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Data Sheet: Data and System Protection

Symantec Enterprise VaultSymantec Enterprise Vault with Offline Vault for Offline and Laptop UsersOffline access to Enterprise Vault archived email Offline Vault is a powerful extension to Symantec Enterprise Vault software email archiving. It allows you to extend When the user is working offline and tries to access an Enterprise Vault software beyond the corporate network archived item in Microsoft Outlook, the email is retrieved and to support remote and laptop users by creating a local from Offline Vault. archive on their PC. In addition the Enterprise Vault standard server-based mailbox archiving, Offline Vault copies email and attachments to a locally held archive to maintain access to information even when not connected to the corporate network. Offline Vault enables you to enforce central email archiving policies and give laptop users uninterrupted access to archived content. Key benefits include: Automatic maintenance of a local archive copy of users OST files Transparent access to archived email, even when offline Elimination of bandwidth constraintsno network-based synchronization required for normal operation Implement a highly configurable, centrally controlled archiving solution to benefit users and the organization Simplify archiving between users and the organization As email is downloaded to the users PC, a local archiving service moves email and attachments held in OST mailbox folders directly into Offline Vault. Older email is archived from the users Microsoft Exchange mailbox and replaced with shortcuts.Offline Vault makes the archive available to any user, anywhere, anytime. The Offline Vault is populated intelligently before archiving takes place.

Shortcuts are copied to the offline users PC via Microsoft Outlook synchronization.

If the email is not found in Offline Vault, a download service automatically copies the item from Enterprise Vault to Offline Vault the next time the user connects to the network.

Offline Vault

OST File Exchange

Offline Vault

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Data Sheet: Data and System Protection Symantec Enterprise Vault with Offline Vault for Offline and Laptop UsersArchive locally work globally A well-managed email archiving regime eliminates the need for PST files, reduces the size of Microsoft Exchange message stores, provides faster backup/recovery times, and improves user access capability through extended searching. PC users depend on OST files to locally store email and attachments on the go, but when central archiving replaces items with shortcuts to reduce the size of their mailboxes, users lose access to those archived items when disconnected from the corporate network. Consequently, offline users may still revert to creating PSTs on their laptops, to maintain remote email access. Offline Vault eliminates this need by providing automatic access to archived items, even when disconnected. It locally benefits offline users with smaller mailboxes while reducing risk of data corruption and still providing continuous access to email. Offline Vault key benefits Offline Vault Access archived content anywhereOffline Vault lets Reminders of items to download from Enterprise Vault your users store, manage, and discover large volumes of to Offline Vault archived content from outside the corporate network while Prioritization of items awaiting download minimizing network traffic. Monitoring and progress of items being downloaded Highly configurableAdministrators can global-enable and configure Offline Vault site-wide from desktop settings or users can optionally control it locally. Flexible options allow you to take full control of offline archiving for optimal performance and content management. Centralize and secure contentArchive for corporate Set visual reminder when download needed policy, keep users in touch with their content, and Archive deleted items eliminate problems with PST file use. User-friendly functionality Archive mailbox folders and public folders in OSTs Flexible configuration and administration Easy installation, global-enable site-wide from desktop Enable/disable local archive service Set local archive size (oldest items deleted if full) Control local archive service background activity Protection from information lossShould the laptop become corrupted or lost/stolen, the local Vault may be re-created from the central archive. Unlike local PSTs, the users archived email is completely protected from mishaps with the laptop. Extension of Symantec Enterprise Vault archiving solutionsSymantec Enterprise Vault software is the most comprehensive content archiving software, which provides optimized storage and simplified management and enables discovery of content within Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server, and File System environments. Offline Vault technical features User-friendly functionality Transparent access to archived content Search and retrieve archived email via double-click shortcuts in Microsoft Outlook Automatic/manual download of items not stored in

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Data Sheet: Data and System Protection Symantec Enterprise Vault with Offline Vault for Offline and Laptop UsersMore information Visit our Web site To speak with a Product Specialist in the U.S. Call toll-free 1 (800) 745 6054. To speak with a Product Specialist outside the U.S. For specific country offices and contact numbers, please visit our Web site. About Symantec Symantec is a global leader in infrastructure software, enabling businesses and consumers to have confidence in a connected world. The company helps customers protect their infrastructure, information, and interactions by delivering software and services that address risks to security, availability, compliance, and performance. Headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., Symantec has operations in 40 countries. More information is available at Symantec Corporation World Headquarters 20330 Stevens Creek Boulevard Cupertino, CA 95014 USA +1 (408) 517 8000 1 (800) 721 3934

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