The Peace Corps A Journey To Discovery by Jessica Richey

The Peace Corps

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The Peace Corps. A Journey To Discovery by Jessica Richey. History. The Mission of the Peace Corps. Promoting World Peace and Friendship. Requirements. Age Health Citizenship. Programs. Education Youth Outreach Community Development Business Development Environment Agriculture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Page 1: The Peace Corps

The Peace Corps

A Journey To Discoveryby Jessica Richey

Page 2: The Peace Corps


Page 3: The Peace Corps

The Mission of the Peace Corps

Promoting World Peace and Friendship

Page 4: The Peace Corps


• Age• Health• Citizenship

Page 5: The Peace Corps


• Education• Youth Outreach• Community Development• Business Development• Environment• Agriculture• Health and HIV/AIDS• Information Technology

Page 6: The Peace Corps


Page 7: The Peace Corps


• Professional and Career• Educational• Financial

Page 8: The Peace Corps

Melissa Osgood

• Development Coordinator• Application Process• “I really want to feel like I made a

change in this world.”• Sub-Saharan Western Africa• Mixed Emotions

Page 9: The Peace Corps

Karl Jensen• Vietnam War• Philippines• World Banking System• $50 a month • Celia

Page 10: The Peace Corps

• Married• Slovakia• English Teacher• Holidays• “Other challenges seem trivial.”• Peace Corps Recruiter

Dan McLaughlin

Page 11: The Peace Corps

• World Beyond South Dakota• Latin America or Africa?• Honduras• Tiny Village• Re-Adjustment

Kelly Moe

Page 12: The Peace Corps
Page 13: The Peace Corps

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