

    Stay sharp as you age with these easy ways to boost your brain power:%ATBRAINFOOD7HILEAGOODDIETCANIMPROVEYOURALL

    around health, certain foods keep your brain functioning optimally, according to the Alzheimers Association. Some of these top brain foods include wild salmon, nuts and seeds, avocados, blueberries, dark chocolate and whole grains. Your brain loves both omega-3 essential fatty acids and anything with antioxidants.%XERCISEYOURBRAIN9OURBODYISNTTHEONLYTHING

    that needs exercise. Puzzles, brain teasers and games help create new associations within your brain to keep it fresh. As an added exercise, try completing everyday activities with your non-dominant hand, such as combing your hair and brushing your teeth.

    #ONTINUETOLEARN4HELEARNINGSHOULDNTSTOPONCEYOULEAVESCHOOL#ONTINUETOTRYNEWACTIVITIESANDtest your brain by reading, taking classes or learning a language. Keep your brain active by teaching it some new tricks.

    *Take a well-rounded supplement. Your brain also requires a number of vitamins and minerals to function properly. For example, the three B vitamins (folic acid, B6 and B12) are all related to healthy brain function. Be sure you are getting enough of these essential vitamins and consider taking a supplement to boost your brain power even further.

    *Keep a sleep schedule. Not only is sleep fundamental for regenerating your physical body, but it has restorative properties for your brain as well. A good nights sleep helps you to look at problems in a new light and improves your ability to think creatively. If youre having trouble getting at least six hours of sleep per night, try ditching the technology before bed.

    *Maintain your social calendar. Humans are social creatures who need a variety of brain stimulation to maintain a sharp mind, including social activity. This becomes especially relevant as you age and your

    neurological processes start to slow down. Socially active older adults are less likely to develop both cognitive and physical limitations. Try a weekly card game with friends or volunteer for a local organization to continue to get out and meet new people.

    For more information on brain health, visit

    12710 N Mill RoadSpokane, WA 99208

    (855) 270-2758 FRPPXQLW\

    Afnity at Mill Road3594 N Cedarblom StreetCoeur dAlene, ID 83815

    (855) 531-4787 www.AfnityatCDA.comFRPPXQLW\

    Afnity at Coeur dAleneAfnity at South Hill3304 E 44th AvenueSpokane, WA 99223

    (855) FRPPXQLW\

    Like us on Facebook!


    LOVERSof freedom.

    TOUR: Saturday, September 26 10am-1pmLOCATION: All three Afnity propertiesENJOY: Prizes and refreshments



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    If youre just starting to consider housing options for an elderly loved one, all the terms and levels of care can be confusing. #ERTAINLYEVERYONEISPLEASANT

    and the surroundings are usually appealing. But it still can be a difcult choice especially if someone needs a home or to transition in a hurry due to changed health and independence needs.

    Here are some suggestions on how to assess what type of home youll want to consider. s,EVELOFINDEPENDENCEs$ESIREANDACTIVITYLEVEL for hobbies, tness and socializings-EDICATIONMANAGEMENT and care needed for medical conditionss!BILITYTOMAINTAINHOME and perform regular housework

    When trying to decide on the right t, consider if you or your loved one are still living an independent and active lifestyle. Is this level of independence sustainable for some time? If so, a 55+ or active adult community may be a good t. These communities offer many of the benets of staying in your own home, but often remove the hassles of yard maintenance and sometimes

    home maintenance. Retirement communities

    offer the social connections of being surrounded by other like-minded active seniors. This living option are often generally homes or townhouses that you purchase within the community, however, there are some apartment-style rental options. This living arrangement is best for those who do not need any assistance with daily living or medical care or assistance.

    If you need something with a little more help but want to keep as much independence as possible,

    then consider independent living facilities or communities. This living option tries to maintain a balance between independence and care assistance for maximum quality. These communities have staff that can help you with housework, dining options and coordinated group activities and outings.

    Should daily living and health needs be elevated and require more care or help than an independent living arrangement, assisted living options still promote being active and remaining independent in the areas where it is feasible and safe.

    This allows you yet another step in senior living where support and care are available without having to transition to a full-care nursing facility. You can usually enjoy the same activities, outings and social gatherings as independent living residents. Assisted living is usually a good choice for if you need help more than a couple times a week, if there are concerns with falling down or if daily personal care is too difcult just to give a few examples.)FMEDICALCARENEEDSANDORLOSS

    of independence drives the need to consider senior living options, a skilled nursing facility or specialty care community may be the right t. These facilities often have 24-hour medical staff on site to address and attend to any needs for their residents. This living option can be long-term if you have an ongoing medical need, condition or need pain management or could be temporary if this level of

    care is due to recovery from an illness, surgery or other trauma.

    Many of these facilities still offer a social room and activities to promote interaction and keep you as active as possible for given your...