Recommendation From Terry Smith, Art Director at Terry Smith Creations and EA

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  • March 30, 2011

    To whom it may concern:

    I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Nadia Mogilev. As president and founder of

    Terry Smith Creations as well as an art director for Electronic Arts, I have worked in the creative field for

    the last 35 years. I have hired and worked with hundreds of concept artist over my career on projects

    that include film & television, video games, sports franchises, toys, etc. I pride myself on selecting and

    working with the best creative talent in the business. Nadias skill set fits in that description. She is a

    very talented painter who is very dedicated to her craft. I have used her often to provide character

    concept work, however she is equally adept at producing quality environment and object conceptual

    designs. Nadia is a very detail oriented and conscientious artist with terrific range. She has a wonderful

    sense of creativity which is great for fantasy concept work and yet when reality is required she is

    fantastic at referencing historical facts and information to create stunning conceptual pieces that

    elegantly solve the visual problem at hand.

    Artistically talented as she is; Nadias personality is her strength. Warm, charismatic and a complete and

    total team player, she is a joy to work with and have as an integral part of any creative team. I highly

    recommend her for consideration to anyone in need of a first rate concept artist.


    Terry Smith


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