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Robusto Compensating Stacker High performance for efficient print finishing

Robusto Compensating Stacker High performance for ...staging.qgroupltd.com/muller/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Robusto_Prosp_engl.pdfwith film and shrink wrapping, addressing and palletizing

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  • Robusto Compensating Stacker

    High performance for efficient print finishing

  • The Robusto Compensating Stackeris a high-performance machine forintegrated production with high-endsaddle stitchers.It produces high-quality compen-sated or uncompensated stacks at a speed of up to 30,000 copiesper hour. Due to its high degree of automation the Robusto is per-fectly suited for inline mailing and distribution by postal route. It is optimally prepared for theintegration into inline packing lineswith film and shrink wrapping,addressing and palletizing systems.The stacker is of compact design.It is supplied on casters and can bemoved quickly for use on differentbindery lines.

    Economical and efficient compensated stacking


    Key advantages of the Robusto stacker:� Ease of operation� Reliable product infeed� Gentle product processing through the turntable� Gentle stack delivery� Stacking by postal route� Stacking in compensated or uncompensated layers

    Robusto stacker with an extendedbundle blocking unit 0457

  • Robusto for perfect stack formation

    User-friendly, compact controls Operation of the Robusto is based on ahuman-machine interface system (HMI).Product sizes and stack configurationcan be easily and quickly entered onthe display. The stacker uses theMuller Martini automation platform(MMAP controls) which is fully inte-grated with the controls of the saddlestitcher.For even quicker and more automatedjob setup it can optionally be equippedwith the Amrys automatic make-readysystem. The Robusto stacker is JDF-capable.

    Reliable product infeedThe infeed of the Robusto is productsize-independent and requires nomanual intervention for size change-overs. The type of transfer from thethree-knife trimmer or inserting machineis selectable to allow processing in ashingle stream or single-copies. Becauseits infeed height is adjustable it can be connected to any saddle stitcher ofits performance class. A horizontalinfeed is used for connection to aninserting machine.

    Copies traveling in a shingle stream areaccurately counted even at high speedsby a laser count head.The infeed is equipped with narrowindividual servicing belts which allowseasy access for service. As an option,electrostatic blocking can be installedon the infeed. This allows extra stabilityof the stacks when very light or slipperyproducts are processed. It also greatlyenhances production reliability.


  • Compensated stacks are processed gently

    Gentle processing by the turntableProducts are reliably separated by a setof forks in the prestacking compart-ment. A layer lift lowers the prestackedlayers to the turntable. The low productdrop from the stacking compartment to the lowering device ensures neatlyaligned and counted stacks with com-pensated or uncompensated layers.One, two and three-up production canbe processed.

    Gentle stack ejectionThe new ejection system of the stackeruses a retractable, servo-driven pusherto eject the stacks. This operating prin-ciple shortens the cycle time and ejectsthe stacks slowly and gently. The beltdelivery section is optionally availablewith driven lateral belts which guidethe stacks for better control of verylight or slippery products until they aresecured by packaging lines. Deliveriescan be installed on the left-hand orright-hand side. A roller table deliveryor a belt delivery section with air tableis also available.The Robusto can easily be integratedinto all types of print finishing orpackaging lines.

    Sorting by postal routeAn external camera reads printmarksor post codes and evaluates them sothat the bundles are ejected to the left or the right, depending on the de-livery type. The required bundle sizeand the number of layers can be de-fined using the higher-level controller.This means that the compensatingstacker can carry out selective binding.


  • Printed in Switzerland/Robusto/0508/B2/0069.4090.71

    This brochure may show components that are not part of the standard equipment and areavailable as options only. In some cases,protective covers in photographs have beenremoved or opened for illustrative purposes.Design and equipment configuration are subjectto change.

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