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PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY AND EDITING: The name of the process gives a basic idea of what the service involved in Product image clipping services. This refers to isolating the image of the product from the unflattering background it rests on. In this era when people are warming towards the idea of online shopping whatever let it be for; clothes, shoes, cars, accessories, houses, you name it and it is being sold online. Unlike a direct shopping experience where the buyers can hold, touch and feel the object they are about to buy, the online buyers have to be make their decision by looking at the image on the website. Since images are the only source through which the clients can be lured into making a positive decision, the websites in turn should invest time and energy to make sure the images are perfect in all aspects. At Photo Editing India, extreme care is given to each image. The artists here let the image unravel itself by making changes in the background, by adding or lessening the brightness, contrast and such. Each image is an entity by itself and the technicians are aware that there is no one method that can be used to bring out the innate beauty of the image. Hence no tool is used directly on any image unless the tool can aid in making the image better and in no way harm the originality and versatility of the product. We at Photo Editing India do not believe in machines/softwares being able to replicate what the artists can. But we use the modern tool to help us process the images better. Each image is scrutinized by the experts and product image clipping services are employed. Product Photo clipping is a must in this era of online shopping and Photo Editing India ensures that your product will look perfect once it has been through the expert hands of our technicians. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation




Pictures, paintings, drawings, sketches, Photographs, images, graphics and the like are so widely used and powers for a reason. It has for long been proved without doubt are very powerful tools that influence and leave a mark on our minds. Not surprising is it? Given that the sense of vision by far outweighs and out shadows all the other senses. Very few senses compete in isolation or otherwise. The only rival would be the potent combination is the sense of vision combined with the sense of hearing.

Gence the audio visual medium is probably the most powerful and among the largest influencers, whether we realize it or not. It has been so taken for granted, that we stopped and failed to appreciate the large degree that audio visual and visual mediums affect and influence us and our choices.

Artists, sociologists, scientist and the like have for ever known and have not the relevance pass and fade on them. The other breed that has for ever known and have never let themselves the importance and the significance of the audio visual and the visual mediums are the marketing professionals. They would flog themselves the day they undermined and failed appreciate the powers of the sense of vision.

Natural then for them to focus and perfect their craft around tantalizing and seducing the sense of vision. From time immemorial this is being done, hence we see pieces of art that were the cult of its times, pieces of art that have found their dwelling in the classics sections of museums and galleries and most importantly deeply imprinted in millions and millions of minds. Would you brave a guess on how many recognize and evangelize the beauty of a Mona Lisa or a David and how few among them have ever laid eyes on the original piece of art.

Advertisers, sellers are aware of this impact and have scientifically researched and perfected the art of creating maximum impact on the minds of the audience who are a potential buyer, if not today tomorrow.Add to this melli the huge amount of time we today spend on the internet online either through our Desktop PCs (ye few of us dinosaurs are still around), Laptops, pads, tablets, phones and whatever else. It is only natural that marketers and sellers are flooding the internet to get out attention and imprint their brands, products, services in our minds.Little wonder then that photography and pictures are of ever growing importance, and the field of photography is specializing. Photographers choosing to shoot pictures of a particular kind and then go on to become experts. One such growing tribe is the product photographers. They shoot products in a way that the product looks its attractive best and communicates to its audience not only the aesthetic beauty in way of design, color texture and so on but also communicates the utility of the product and creates in the viewer an aspiration and associated wellbeing. The whole field of photography and imaging has progressed and taken big steps both in the process of shoots and in terms of equipment and in post shoot image editing and enhancement.

In product photography one of the critical cogs is that of IMAGE CLIPPING SERVICES which has many components the two more complex and critical ones are the IMAGE CLIPPING PATH SERVICES and PHOTO MASKING SERVICES. In image clipping path, the path of or the outline of the object (which would be the product and at times could be a person showcasing the product) is drawn and clipped and removed. On this enhancement techniques are used to ensure that the object is highlighted and converted to its attractive best. After the clipping path service the object is place backed on a further modified at timed cropped back ground to ensure a perfect frame where the background compliments and aids to ensure that the object is prime and communicates effectively to the audience. Photo masking is done after the image is clipped and removed, it can be a very complex process, where in the image is embellished with different masking techniques, the masking techniques used ensure that the edges of the clipped image are smoothened. This technique is used to rectify the flaws in the RAW image and to smoothen the edges and flaws. Hence these two are not only critical but also complementary processes. This contributes in making a picture perfect.

The contribution of artists working on images in the post shoot stage is huge in the overall endeavor of creating visual images to leave a lasting impact on the audience and make them a potential buyer of the product or service.

A little while back we had articulated the importance of PRODUCT IMAGE CLIPPING SERVICES and specifically of Clipping path and photo masking. As important these two are there another two that are equally critical and important to ensure that the image is perfect, they are BACKGROUND REMOVAL SERVICES and IMAGE TRACING SERVICES. What do these services achieve? How do they contribute to, in the overall scheme of improving and perfecting a product image? Why do Product Photographers and photo enhancement technicians need them?

There is no debate in the overall need and importance of photo editing in the field of product photography. The ultimate aim of the photographer and the technicians working on the images post shoot is to ensure that the images are not only pleasing, but are attractive and that the object of the picture is accentuated to the highest possible level.

All the mentioned services are by far self-explanatory. Product image clipping as the name means is a process in which the product is outlined in the overall photograph and then clipped and removed and then perfected, the blemishes removed, the color tone and cast perfected, glares and shadows removed and then after the product has been clipped and removed the background is analyzed with the perfected object in mind. Does it suit the final perfected object, does it compliment the whole look, and does it highlight and accentuate the object enough. Here comes the additional tools and techniques of removing the background and modifying it to make sure that the perfect product image (which has been clipped and edited and perfected) is married to the perfect background and they together go on to make the perfect product image that all the stakeholders so intended to have. Product Photography in time has become so complex for not is the product highlighted but many a times it encompasses and takes on the challenge of the portrait photography. For many a times when a product is highlighted there is a person involved to help communicate the utility or the ease of use or at times to create the aura and ambience which in turn communicates and creates the aspiration or feeds on the existing aspirational needs and desires of the audience. Given then that the person in the image forms an important element of the overall image. The technicians working on the image have to carry out processes typical to portraits. There are times that the product belongs to the outdoors or there is a need to showcase it in the outdoors at times like that lot many more image enhancement techniques come into play as the moment we move outdoors the number of attributes that are beyond human control drastically increase and that translates to more post shoot image enhancements activity. Here in color casts, exposures, temperatures, hues, white balance all of these and more are likely to come into play. Thus though a product photographer and image enhancement technician specialises in his craft of product photography he or she forever is required to stay updated with the other facets of photography and image editing as there are people, objects, indoors & outdoors elements at play. Making it imperative that they know the whole gamut of activities to ensure they shoot and then produce the perfect picture for the product and its utility.

PRODUCT IMAGE ENHANCEMENT SERVICES IN INDIA : Product photography is a much specialised field. In this day and time when e-commerce is growing exponentially. We as a society across cross section are beginning to spend a significantly large amount of our time online on the internet. Brands and products are not cognizant to the reality and not only looking to sell online but to market and grow their brands across online platforms be they on the internet or mobile based apps. One critical cog for any brand of products online strategy to work is high quality images. Images that showcase the product effectively and create a desire and aspiration to acquire or buy the product.

High quality images are equally critical in growing a brand or the idea. The image needs to communicate the product features and its applications effectively to ensure that the customer know what he or she is purchasing and has a fair idea about the dimensions, features ,attributes and so on.

All this is done with the aid of images largely accompanied by text doing the rest. Little wonder then that product photography is highly specialised and in great demand globally. In todays age and time photography goes hand in hand with image editing and image enhancements, it is only natural then that product image editing and enhancements has become a specialisation in its own right.With professional and image editing experts across the globe at times specialising and working exclusively on product images and largely contribute in the overall selling process and hence greatly valued by e-commerce websites, product companies and brands alike. With the fast changing landscape of the industry and a largely accepted process of image editing and enhancement being outsourced to experts and professionals around the globe, India is fast capturing the imagination of this market and services global e-commerce companies. Like in the other sectors where processes are outsourced in image editing and enhancement too, India delivers quality with fast turnaround times at extremely competitive rates. Making Indian companies in product editing significant global players. The skilled and trained professionals who are adept and experienced in using the latest software and the latest versions of Photoshop are able to edit and perfect images not only for the digital medium but the print medium too. Like in every vertical there are always a few significant process that adds value and hence become important and paramount. In image editing and enhancement image clipping service is one among one such service. The image of the product is clipped and enhanced if required, where in tone texture and color are corrected and then merged with the ideal background which highlights and showcases the product best. Clipping path services in India are not only provided at extremely competitive prices but are done at a quality which is enviable. Once the path is traced and the images clipped, the next critical process is of mask image where image is worked upon layer by layer and either masked or unmasked as required to ensure that the product looks at its best and the perfect image is created. These three services pretty much form bulwark of image editing and enhancement services in product photography.