Page 1 Settings Maintenance for IPDS Printers RLM System.

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  • Page 1 Settings Maintenance for IPDS Printers RLM System
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  • Page 2 What do we have IPDS printers? IPDS printers have been installed around the world in order to print Intercompany documents such as OPAs, PCCRs and Contracts These documents use advanced printer functions that format the information with word processor-style font styles and sizes The intercompany documents are supposed to print on legal paper, which is to be placed in Tray 2 of the printer. RLM sends the documents to Tray 2 by default The following slides indicate setup actions that will allow the IPDS printer to recognize Tray 2
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  • Page 3 Open Internet Explorer Click on the Internet Explorer Icon
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  • Page 4 Open Printer IP Address Click into the Address Bar and type the IP address of the IPDS printer Click GO or press the Enter key If you do not know the printers IP address, please contact your local MIS, or MIS in New York
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  • Page 5 IPDS Printer Main Menu Click Printer Settings
  • Slide 6
  • Page 6 Printer Settings Menu Scroll down the page to IPDS
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  • Page 7 IPDS Settings Click IPDS Setup
  • Slide 8
  • Page 8 IPDS Configuration Menu Scroll down the page to Map Input Trays
  • Slide 9
  • Page 9 Map Input Trays Make sure that Tray 1 maps to 0 and Tray 2 to 1 Scroll down to the bottom of the page
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  • Page 10 Submit Changes Click Submit NOTE: You must power the printer on and off for the changes to take effect.
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  • Page 11 Test the Settings After re-starting the printer, please print an OPA and Contract from a PO. If possible, find a PO that also has a PCCR and Amendments to Contracts All the documents should print on legal-sized paper (11.5 x 14 inches) from TRAY 2 If you do not have legal paper, please contact the Hong Kong or New York Offices MIS has configured the printers on RLM if the documents do not print on legal paper, please email


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