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High School monthly publication for Reeds Spring High SChool

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    September Edition. Vol 2. Issue 2

    Coffee Craze! High schoolers love caffeine, so we reviewed some favorite local coffee shops!page 16

    Departments6. Recipes

    Healthy and affordable recipes!

    7. CraftsDo-It-Yourself projects

    8. SportsA look at school sports

    12. EntertainmentMovies, music, and hang out spots

    18. ReviewsStudent review of a local eatery

    22. Student LifeClubs, spirit, and insight on classmates

    26. GamesAnswers to August are on page 25

    28. FictionThe continuation of Memento Mori

    Get To KnowYour foreign exchange students, Judy

    (pictured above) and Evisa!

    page 24

    Hey! There are TWO hidden wolves

    on the cover; can you find them both?

    Cover picture is of Kent Morrison,

    owner of Classic Rock Coffee Co.

    Fall Fashionpage 20 Fashion trends for both boys and

    girls to follow, no matter what

    the occasion is!

    Video Game ReviewsReviews of some of the most popular games on the market.

    page 10

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    Lets Get Cooking!By Emily Gilderson

    MakesomethingquickandeasyANDkeepithealthy! Im sure the last thing on your mind this summer was eating healthy, but now that school has started it isnt a bad idea to start. Eating healthy doesnt have to be gross or so-called rabbit food; you can make a lot of your favorites healthy by switching ingredients with healthier ones or eating them in moderation. Also, healthy foods dont have to take forever to make either! You can make some in less than a minute. You shouldnt dread eating healthy; it should be a happy life-style you choose to keep yourself in the best conditions possible. School just started and youre not in the swing of things yet, right? But you should never skip a meal! Most high school students think that skipping break-fast is a quick-fix to buying them time in the morning and that the energy they end up missing out on is okay. Wrong! Heres a recipe for a quick, delicious breakfast that could also double as a snack that you can make yourself in a matter of Only a minute!LessThanaMinuteBreakfastPizza1 English Muffin, Sliced4 tbsp Pizza Sauce C Cheese(*EXTRAS* you can add deli ham and pineapple for more flavor!)Directions:1. Toast the muffin2. Spread 2 TBSP of sauce per muffin half3. Top with cheese (And Extras!)4. Microwave for 30 seconds or until cheese is meltedWashdownwith8ozoflow-fatmilkor100%juiceforevenmorenutrition!NutritionalFacts:225 Calories5.5 g Total Fat3 g Saturated Fat30 g Carbs2.5 g Dietary Fiber12 g Protein*Good source of Calcium, Iron, and Potassium! Coffee is a very popular drink with the students in high school! At any time, you can see people carrying a vari-ety of different coffee cups. A lot of teens like cold coffee drinks or iced coffees. Instead of paying up to $5 for a standard 16 oz cup, you can make your very own for under $0.50! Heres howIcedMochaJava

    8 oz Low-Fat Chocolate Milk OR Soy6 oz Strong Brewed Coffee, Cooled5-6 Ice CubesDirections:Place milk, coffee, and ice cubes in blender; Process until well-blended, icy, and thick.*No blender? Place ice cubes in a tall, 20 oz, glass; pour milk and coffee over ice and stir until well-blended.NutritionalFacts:160 Calories4 g Total Fat1.5 g Saturated Fat10 mg Cholesterol150 mg Sodium26 g Carbs8 g Protein*Excellent source of Calcium (30% Daily Value)Compareto:16 oz Mocha Frappe @ Starbucks 480 Cals16 oz Mocha Cooler 410 Cals16 oz Mocha Frappe @ McDonalds $1.09 +taxCoffeeFacts!Did you know that coffee is made up of caffeine, antioxidants, and minerals? Drinking coffee can reduce your risks of developing type 2 diabetes, Parkinsons disease, colon cancer, and gallstones. Also, coffee can stop headaches and enhance athletic performance. However, too much caffeine can cause sleep dis-turbance, nervousness, hand trembling, rapid heartbeat, and an increase in blood pressure. Drink coffee in moderation and get all the benefits and avoid the negatives by keeping your daily intake to about three regular cups of coffee a day. Having a simple recipe to a delicious meal would be fantastic, right? Even the most inexperienced cook can make this 4-ingredient recipe for a home-made tortilla. This recipe might take a

    little longer than a microwave burrito but it is definitely worth it!HomemadeTortillas3 C Flour1/3 C Vegetable Oil1 C Warm Water1 tsp SaltDirections:Mix all four ingredients in a bowl until doughy. Roll balls of dough out into a tortilla-like shape on a floury surface. Cook on a skillet, medium heat, until golden on both sides. Voil!NutritionalFacts:144 Calories4 g Total Fat1 g Saturated Fat293 g Sodium24 g Carbs4 g Protein*6% Calcium and 9% Iron (% Daily Value)TryThis!Everybody knows tortillas are a main ingredient in quesadillas. With just a few extra minutes and a few more ingredients you can make freshly made tortillas for a quesadilla of your own! By adding some cheese and some meat you can have a masterpiece, and heres how! On the skil-let you just used to cook your tortillas, put just enough vegetable oil on the skillet to lightly cover the bottom. Next, put your tortilla in the skillet and add your cheese onto to half of the tortilla. (If you want to add chicken or beef, cook that before-hand and add with your cheese.) Fold over the half of the tortilla that does not have the cheese, making a sort of pocket or half circled shape. Cook on this side until you can lift up the half on the side nearest the burner and it is golden brown. Then, flip. Repeat these steps for more quesadillas! Also, the unused tortillas can be stored in a Ziploc baggie and put in the refrigerator until desired use.

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    If youve been on the internet, watched your favorite talk shows or read the news, youve probably seen some-thing about the phenomena known as DIY, Do-It-Yourself. This article is dedi-cated to the DIY projects that students can easily manage and are easy on the wallet! -TransferringaPhototoaWoodenSlabMaterials:-Wooden Slab-Photo-Mod Podge Antique Matte-Gel Medium (Liquitex Acrylic Matte Gel 8 Fl. Oz.)Process:1. First things first; cover the wooden block with the gel medium to prep it for the photo2. Place the photo youve chosen upside down on the wooden block3. Smooth out all the bubbles on the photo (I recommend using a credit card)4. Let it dry overnight5. The next day wet the photo on the wooden block and gently rub the wet paper off6. Clean all of the paper residue off7. Cover the wooden block with Mod Podge and let dry!Voila! Youve got a trendy piece to display anywhere in your home!This next project is for the ladies! (Guys, you can try it if you really want to.)

    -HomemadeFacialsBranScruffinMaterials:-1 Tbsp plain yogurt-1 Ts browers yeast-1 Ts finely ground bran-1 Ts sugarOilofOleMaterials:-2 Tbsp of fresh avocado, smashed-1 Ts honey-1 Ts full-fat plain yogurt-Green Tea

    - Ts lemon juiceJust mix the set of ingredients together and apply to your face! These all-natural mixtures are much better than anything you could buy from the store.

    -CustomizedCoffeeMug All you need for this one is a plain coffee mug (preferably white), a sharpie and an oven! Simply write a personalized message on the mug with sharpie and pop it in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

    -MagneticWallThis project requires a little more from your wallet (and even some tools!) but the end product is worth it.Materials:-One custom sheet of metal-Nails-Hammer-Cardboard-Anything mag-netic you care to stick on the wall!Process:1. Make holes in the sheet metal. Lay the metal on top of the cardboard. Take a nail and hammer it into the sheet metal until youve created a hole. Repeat this on the corners and every few feet along the edges.2. Have your friend or parent hold the sheet metal up to the wall and starting at the bottom put a nail into each hole until it is snug against the wall. Move up the wall making sure you arent getting any gaps or holes between the sheet metal and the wall3. Add all the magnetic things you have to the wall!

    -ClothespinHerbPlantersMaterials:-One 5 Oz. Tuna Can-21 clothespins-Dark Walnut Stain Marker-Oil-Rubbed Bronze Spray PaintProcess:1. First, take each clothespin apart. This way you can get the stain easily in the nooks

    and crannies. It also avoids staining the silver spring2. Color! Stain each clothespin3. Put all the clothespins back together.4. Let the clothespins dry for a few hours5. Coat the tuna can in the oil-rubbed bronze spray paint6. Clip the clothespins on the tuna can so that they are touching on the INSIDE (This will keep them evenly spaced on the outside)7. Plant your herbs in the tuna can!(If you dont want to put herbs in the cans, you can use them as candle hold-ers!)

    -TieDyeDenimMaterials:-A pair of white jeans-RIT Dye (in any colors you would like)

    -Foam brushProcess:1. Follow the steps on the RIT dye package to create your dye baths. (I recom-mend only making half of the dye simply because you wont need it all and it makes the project more manageable.)2. Use your sponge brush to paint strokes on the front side of the denim. Be sure to start with the light-est color.3. Next brush on the next lightest color4. Paint on the darkest shade. Continue with this

    until youve used all desired colors.5. Once the front side of the denim is completely dry, flip the denim over and repeat steps 2-4 for the back side. Be sure to paint on seams! Connect the strokes from the front to the back for a smooth transition. 6. Let dry If you mix the Mod Podge you purchased for the wooden slab project with glitter, you can glitter-ize anything you desire! You can spice up the keys on your lanyard to distinguish your house key from the post box office key or even paint some glitter on that photo f