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<ul><li><p>Resum of James Druryemail: jamesalexanderdrury@hotmail.comAddress: Unit 3, 13 Beachfront Pde. Ballina NSW 2478, AUSTRALIA</p><p>Professional References:</p><p>1. Glen TrentonContract RPEQ Engineer (Electrical)Road OperationsQueensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (Metropolitan District)(I was supervised by Glen 2003 - 2006 and continued to work with him on projects until Nov 2012).Email: Phone: 0433 531 848</p><p>2. Gerald CoquerandPrincipal Engineer (Projects) retired Nov. 2012RoadTek Network Services (Traffic), Harvey St. Depot. (I reported directly to Gerald during my years at RoadTek Network Services, 2009-12).Email: Phone: 0498 744 551</p><p>Tertiary Studies:Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Systems (Honours), University of Queensland, 2005Safety Leadership (Certificate IV), Safety Dimensions, 2013Certificate IV in Training &amp; Assessment (in progress), 2017 </p><p>Other Qualifications:Member of Engineers Australia, December 2016RPEQ (Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland) - application in progress, 12 of 16 competencies achieved, May 2013CAMS (First Aid, Switchboard Rescue, Elevated Work Platform Rescue), 2012MUTCD Level 3 training (design and approve traffic control plans), 2012Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering (4 modules completed), 2009-12TESOL Certification (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), 2008</p><p>Languages:English native speakerThai intermediate level speaking, listening, reading and writing.Japanese - beginner level speaking, listening, reading and writing.Chinese - beginner level speaking, listening, reading and writing.German - beginner level speaking, listening, reading and writing.</p><p>Resume of James Drury Page 1 of 5 10 January 2017</p><p></p></li><li><p>Employment History:</p><p>Time Period Job Description</p><p>February 2016 January 2017 English Teacher, Hunan Agricultural University, Changsha, China</p><p>August 2013 - June 2015 English Teacher, English Planet School of Language, Bangkok, Thailand</p><p>November 2012 - August 2013 Travel within Asia, Thai language and engineering studies, spending time with family and friends.</p><p>July 2012 November 2012 Project Manager (Maintenance), RoadTek Network Services (Traffic), Brisbane, Australia</p><p>March 2010 July 2012 Project Manager (Construction), RoadTek Network Services (Traffic), Brisbane, Australia</p><p>December 2009 February 2010 As previous, with additional part-time role of traffic signal designer.</p><p>January 2009 December 2009 Graduate Engineer (Electrical), RoadTek Network Services (Traffic), Brisbane, Australia</p><p>January 2008 December 2008 English Teacher, various part-time and volunteer jobs in Japan, Egypt and Thailand.</p><p>June 2007 December 2007 Graduate Engineer (Electrical), Department of Main Roads, Engineering and Technology, ITS and Electrical Technology, Brisbane, Australia.</p><p>January 2007 June 2007 Electrical and Systems Engineer, Parsons Brinckerhoff Australia, Brisbane, Australia.</p><p>January 2006 January 2007 Graduate Engineer (Electrical), Department of Main Roads(Traffic Operations), Metropolitan District, Brisbane, Australia.</p><p>December 2004 February 2005 Student Engineer (Electrical), Department of Main Roads (Traffic Operations), Metropolitan District, Brisbane, Australia.</p><p>December 2003 January 2004 Student Engineer (Electrical), Department of Main Roads (Traffic Operations), Metropolitan District, Brisbane, Australia.</p><p>Engineering Work Experiences (July 2012 November 2012)</p><p>Project Experience/Duties</p><p>Electrical RMPC (Road Maintenance Performance Contract)</p><p>This project was a twelve-monthly maintenance contract for Main Roads Metropolitan District. The assets covered by contract included traffic signals, street lighting and intelligent transport systems (emergency phones, cameras, vehicle counting sites, variable message signs and variable speed limit signs). As project manager, I worked with supervisors to schedule works, book subcontractors and apply for permits. I reported project progress to the client and my manager. I also verified traffic management plans and monthly financial claims.</p><p>Resume of James Drury Page 2 of 5 10 January 2017</p></li><li><p>Engineering Work Experiences (March 2010 July 2012)</p><p>Project Experience/Duties</p><p>Minor Projects Partnership (MPP)</p><p>This partnership was ongoing between RoadTek and Main Roads to deliver small projects for traffic signals and street lighting modification. My role was to manage construction once a design and estimate had been approved. I ordered materials and produced project health, safety and environmental plans and sought required approvals. I arranged construction resources, ensured regular quality, health, safety and environmental audits and ensured project met time and cost targets. For required changes to design, I sought designer and clients involvement to ensure a solution was mutually agreed. I ensured as-constructed drawings and quality documentation was filed and submitted to client on completion of works.</p><p>Bruce Hwy (Johnston Road Interchange) Construction of Road Lighting</p><p>This project involved constructing new lighting for a diamond interchange between the Bruce Hwy and Johnston Road, Glasshouse Mountains, Queensland. Some existing lighting was removed and disposed of. My dutieswere similar to the Minor Projects Partnership (above). This project was under a Main Roads Road Construction Contract based on AS2124. Paymentwas under an agreed schedule of rates rather than the cost plus arrangement of MPP.</p><p>It was necessary to capture all costs accurately to justify charges for variations to scope of works. I used a construction schedule chart to keep us on-track for practical completion and to justify requests for extension of time because of delays to critical path activities.</p><p>I had to resolve an issue caused by non-conforming works installed by my staff. I raised an NCR (non-conformance report) detailing the proposed corrective action and submitted to client for approval.</p><p>I completed a finalisation report at the end of the project, documenting projects performance and learnings.</p><p>North-South Arterial construction of traffic signals for three new intersections.</p><p>I was the project manager for this schedule of rates job and had similar duties to the above two projects. The key challenge in this job was to work closely with the other Contractors onsite to minimise rework and deliver works quickly. For example, I had to co-ordinate with civil contractor to ensure that traffic signal lanterns were modified on the day the new road opened.</p><p>Duke Street Congestion Project</p><p>I managed electrical works for this road-upgrade project. My business unit was the electrical subcontractor to RoadTek asset services. I had similar challenges to the above projects. A unique challenge to this project was the requirement to modify design as a variation during construction. I drafted and presented options to the client and principal contractor. </p><p>North Bank Finger Wharves lighting</p><p>I successfully completed this design and construct job in the short timeframe allowed. It involved installing lighting for some disused wharves which were to be reopened. I consulted the client about relevant specifications and standards, engaged a designer to do determine the lighting level, light locations and pole heights required. Because of the short-time frame, I had to use ex-stock products. An added complication was the lack of an electrical point of supply available onsite. It was negotiated to gainpower from a lighting circuit on the bridge overhead.</p><p>Resume of James Drury Page 3 of 5 10 January 2017</p></li><li><p>Engineering Work Experiences (March 2010 July 2012) continued</p><p>Project Experience/Duties</p><p>Stafford Road &amp; Appleby Street traffic signals Modification</p><p>This job was complicated by a tree root which had blocked the existing conduit carrying power and communications cable under the road. Because of lack of funds to install a new conduit, I modified the design to re-use the existing cable while still implementing the required functionality.</p><p>Gympie Road, Lawnton Construction of Road Lighting.</p><p>I performed the project management duties as described for Johnston Road interchange lighting. I also produced a finalisation report and held finalisation meeting with project team members and senior management. The finalisation report detailed the project finances the amount of profit made and what parts of the project were most/least efficient. I also identified learnings and successful techniques used. I related these learnings to other projects.</p><p>Engineering Work Experiences (December 2009 February 2010)</p><p>Project Experience/Duties</p><p>Electrical Drafting Work I became familiar with AutoCAD to produce as-constructed drawings for traffic signals modification. I also checked drawings for errors such as incorrect wiring numbers and lantern layout. I identified significant errors in one drawing and had to verify its cable layout and terminations onsite.</p><p>Engineering Work Experiences (January 2009 December 2009)</p><p>Project Experience/Duties</p><p>Houghton Highway BridgeLane Control System and Nundah Tunnel ITS maintenance</p><p>Nundah Tunnel ITS system consists of CMS signs, jet fans, lighting and a fire detection system. Sensors monitor and control these devices via a PLC: gas detectors, visibility sensors, photometers, CCTV, fire indicator panel and fire manual call points. A UPS and a backup transformer support the systems power supply.</p><p>Houghton Highway ITS system consists of CMS signs, pavement lights, LUS (lane usage signal) units. These are controlled by a conflict-monitoring computer. Radars monitor traffic flow. Two UPSs and two generators support the systems power supply.</p><p>In these projects, I: Interpreted contractual documents to draft maintenance checklists. Prepared and submitted monthly maintenance reports. Scheduled reactive and preventative maintenance works procurement of </p><p>labour and resources. Referenced Australian Standards, maintenance manuals and project </p><p>drawings. I consulted with the client to diagnose faults and determine the best preventative and reactive maintenance strategies.</p><p> Managed quality, environment and safety by following RoadTeks standard methods.</p><p> Managed subcontractors works: scope, scheduling, cost, quality. Drafted and submitted quotations for works. I worked constructively with Electrical team leaders, electricians, project </p><p>and personnel managers to ensure a successful project.</p><p>Resume of James Drury Page 4 of 5 10 January 2017</p></li><li><p>Engineering Work Experiences (January 2009 December 2009) continued</p><p>Project Experience/Duties</p><p>Switchboards physical layout standard drawing</p><p>I worked with electrical team leaders to determine key problems with existing switchboard installations and suggested changes to Main Roads standard drawings to overcome these. I liaised with E&amp;T to deliver these changes.</p><p>Engineering Work Experiences (June 2007 December 2007)</p><p>Project Experience/Duties</p><p>Statewide Pilot Rate 3 Road Lighting Electrical Remedial Works</p><p>I performed design work on two assemblies used in this project, the GPO to slip pin converter and the street lighting junction box kit. I sought feedback from contractors using these assemblies and redesigned them to overcome problems encountered. A senior engineer verified my design and then I contacted manufacturers to arrange production.</p><p>I analysed Rate 3 road lighting audit data to judge its accuracy. For inaccuratedata, I sought other supplementary information. I submitted all information to a consultant for drafting an estimate and reviewed the consultants estimate with the assistance of a senior engineer.</p><p>Engineering Work Experiences (January 2007 June 2007)</p><p>Project Experience/Duties</p><p>Statewide Pilot Rate 3 Road Lighting Electrical Remedial Works</p><p>I performed road lighting circuit design and calculations; prepared tender documents, cost estimates and other necessary documentation, liaised with electrical supply authority.</p><p>Engineering Work Experiences (January 2006 January 2007)</p><p>Project Experience/Duties</p><p>Construction of Road Lighting (Mt. Lindesay Hwy, Calamvale).</p><p>I was involved in the preconstruction and construction stages. I performed the post-tender risk assessment and cost-benefit analysis of a design change. In construction, I played the role of superintendents representativeand filled in for the electrical site inspector while he was on leave.</p><p>Business Case for Gateway Motorway fibre communications link</p><p>Researched technology required for fibre communications; proposed fibre cable route &amp; jointing; negotiated with GUP (Gateway Upgrade Project) team to establish a network-sharing arrangement.</p><p>Business case Removal of Trees obstructing ITS infrastructure</p><p>Liaised with people from different engineering disciplines and with differentpriorities within the project: Environmental engineers valued trees' aesthetic, and cultural importance. Electrical Engineers focused on utilising ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) infrastructure. The perspectives of both parties were considered to achieve a good outcome.</p><p>Resume of James Drury Page 5 of 5 10 January 2017</p></li></ul>