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  • Procrastination 2012 Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliated entities


    Prevention4 Dont think about the task, just do it.

    4 Think about the task, but only how it will feel AFTER you have completed it.

    4 Get started and do a small milestone.

    4 Renegotiate with yourself to stop or continue.

    ThE chEcklisT

    1. Set up learning time in advance:a. Consistent day and time.b. Turn into ritual.

    2. Create external tension:a. Making a commitment WiTh others (shared goal).b. Make a commitment to others (friends, family, Facebook).

    3. Dont do too much:a. Be consistent with the time you define for learning.b. Dont overdo it in a learning session.

    4. Create learning plan:a. What is your plan of attack on how you are going

    to achieve your goal.

    5. Measure the change between when you started the session and when you ended the session.



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