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Endangered Species Presentation

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  • By:AdrienKittySave the Proboscis Monkey!!!

  • What does it look like? The Proboscis monkey is a mammal. It is a reddish brown arboreal monkey.The size of the monkey is about 60-70cm.It weighs up to 23kg.

  • What does it eat?The Proboscis Monkey eats leaves, seeds, unripe fruits. They also sometimes eat insects.

  • How does it survive?Large eyes to see predators

  • Is it a consumer?Yes ,the Proboscis Monkey is aconsumer.

  • Where does it live?Proboscis Monkeys only live on the island of Borneo and Sarauark .They live in Mangrove trees.

  • What eats it?The crocodile eats the Proboscis monkeys.

  • Where does it get food?It gets food near its habitats.

  • Why is it endangered?The Proboscis monkeys habitat is destroyed.Only about 3,000 monkeys are left.

  • How can we Protect the Proboscis monkey?To protect the Proboscis monkey you can: demand environmental protection of rainforest.

  • What can children do?They can respect nature and talk to an adult about the endangered species.I want to save the endangered animals!YES!

  • Extra FactsA male and a female gives birth to one baby 6 months later.They are good at climbing, swinging through trees, walking on land, and swimming too.