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Catalogue for Red House Yonder's first event in April 2012

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  • A work of Ar t wi l l be t rue to l i fe

    when i t s ex istence, i ts very form embodies the t ruth

    of the ar t is t s l i fe. (Gaicomett i )

    In the l ine, the texture, the pa int , the graf f i t i o f c i ty wal ls, a story unfo lds.

    Somet imes a f leet ing g l impse, somet imes a t race memory - mani fest ing what needs to be sa id;

    to be made v is ib le.

    Each of the Art is ts inc luded in th is show areinst inct ive ly drawn to story te l l ing, ch i ld- l ike ar t ; carefu l ly

    observed, carefu l ly considered.

    Thei r work has a d ist inct drawing qual i ty and painter l iness,which has someth ing endur ing to say about be ing human.

    Welcome to the Red House Yonder.

  • Sounds interest ing? Come jo in us.I f you are an ar t is t , creat ive, col lector; someone who bel ieves

    in ar t and creat iv i ty.

    Contact us:in

    Vis i t our websi te: ht tp//

  • P E T E R T E M P L E T O N Art allows me to go anywhere, to any place where my imagination wants to go; to delight in finding the ways of expressing it.

    Girl With Red Hair: Mixed media 95 x 75cm

  • P E T E R T E M P L E T O N

    Geisha Girl: Oil on board 80 x 50cm

    My Family: Ink on paper 65 x 52cm

    My Family: Oil on canvas 153 x 123cm

    Nude From Back: Archival pigment print 46 x 36cm

    Encounter: Oil on canvas 80 x 60cm

  • T O N Y S M I T H It was Tony who showed me what it really meant to be an understand the importance of learning the skills of draughtsmanship andcareful be explore inner landscapes Peter Templeton. This event is a dedication to his memory.

    Incident in Rue Ancienne Ville 1984: Oil on canvas 125cm x 95cm

    Raindrops: Acrylic on paper 48 x 42cm

    On Dragon Hill: Acrylic on paper 53 x 53cm

    Rocks: Acrylic on paper 53 x 53cm

  • T O N Y S M I T H

    Fragile World: Acrylic on paper 48 x 42cm

    The Partnership Between The Sweep And The Intellectual:Oil on canvas 123 x 109cm

    A Moving Field: Acrylic on paper 53 x 53cm

  • G A B R I E L G R A N A D O S Painting is an excuse to delve further into colour in all its magnitude, from the simple pictorial effect to the repercussions in human natures mood.

    Sherry: Acrylic on wood 122 x 83cm

    Love Over Death:Acrylic on wood 122 x 90cm

    Object: Acrylic on wood 122 x 83cm

  • G A B R I E L G R A N A D O S

    Zippo: Acrylic on wood 122 x 83cm Behind The Great Man: Acrylic on wood 122 x 83cm

    Pears, Kakis & Bananas: Acrylic on wood 122 x 83cm

    Chakras: Acrylic on canvas 195 x 90cm

    Flying Line: Acrylic on canvas 165 x 85cm

  • C H E N J I A N G H O N G His work emphatically asserts his identity, revealing the contours of an internal map of what it means to be at thecrossroads between the East and West.

    Man On Edge: Oil on canvas 125 x 100cm

  • C H E N J I A N G H O N G

    Man Bowing To Lotus: Oil on canvas 130 x 100cm

    Hidden Hand: Oil on canvas 90 x 73cm

    Rear End: Oil on canvas 120 x 90cm

    Leaping Horse: Oil on canvas 120 x 120cm

  • S A M B A S S E T T My work is a document, one of every day, maybe the happenings that many dont think twice about.Some become narratives, as they invite you in to read the story behind them, while others dont need such literal displays of storytelling.

    All I Want To Do Is Sleep: Mixed media 110 x 110cm

    You Tell Him: Mixed media 110 x 110cm

  • S A M B A S S E T T

    Alone: Mixed media 110 x 100cm

    Betty And Jesus: Mixed media 90 x 90cm

    Sam Bassett: Mixed media 90 x 90cm

  • L I Z H O U G H With my art I like to move, travel and make pathways, using a framework of landscape explorations, drawing directly from nature, extractingmotifs, the creative process brings to the surface old ideas and new.

    Are We Nearly There Yet: Oil on linen 100 x 60cm

  • L I Z H O U G H

    Durgan Trees: Oil on canvas 60 x 60cm

    Red: Oil on linen 110 x 110cm

    The Seeds Are Coming: Oil on canvas 110 x 80cm

    Silver Birch: Oil on canvas 130 x 130cm

    Porthmeor: Oil on canvas 105 x 40cm