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  • 1. Professional Athlete By: Sean Cullen

2. Basic Tasks Competes in games or matches Practices in drills or scrimmages Physical fitness - Weightlifting - Running - Other Activities 3. Education Dont need education Might need a backup plan after retire Could go into any education for backup Get education anywhere- Division 1 to go professional 4. Salary At start athletes make $20,000 to $90,000 - Elite/ all-stars make more - In the U.S.A Earnings depend of skill of athlete- Also make more if sport is popular Some do additional jobs for more income Does not depend on what state Italys range is $80,000 to $180,000 5. Advanced Positioning After being professional you could coach - A professional team - A college team or little league - In the U.S.A and other countries Something involving sports Doesnt matter what state Some athletes go into telecasting- Sports Center 6. Job Outlook When retired could be a professional trainer Could work at private golf clubs- Providing golf lessons Find jobs related to sports This job will be around awhile 7. Professional AthleteBestJobInTheWorld!