RLM SERIES RELAY/SOLID-STATE MODULES ?· The benefits of the RLM Series include: Operating Voltage Max.…

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  • From concept to circuit design to finished product, American Technology Components

    is your one source manufacturer. With more than 30 years in the custom electronics

    business, we have the resources to achieve your product requirements.

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    American Technology Components, Inc. has designed

    a signal separator for combined stop/turn signaling

    systems. If you desire separate turn and stop signal

    indicators, but have a combined system, this is what

    you need. Designed to withstand the mobile vehicle

    environment, the solid-state, signal processing unit

    interprets the factorys combined inputs and

    provides separated outputs.

    The benefits of the RLM Series include:

    Operating Voltage Max. CurrentOperating Temperature Range

    9VDC to 18VDC10A DC-40C to 85C

    Encapsulated for Moisture, Dust & Vibration Protection Custom Wiring and Connectors Available

    American Technology Components, Inc. is an innovative, custom manufacturer providing products and services across multiple industries. ATC manufactures Audio/Video Controls, Switch Controls, Electronic Controls, RF Controls, Interior and Exterior 12V Lighting, Wiper Systems and Components, 12V Accessories and Molded Convenience items. Additionally, ATCs engineering and sales teams work together with your company to create continued integrity for your application needs.


    Vehicle Power/Ground Input

    Combined Stop/Turn Input

    Rigid Mounting BaseWeather Proof Potting

    Decoded Output Signals Separated

    Available with .250 Tabs instead of wires

    Switch onCONTROL.


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