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Presentation at symposium For Real, Maastricht University, 1.10.10

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  • 1.MAD Phd Cultural Studies/KULeuven Research coordinator Social Spaces

2. Social Spaces Deals with:Public spaceSocial mediaSocial design 3. Public space very concrete context you do not just put a work there you create a dialogue with various stakeholders + context social spaces: allow all stakeholders to participate in expert (architecture, policy, art, design,... ) creation of public space (social design) 4. Problem situation: public space media media mediate between people and public space tension: passive intuitive use vs autonomy question for lot of media artists, designers, developers today how to reconfigure this relation into an active/participatory relation via creative work case studies + own work Images IBM, Touch 5. First criterium for creating active participation = hybrid objects/mediaobservation = hybrid objects/media (vs slick, finished objects) encourage participation by other perspectives before, during, after point of showing art work in public spacesituated in realm of collaboration, not perspective of users or expertsImage Yanki Lee 6. Hybrid objects role of hybridity inobjects is of greatimportance forparticipation enabling differentconversations,addressing and notignoring tension media-public space Image Ideo 7. Hybrid objects every object has potential tobecome hybrid 8. Second criterium for creating active participation = long creation processesBlast Theory, Uncle Roy all around you3 years to produce a game, work with different stakeholdersdiscovery of hybrid objects/media that workUncle Roy All Around You is a game played online in avirtual city and on the streets of an actual city. OnlinePlayers and Street Players collaborate to find UncleRoy's office before being invited to make a year longcommitment to a total stranger.Communication online- street: GPS => video=> self-reported positioning, playerregains autonomyImages Blast Theory 9. Third criterium for creating active participation = co-creation & prototypingGOforITobservations youth culturesports hall full of gamesImage Patching Zone 10. GOforIT low tech prototypes Tic-tac-toe: folk game 11. GOforIT final installation: hybrid site specific and larger folk culture problematics of sustainability of media works Image Patching Zone 12. Fourth criterium: to provide afterlife, reveal and share source code GRL dialogue with current infrastructure media becomes tool to express one self in public space by sharing codes, people can do it theirselves! long life span in various hybrid manifestions... Image GRL 13. Eyewriter GRL interesting, because every output they create is prototype and input for new ideas durational art (O'Neill) produces work that keeps on generating social interactions after the artist has left the project site GRL: It is a low-cost eye-tracking apparatus & custom software that allows graffiti writers and artists with paralysis resulting from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis to draw using only their eyes Image GRL 14. Social Spaces durational art/design role artistic/design research group in public space Hybride stadobservation via different perspectivesdisclosing data heritageencouraging people to build in it, remix media (stories, real life, illustrations)now new project on stories c-mineDrawing Moritz Ebinger 15. Challenge media creators working in public space? strengthening knowledge role mediawork in public space +understanding quality of hybridobjects for participation media that are 'honest'about tensions they createbetween people - publicenvironment prototype open source code to create hybrid objects experimentwith length of creationprocesses co-creating withstakeholders 16. Contact