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    Conditions on Saturday were as bad as they could beand snow sculptors stuggled with temps in the 40s. Adramatic drop overnight resulted in near perfect condi-tions and Monument Square is addorned with beautifulart pieces. See them while they last!

    From tragedy to triumph

  • Febuary 1-15, 2013 2COMMUNICATOR NEWS

  • Its interesting how people so often attack themessenger in hopes of distracting from the mes-sage. Alderman Greg Helding has chosen thisroute instead of addressing the very real con-cerns of Racine citizens relating to probable bid-

    riggingthat hastakenplace in theawardingof citycontracts.Ratherthan re-

    sponding to those concerns, Helding has at-tacked me for bringing those concerns forward.He has besmirched my judgment and my charac-ter in his attempt to distract from the message.But Helding himself has shown terrible judg-ment on matters affecting the citizens of Racine.He was one of the leaders of the attempt to

    break the contract that the city had negotiatedwith city workers. Michael Shields and I werethe only two on the city council who advised theother members that breaking that contract wouldnot only be a serious breach of faith, but wouldnever be allowed by the court. This was proventrue, just as Alderman Shields and I warned thatit would be.

    Mr. Helding has also been strongly supportiveof the efforts by some to close down minorityowned taverns in a manner that is provably dis-criminatory and which has exposed the city (and

    thus the taxpayers) to serious legal repercussionsthat could literally cost millions of dollars.Now, instead of acknowledging that there wereirregularities in the bidding process for the man-agement of CAR-25, and encouraging an openand honest bidding process to take place, he haschosen the completely irrational tactic of de-funding the channel completely. There are many citizens who rely on CAR-25 forinformation or as an outlet for their creative tal-ents. One purpose that it is used for, that is ofparticular concern to me is the church servicebroadcasts that serve the Black community. IfCAR-25 were to discontinue, as must be Mr.Heldings plan when he calls for de-funding thechannel, it would mean that those who dependon that ministry will be left out in the cold.No, Mr. Helding is in no position to question thejudgment or the character of anyone else, he hasfar too many skeletons in his own closet.

    It really doesnt matter to me that a person whohas displayed his lack of judgment and characterwould attack me personally. All of the chargesthat have been made against me, that he so hap-pily recounts in public, will be addressed in thecourt, and I have every confidence that in theend, little or nothing will come of them. What isunfortunate about his injecting himself into thediscussion of citizens concerns about bid-riggingis that he chooses to divert attention from a veryreal problem rather than seriously addressing it.I fully expect that this will prove to be yet an-other example of his failure as a public servant.


    Its About


    Febuary 1-15, 2013 3COMMUNICATOR NEWS

    By Heather L. PremoNow, since the falling of the

    empty building on the 1600block of Washington Ave. thatwas taking up precious gardenspace (hint, hint), there has beena delight of noises and such, likethe fence being put up to blockany drunkard from falling liter-ally off the street.

    In the process of this, while atractor was backing up andheaded toward the back, he man-aged to push one of the barrelsinto the middle of the only rightside lane left after this whole or-deal. It remained there for 25minutes before one of the work-ers finally noticed it and moveditnback over so that traffic couldsafely pass.

    In the time of 25 minutes,umpteen cars passed having todrive around the barrel and ei-

    ther driving into the left lane orholding up traffic. One of theworkers actually walked passedthe dang barrel in the middle ofthe street 5 times and then gotinto the truck, looked backpassed the barrel and passed ityet again as he went down thestreet.

    In addition to that, two policeofficers went around the barrelthemselves. Did they stop youwonder? NOPE, they just kepton going. How is this possible?Are we so diluted in our thinkingeach and every day that some-thing so obvious totally escapesus? Or is it that we are just tooself-absorbed to give a damn?That is the million dollar ques-tion (that will not pay me adime).

    Roll Out The Barrel

  • THE AMAZON RAIN FOREST: Com-monly referred to as the lungs of theplanet due to its role in purifyingvast quantities of oxygen, it now hasa dry cough due to severe droughtsin 2005 and 2010. The National Acad-emy of Science is concerned aboutmeasurable long term effects whichthey attribute to global climatechange. But dont worry, authoritieslike Rush Limbaugh know more thanthese science geeks and he says itsall a hoax. Cough

    THE SOUTH PACIFIC: Hey, a newmass of plastic garbage has beendiscovered, this one is swirling in theSouth Pacific near Easter Island. Aus-tralian researchers have said that ifhumans stopped putting plastic into

    the oceans, theres so much alreadyin them that these swirling masseswould continue to accumulate andgrow for hundreds of years. Prettyamazing, we havent even been mak-ing plastics for 100 years. Yep, Earth

    was fun while it lasted.

    WASHINGTON D.C.: The Busi-ness Roundtable, comprisedof more than 200 chief execu-tives and some of the nationswealthiest individuals, is lob-bying Congress for deep cutsin Social Security and privatiz-ing Medicare. Im sure theyhave our best interests atheart. Pass the Meow Mix.

    WEST BANK OF PALESTINE:Palestinians have camped out

    on some of their own territory (whichIsraeli settlers have been encroach-ing on) and attempting a peacefulhold on it. Israeli Prime MinisterBibi Netanyahu, deployed soldiers

    to maintain security in the area. Asimilar hilltop protest was raided bysoldiers just days before and severalprotesters were injured. Yep weregetting our moneys worth for our for-eign aid there arent we. Racinescontribution? Over a million bucks ayear.

    JAPAN: How about a bit of goodnews? Japan has put 47 nuclear re-actors into long term shutdownclassification. Meanwhile, Mitsubishiannounces they are investing $770million in off shore wind farms togenerate electricity. Theyll still haveto turn the lights out when they leavethe room though, the wind farms willgenerate electricity equivalent to twoaverage nuclear plants.


    Febuary 1-15, 2013 4COMMUNICATOR NEWS

    Reviving the Dream Through Education was the theme of the 19th annual Dr. MartinLuther King, Jr., celebration which was held earlier this afternoon at the MadrigranoAuditorium at Gateway Technical College. The room was packed with supporters,award winners, and their families.The celebration started out with a video entitled, Martin, Can You Hear Us?, sung byElaine Biggs, courtesy of YouTube. The words repeated, Martin, can you hear us cry-ing? Can you hear us now?Jacqueline Morris, chair of this years committee, then made the introductory remarkthat they were happy to honor Dr. King on President Obamas second inauguration day.Today is the observance of Dr. Kings birthday, and this is Gateways 19th annual cele-bration.Another video with the title theme was then shown, featuring the four 2013 Humanitar-ian Award winners, DaZhan Wilderson, from Racine, Trevor Foster, from Bristol, JamyKoepke, from Salem, and Jo Wynn, from Kenosha. Wynn said, Dr. King stood for ed-ucation for all, all races, all creeds. Education empowers people. We can all go for thesame goal, she said. Dr. King just wanted to do Gods will. Education was the keyto knowledge, success. That was his legacy, and I am living the same dream. Aca-demic achievement is the key to success. If Dr. King were alive today, I hope that hedbe proud.Bryan Albrecht, president of Gateway Technical College (GTC), then said that Fostersfamily was present and that Foster himself was attending the inauguration. He statedthat he was proud that Gateway was a resource for the community. He also recognizedthe numerous elected officials in the audience, including Senator Bob Wirch, StateRepresentatives Peter Barca and Tod Ohnstad, Alderperson Anthony Kennedy, andChief of Police John Morrissey. He also recognized Michele Hancock, superintendentof the Kenosha Unified School District (KUSD), and Lorna Floyd, president of theTechnical College System.Zina Haywood, executive vice president/provost of the college, quoted the Bible, andprovided inspiration. The Bible says, Prayer is the key and faith unlocks the door.The realization of Martin Luther Kings dream is success, and eduation unlocks thedoor. She also said that education is to success as air is to breathing, and breathing isto life.

    Gateway Holds 16th Annual Dr. Kings Day CelebrationDaZahn Wilkerson, Racine, Jo Wynn, Kenosha; Jamy Koepke, Salem; andLisa Albrecht presenting the Humanitarian Award to Kristin Foster, Trevor Fos-ters mother, of Bristol; were selected as recipients of the 2013 Gateway Tech-nical College Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award. /Photo Courtesyof Lee Colony.


    Jo Wynn

    Koepke Foster

  • The weather was not conducive to long marches or oratories at the 17th

    annual laying of the wreath, which has become the traditional opening to

    the events that unfold around Martin Luther King, Jrs birthday. Estimates

    ranged as high as 300 hundred people in attendance, most of whom had

    walked from the King Neighborhood Center to the King Statue. It was a re-

    markable turnout on such a wintry day and