RTI Process and Implementation at Martin Elementary

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RTI Process and Implementation at Martin Elementary. Martin RTI Coordinator: Letty Scheiber Presented By: Daisy Salinas, TLI Specialist. RTI Process and Flow Chart. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


RTI Process and Implementation at Martin Elementary

RTI Process and Implementation at Martin ElementaryMartin RTI Coordinator: Letty ScheiberPresented By: Daisy Salinas, TLI Specialist

RTI Process and Flow Chart

The RTI process is followed as outlined in our District Policy.When a teacher wants to begin an RTI the teacher is responsible for obtaining the forms from the online BISD website and complete the initial referral for RTI. Teachers are encouraged to start as soon as they see a problem with the student instead of waiting for the next scheduled RTI meeting.RTI Menu: Tiers

Teachers use TPRI/TL Results, Benchmarks, continuing RTIs, and student grades to determine whether a child needs to be monitored through RTI. Monitoring of intervention takes place via teacher observations, intervention times with istation, and classroom visitations. The Martin RTI Committee is comprised of:

Principal- Gilda Jo PeaCoordinator/Counselor-Letty ScheiberGrade Level Teachers

RTI Committee

Within the first 3 weeks of school the teachers are given a list of RTI students in their classroom and they are expected to review the file and update the RTI 5 for the new year. Meetings are held once every six weeks.Dates for these meetings are prescheduled and included in the teacher handbook at the beginning of the year. Meetings take place during grade level planning period. During these meetings teachers discuss the progress of the student, at risk populations, failing grades, and any changes in interventions or updated information.Coordinator types out notes on each student and follows up with any RTI changes/updates/referrals.

RTI Process at Martin Teachers are expected to bring updated RTI packet/forms. www.bisd.us/martin

Work samples that support the set intervention and show whether the student needs additional interventions or support. TPRI/TL Most updated results updated in BOY/MOY/EOY.Most recent report card for the student must also be included in the RTI. Teacher/s must be ready to address and answer questions regarding this child and the interventions they chose to use. Interventions must be research based and must be taking place during intervention time and abiding by the RTI Menu

Teacher expectationsRTIs are filed in folders and collected by the coordinator at every RTI meeting. If any updates need to be made they are addressed with the coordinator.

RTI Folders that are used for updates are color coded by grade level making it easier to file and organize. Kinder, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade

All labels include student information grade level and continue on to other grade levels using card stock dividers with the respective year printed on it. (Please view sample)

Work samples are always included with any modifications and printed clarification of the intervention applied by the teacher.

RTI FoldersSet the dates for RTI Meetings in advance and stick to the schedule as much as possible.Do not wait until the set RTI meeting to continue or update RTIs be mindful that teachers have plenty on their plate so reminders are not only necessary but appreciated. (Form attached)Color code and label for further referrals to keep tabs on the RTIs and minimize errors. Be CONSISTENT!!!!

Tips from the RTI CoordinatorIf you have any further questions please contact:

Letty Scheiber (956)-698-0459lscheiber@bisd.us

Thank you!!!


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