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    Santosh Sharma- poems -

    Publication Date: 2012 - The World's Poetry Archive

  • Santosh Sharma() - The World's Poetry Archive

  • A Beautiful Rose A beautiful Rose A tendered BudBlossomed to a flowerNectar to the beesPlay of NightingaleLoved by the worldBlow of windBrought the endShortest is lifeAdmired and remembered by all Santosh Sharma - The World's Poetry Archive

  • A Child's Heart O, mom you love me, embrace me and do care meYou cook the dishes which I relish, and never stop me to eat as much I wish,But tell me why dont you allow me to do what I intend to do as per the will ofmy heartEither you do not understand what I am doing or you are repeating the same asthe Grand Mom might have done to you. You know my passion watching the birds, following them from tree to treeImitating the cacophony, wish to catch them, which never could do, you scold mewhen I tried to hit with wood gun, never wanted to kill but to catch them to love, touch their colorful feathers and understand how do they fly. Rain make the stream full of water, adds melody to my earsPlaying on its bank made a beautiful turbine of scraped tinYou always dismantle it and drag me to home,You never understood the agony to my thought,I was exploring how this generates power and brightens our house. Remembering, you always pray to God for rainI danced, sang and drenched in full mood, enjoyed the thunders and showerswith my friends. Thought, now you shall be happy as your wish has been fulfilled But again, became a victim of your rage, beaten and warned not to repeat t itagain Your alternate sentence ends with read, read .and readNumber of times I told you I dont wish to do same thing again and again.I promise you, I will perform well in exams, will not despair you nor willdisappointBut this is my humble plight, let me do what this tender heart wish to do.Let the budding feeling bloom and spread the fragrance till its last.O Mom you know my childhood will never be so as again. Santosh Sharma - The World's Poetry Archive

  • A Tiny Ant Smallest creature, wonderful is wisdomSensed the warmth, preparing for rainSearched grains, but far of homePlanned up and down travel,in well defined lanesStormed on heap, cordoned all aroundCarrying load more than its weightFollowing the route like convoy of a commandSwift are actions like army in warNo rest no respite until store is stuffed Enough for all the rain days to comeWonderful a creature,nice of wisdomReference of strength, unity, discipline to mankind. Santosh Sharma - The World's Poetry Archive

  • Arrival Of Spring Arrival of spring Bidding farewell to the chilling winter, tumultuous heart is filled with enthrallingwindThe silence of air is broken with the melodious whispers, the fragrance of roseshas taken its wings for the farthest pines are tossing theirs heads with a waveof resonance, nothing is still, every thing in nature is competing to exhibit itsbest to welcome the spring. Nightingale is hopping from garden to garden, messaging every flower for thejoyous days ahead, cacophony is echoing in the valley, an awakening call to allfrom hibernating winter., bees are hemming around the oak grooves waitingevery buds to bloom, first ray of sun has fallen in the courtyard, giving warmthto the shivered heart. Nature has folded its quilt of mist, small clouds have burst its tears, and the skyis spotless blue making a hurdle free journey for the brighter sun. The opposingmild breeze, making the streams to hold its breath; the ripples in the ponds arenot stopping to reach its shores. Whole of existence is dressed up in colorfulclothes; getting ready to be enjoying the fair of spring. The bliss of happiness is spilling over from every ones heart, feel like to arrestthe spring in our nest, O mother earth, we all pray to extend your compassion,let every day be a spring around the year, Nightingale will not despair in thesolitude autumn nor lotus will have a still face, neither any bird will have aparched feeling. Every ones face will be cheerful as a blossomed flower the lipsof beauty will ever sparkle as roses petals Santosh Sharma - The World's Poetry Archive

  • Autumn Days Of Nightingale Autumn Days of Nightingale Active and swift,Lovable and romanticWas the nightingale Flown to the gardensWandered in the bye lanesBruised the feathersInjured the wings Neither could find green leafNor couldnt sense a flowerDisgusted and disappointedSitting on the dry bush Oh nightingale,This is the way life isHappiness and sorrowsPain and pleasureAre parts of the same coin Neither to grieve,Nor to dismayPatience for few daysAgain the spring will spurtWith its beauty and rhyme Today craving for one flowerTomorrow you will have flowers and flowersAll around. Santosh Sharma - The World's Poetry Archive

  • Baby's Fair Day Baby's Fair Day It is fair day in the villageIt is Mini's day of a year's eagerly waitWas the first to get up in the morningTook bath and hour for adorningRed bangles, small bindi, ribbons on hairPink Frawk, matching belle, Small purse Around the neck asking every one how do I lookCheerfulness, enthusiasm was beyond the Imagination,all was evident on her radiating faceHolding father's finger, talking, laughing all the wayreached the fair ground before the mid Day,Gazing all the shops looking the articles of the wish selection was perfect to taste and matching the trendOne neck tie for papa, pearls necklace for MomOne teddy for the little oneHolding the things returning home,Her Happiness and contentment was beyond the descriptionLess are the desires happiness is in abundanceConcern of loved ones adds to existence, beauty and wonder. Santosh Sharma - The World's Poetry Archive

  • Beauty Unveiled By Blows Of Wind Wandering down the lanes of summer HillEnjoying scintillating chill blow of windMild, at times wild were the blowsSeems like wind is trying to lift me in its handSaw the staggering steps of my belovedComing from the other end of the hillHer pink stole was fluttering like the waves of sea endEyes were blinking like the twinkling of starshairs were entangled on the face all aroundA beautiful scene is embedded in my mindEnough to rejuvenate the pensive days of Life Santosh Sharma - The World's Poetry Archive

  • Bliss Full Life Life is moving as per your ordained roleSteps are following the path as directed by your mightBut still there are prayers for thou graceNever awaken us for hatred, jealous, anger and greedNever there be a day of fight for a piece of landWith my neighbour nor any one of the clanNever to dwarf any one to raise my handNever to be a part of whirlwindForced to ignore the smiles of loved oneEmpower us with wisdom and strengthCould move on the path of love and co-existence.Oh lord, bless our life as you have blessed the flowerAdmired as a bud, loved when blossomedRespected till the last petal is dropped on the ground Santosh Sharma - The World's Poetry Archive

  • Dharti Maa Ki Pukar Dharti Maa ki Pukar Original Hindi Transliteration Janani hun main sharni hun main, jan jan ki , kan kan kiJivan Sanchalit karti hun main sabka her din her palMujhko itna barbad na kar ki main is bhumandal main rah na paun Sajati hun main sanwarti hun main, sabko her rozNit naya sonderya dati hun main khud ko malin karMujhko itna malin na kar ki main kahni koroop hi na ho jaun Sabka Poshan karti hun main vayu se jal se an seBadle main bas itna de de ki main a pratibhtaain nibhati jaunSadiaon sadiaon tak, Ye nabh, ye nadian, ye sagar, banaye hain teri kamna or manoranjan koPhool taru baag Bagichae lubhatae hain tere hi man koBas itna reham rakhna, ye bagwan leharata rahe yugaon yugaon tak Tune badhaya hai gyan apna itnaFod kar bumb jhinjhodah diya hai badan meraOr bhi pida mat dena ki kahni main viklang he na ho jaunAai thi jis Suraj se, us Suraj se phir mil na jaun. Santosh Sharma - The World's Poetry Archive

  • Dutiful & Compassionate Mother Earth Dutiful & Compassionate Mother Earth Beautiful Beyond descriptionDecorated with millions of jewelssprawling, ever youngThe mother earth. Spinning around axisGiven day to work and Night to restTirelessly you are workingWithout any relief and respite. Clasping the children, Taking us aroundSome times near, some times far from SunLuring us with beautiful seasonsNot the children feel stale Dutiful without failCompassionate beyond doubtIt is you, make us celebrateFestivals, birthdays, new year. And christmas Completing the journey precision to secondsfollowing the path as ordained by GodOh Mother we children, could become, Dutiful, lovable, and compassionate like youWith out divulging the path. . Santosh Sharma - The World's Poetry Archive

  • Ek Hi Mukam EK HI MUKAM Sapano ki unchaeyan chu karKuch apnae hi kadmo main ladkhada karJivan ka safar pura kar keKuch adhuri rahaon se mud kaeEk din sabhi ate hain isi mukam par Shan shokat militi hai samudar ki leharon ki tarhaEk din simit jatti ha apnae hi tal parSab kuch bhula kar sab gatii heen ho jatae hain isi mukam par Sundtrata nikharti hai khiliti hai chandani ki tarhaPhir gum hoo jati hai amavasaya ki andhari raton meinEk din usi kafan se lipit kar gujarti hai isi dastak se Dhan doulat wale, unchain mahalon main rehain waleTinakon ke aasiyano main jivan vaytit karnae walaeSub khali hath aatae hain isi mukam par. Jivan ka Suraj dhalatae hi, apnae chod datae hainBhigi aankhon se aatae hain nam aa