Peace Corps Panama Overview

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Overview of Peace Corps service 1995-97

Text of Peace Corps Panama Overview

  • Peace Corps PanamPeace Corps Service

    in the Republic of Panam


  • An Overview of Panam

    Location Borders are Costa Rica to the west, Columbia to the East,

    the Caribbean Sea to the North and the Pacific Ocean to the South

    Lies approximately 7 degrees above the equator. Size

    Slightly smaller than South Carolina

  • An Overview of Panam

    Geography Interior steep, rugged mountains Coastal plains and rolling hills

  • View from La Laguna de San Carlos

  • Agriculture in the Chiriqu Province adaptations to the mountainous terrain

  • Isla San Jos, Pearl Islands

  • Portrero in the Caribbean lowlands of the Bocas del Toro Province

  • Isla Coln, Bocas del Toro Archipelago

  • Denuded foothills in central Veraguas

  • Tres monjas, Isla San Jos, Pearl Islands

  • An Overview of Panam

    Climate tropical, hot, and humid!!! Rainy Season May to

    January Dry Season January to


  • Darien Rainforest at the Entrance of the Rio Sambu

  • La Laguna de San Carlos as an Agua Cerro Approaches

  • Flooded roads and fields 10 minutes after an agua cerro hits

  • Poor Mans Umbrella.

  • Another Common Umbrella

  • An Overview of Panam

    Population Estimated 2.9 million (2003) 1.2 million people live in Panama City

    People Mestizo 70%, West Indian 14%, Caucasian 10%,

    Amerindian 6%

  • Panama City

    A city of stark contrasts

  • Coming into Panama City on an overcast day

  • Section of depauperate housing near French Quarter

  • Panama City French Quarter church

  • Quiet early morning streets of the French Quarter

  • An Overview of Our Service

    Training in Costa Rica - 3 months

    Sites in Panama Chitra, Veraguas, 6 months La Laguna, Cocl, 1 years

    Total Length of Peace Corps Service: 2 years and 3 months

  • Overview of Our Work

    Primary Job Agroforestry Volunteers:

    Taught sustainable agricuture and reforestation

    Secondary Project Important Bird Areas of Panam:

    A joint project run by the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and the Panam Audubon Society

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