Scooby –Doo! Dinosaur Dig

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Scooby Doo! Dinosaur Dig. Author Erin Soderberg Illustrated by denudes del sur By Erick Martinez. Dinosaur dig. Scooby doo. Scooby and his friends were helping Velma's uncle dig artifacts. Fred said how many artifacts have we found. Velma uncle went to check and he said nothing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Scooby Doo! Dinosaur Dig

Scooby Doo!Dinosaur DigAuthor Erin SoderbergIllustrated by denudes del surBy Erick MartinezDinosaur dig

Scooby dooScooby and his friends were helping Velma's uncle dig artifacts.Fred said how many artifacts have we found.Velma uncle went to check and he said nothingAll the bones are gone. Maybe Scooby doo DIG all the bones back.GHOST!!!!Velmas uncle said maybe theres a dinosaur ghost Hiding all the bones !.

Scooby said oh no! We have to help uncle ted find the missing bones .

Uncle ted needs the artifacts for the museum.

Artifacts Found dog bones and never found artifacts.

Found a food mini van shaggy and Scooby ate the good food.

They never found the missing artifacts they have lost.CLUES!!!!!!!The gang dig and dig but haven't found any clues.THE GANG found a big rock in a hole but no bones where there.

The gang set a fire and uncle ted said lets make a fire. We can look for the artifacts in the morning.Uncle ted made spores and hamburgers. shaggy said I hope the dinosaur ghost does not like spores.IN CONCLUSIONFinding clues/artifacts are really important for scientist because they can sell it to museums for REALLY BIG MONEY!!!!!!!!!