Road Map to Delivery of MAC Courses at SeniorNet Eden- Roskills Learning Centre SeniorNet Eden-Roskill Inc

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Road Map to Delivery of MAC Courses at SeniorNet Eden- Roskills Learning Centre SeniorNet Eden-Roskill Inc. Slide 2 Held Public Meeting Radio and newspaper advertising Brochures (Libraries, Community Centres, CABs) Newsletters Membership Slide 3 Purpose of Meeting SeniorNet Vision, Values, Personality To ascertain the level of interest within the community for Apple Mac courses at our Learning Centre. To establish a road map to progress this initiative. Slide 4 Where to From Here? Gauge Level of Interest Gauge Level of Support Slide 5 Would You Be Interested In Joining Our Learning Centre If We Offered MAC Courses? Slide 6 Form a Working group to Develop an Implementation Strategy Acquiring TutorsCourse Material Equipment issues Funding Integratio n Communic ation Timetab ling Slide 7 Would You Be Interested In Helping Us By Being: A Member Of An Implementation Working Group? Or A Tutor / Helper? Slide 8 Issues for Working Group Recruiting Tutors How many? Who? What support is required? Course Material What types of courses are required e.g. courses, workshops, and tutorial? What subjects should be covered? Where will teaching material come? Slide 9 Equipment/Software Issues What sorts of MAC systems are required? What software will be required: O/S & Application? Does LC acquire equipment & software? Do students bring along own systems? Environment What are the desk requirements? How do we integrate within existing LC layout? Networking? Slide 10 Funding What level of funding is required, if any? Sources of funding: Internal, External Integration How to we integrate the interests of PC & MAC into overall LC culture so as to avoid them & us syndrome? Slide 11 Communications How do we ensure equal relevance of the two platforms in our communications e.g. newsletters, monthly meetings etc.? Course Timetabling Should we have a single timetable incorporating PC & MAC classes, or should they be separate? Consideration: Coordination of classroom resources Slide 12 Enrolment Process Separate or integrated? Membership MAC users to become members of SeniorNet Eden-Roskill When? Membership fee? Slide 13 MAC Questionnaire Existing SeniorNet membership: YN Equipment: Do you use a: (Y/N) Power MAC (desktop) iMac (desktop) Mac mini (desktop) MacBook (notebook) MacBook Air (notebook) iPad MacBook Pro (notebook) iPhone Slide 14 Do you want to bring your notebook to class: Y N Which version of the MAC operating system does your computer use: (Enter Y alongside applicable OS) MAC OS 10.3 (Panther) MAC OS 10.4 (Tiger) MAC OS 10.5 (Leopard) MAC OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Other (detail): Slide 15 On your Mac, which programs do you use? (Enter Y alongside applicable programs) SafariMailAddress Book iCal iPhotoiTunesiMovie iDVD iChatFaceTimeTime Machine Other Please Specify: Slide 16 What software do you use for the following activities: Email: (MAC Mail, MS Outlook for MAC, Webmail (Web Browser), Other Web Browser: (Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Other Word Processing: (MS Word/Office for MAC, Other: Photographs: (iPhoto, Picasa, Other: Music: (iTunes, Other: Slide 17 Specific Interests: What kinds of MAC courses would you be interested in attending at SeniorNet: (Y/N) General Introduction to MAC OS X Photography incl. digital editing, scanning Music Downloads and music filing Genealogy General Internet Skills incl. Email & Web browsing Word processing and Document sharing Other: Slide 18 Implementation Acquired equipment 3 x iMac systems Acquired teaching resources MAC Christchurch Tutor training undertaken First classes commenced beginning of October Public meeting to delivery 3 months