Quick Bytes eZine by Seagate – June 2015

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  1. 1. June 2015 QuickBytes The latest news bits from Seagate Storage for Your Style Jetsetter. Family Historian. Gamer. Your style is unique, and so is the way you use your digital devices. However you live your digital life, Seagate storage solutions help you share, stream and back it up. Travel with more capacity, protect more family memories or store more Xbox One games. Its your styleaccessorize it with Seagate.
  2. 2. Stay connected with us at: 2015 Seagate Technology LLC. All rights reserved./Seagate/Seagate JETSETTER Take the World with You You pack light, but that doesnt mean you have to leave your digital library at home. With Seagate Wireless mobile storage, you can add 500GB of music, movies and photos and access them from your mobile device. Seagate Wireless even creates its own Wi-Fi network, so it doesnt need Internet orcables. FAMILY HISTORIAN Keep Your Yesterdays Forever Its a tough job to curate your familys history when selfies, group photos, videos and documents are stored on a bunch of devices. Back up and safeguard them all with the Seagate Backup Plus Slim portable drive. Its perfectly sized to take on the go and to store generations worth ofmilestones. GAMER Keep Your Games Moving You may be fearless on the field of battle, but a filled up Xbox One hard drive will rattle you to the core. With 2TBenough to store 50 games the Seagate Expansion external drive keeps the Xbox One play going. Its also compact enough to go with you to your friends house.