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Reeds Spring High School Publication

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  • 5BEHIND THE SCENESLead Editor:

    Ann Temple

    Graphic Editor:Megan Strayer

    Photographer:Chancler McClelland

    Writers:Courtney Bullis

    Taylor ChambersWyatt Cooper

    Aisha EbyMatt Gilderson

    Alley GrantMisti Higginbotham

    Hannah PhalenPaige Pritchard

    Aaron SampsonAnn Temple

    Lauren WeathersCindy Wenk

    Danielle WhitworthAbby Williams

    Stone Woodward

    Sponsors:Mr. Matt LockeMr. Bob Lynch

    Letter From the Editors: Stress is our reaction to what we cannot con-trol, or even what we can control. We cannot control whether or not that person, or that group of people, likes us. We cant control whats going to be on that big final exam. We cant control other peoples opinions or actions. What we can control is ourselves: our attitudes, our perspectives, and our effort. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. When you get rejected by that person, or that friend group, remind yourself that you are more than peoples opinions. When you get a bad grade on a test, know that you studied and tried your best. When that guy or girl starts a rumor about you, brush it off. You are more than just what people think of you. In this point in our lives, others opinions of us are important. It feels good to be accepted and loved by others. When you get pushed away or judged, it hurts. However, something more important than oth-ers opinions is your own opinion of yourself. Good self-esteem is what will help drive you as you get older. If you are confident in yourself, you will be more likely to do braver things. To step outside your comfort zone during that interview to leave that com-pany wanting you back. To go the extra mile during that presentation to put you ahead of the rest of your class. To give everything 110%, and leave knowing you gave it your all.Ones dignity may be assaulted, vandalized, and cru-elly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless it is surrendered. Michael J. Fox

    We would also like to give a special thanks to Mr. Lynch, who is leaving us this year. It has been a good four years, and you will be greatly missed. Best of wishes to you and all your endeavors.

    -Megan & Ann


    to-do lists Many of us procrastinate, and sometimes we dont even know or care until it is the day before we need to have something finished. It usually comes back around to bite us in the butt, and causes a ton of stress and rushing. Its important that we know what our priorities are and what is most important in our daily tasks. Learning how to be productive and get things done sufficiently now will help us later in life. For those of you who arent the best at getting things done, here are some things that might help you create a more progressive and less stressful to-do list.

    Know what is most important! When making a to-do list, think about what you need to get done first, and what can wait until later. This way you are tackling what really needs to be taken care of first and dealing with the smaller tasks later on, and this also helps your day become more spaced out. As you get the bigger tasks out of the way, the less stress you will feel as you get more toward getting the least important tasks done.

    Be productive and know how much you can handle. Dont make your-self a crammed full list of things to do. Try keeping your to-do list under a page. This way you are more organized and arent

    repeatedly going through errands you need to get done and things you need to have turned in for the week. This can be tough because it is so easy for us to just list out everything we need to do for the next month or even longer. But it can help a lot to keep yourself under weekly to-do lists, and know what needs to be done more recently as opposed to what needs to be done months from now. Another option could be to make two lists; one of short term to-dos, and one of long terms. And you could even create a today list daily. This way you are pacing yourself, and if you finish all the tasks on your to-day list with time to spare, then you can add more tasks. Always remember that it is important to keep time for you as well. Dont cram your day so full of errands to the point that you are drained, because odds are you have more to do tomorrow. Plan everything out so you will have a least a little relaxation time for the end of your long day. Keep realistic standards. Dont put too much pressure on yourself. Know how much you can handle, and dont expect yourself to get an impossible amount of things done. Making a to-do list that has so many tasks that your day will be constantly running isnt healthy. This will stress you out. Getting things done should be productive and relieving.

    Get in the zone, and get pre-pared for getting things done. Dont wake up in the morning rushing around to get started. Taking your time in the morning, even if this means waking up a little ear-lier, will help your day to be much more relaxing and productive. Many of us make the mistake of getting that extra five min-utes of sleep that leads to rushing out the door, leaving a healthy routine out of place. Giving yourself enough time in the morning to actually get ready for the day helps a lot more than you would think; give yourself enough time to shower, get dressed, and eat (or whatever it is you like to do to prepare yourself for the day). Taking your morning at an average pace instead of rushing will help your body feel more awake, and will help you have more energy throughout the day.

    Being productive is important, and sometimes it can be hard when we just arent feeling it, but its important that you keep in mind what the outcomes may be if you do not get things done. Re-membering all the things you need to get done, especially in school, can be tough; so just try keeping ato-do list using these tips. You never know, it may help more than you think.

    courtney bullis


    april fools Doesnt it seem crazy that people can celebrate an annual tradition of jokes and pranking worldwide, yet when someone tells a simple joke its never heard of again? With this being said, what kind of person would make a joke/prank so huge that it would start a worldwide trend for many gen-erations to come? Do you ever think about the interesting history behind April Fools Day? This is one of the most light-hearted days of the year. Many people see this day differently. Some see it as a celebration of the seasons changing, while some just see it as celebration and a day to adjust to the changes of a new calendar coming up. Back in the day, people celebrated April Fools Day at different times of the year. Some celebrated it in January, February, or even March. April 1st was originally the celebra-tion of New Years Day. It has also been said that when people changed the days around and made New Years Day on January 1st, and made April Fools Day on April 1st, some people didnt get the memo; those who did mocked the people who still practiced the old traditions.

    There is a lot more to this day than just pulling pranks and having a laugh. These past few generations werent the first to celebrate this day, and we sure wont be the last. The ancient Romans had a day of jokes called Festival of Hilaria. In ancient Rome, the festival of Hilaria was held to celebrate the Vernal Equinox and honor the Anatolian Earth Goddess. This day was also called Roman Laughing Day. Obviously, the U.S isnt the only country that celebrates

    this day of events. Some other countries that do are: France, Scotland, Iran, Spain, Portugal, India, and Denmark. Each of them have their own twist on how they celebrate.

    Now, its time to get to the good part. After interviewing a few people, Ive gotten some pretty good feedback on the subject. Most people enjoy pulling pranks on others because they get a kick out of it, while others hate it because they just dont enjoy the holiday. Some people that I inter-viewed are Julia Grant, Rylee Olson, and Katelyn White.

    While asking Julia how she felt about the holiday, she had one simple an-swer. This answer was, I dont like April Fools Day. The reason is because the per-son you are dating could break up with you for the day, but you dont know if theyre be-ing serious or just all around pulling a prank. I also dont think that the day has that much meaning to it. Whats the point of having a day where everyone just makes jokes? We can do that any day and not have a specific day to celebrate.

    While asking Rylee what she felt about the day, her answer varied. She said, I enjoy the holiday, but I usually dont cele-brate it. I mean, its fun watching people pull pranks on other people and its fun watching people make fools of themselves. I wouldnt celebrate it, only because Im not into that kind of stuff.

    While asking Katelyn how she felt about the day, she had one answer and

    one simple answer only. I love this day. This is my day to be mean to people and pull pranks. Laughing on a regular basis is normal, but on this day its all around just a bunch of fun. I have such a blast playing pranks on my friends and watching people pull pranks on others. Lets be honest, I would do this on a daily basis, but on this day I have an actual excuse to prank some-one.

    Although pulling pranks on people can seem all fun and innocent, there are some people out there that have gone a lit-tle over the edge. One high school student from Hollister decided to call his sister at 6 p.m. one night and woke h